Geology Books for UPSC : Best Book for Geology IAS

By Balaji

Updated on: February 17th, 2023

Geology Books for UPSC are a must if you have chosen geology as your optional in the UPSC Mains exam. The more you score in the optional subject, the easier it will be for you to crack the UPSC Mains exam. To cover the UPSC geology syllabus thoroughly, you will need the Best Geology Books for UPSC. As the geology syllabus is vast, candidates require at least 3 months to cover the syllabus with the right Geology Books for UPSC and strategy.

Here we have compiled some of the best UPSC Geology Books that would help you prepare for the geology syllabus in the best possible way. Additionally, we have added some preparation strategies that will help you to cover these Geology Books for UPSC in a limited period of time.

Table of content

  • 1. Geology Books for UPSC (more)
  • 2. How to Prepare with the Geology Books for UPSC (more)

Geology Books for UPSC

Paper 1 of the Geology Syllabus for UPSC deals with general geology topics, Structural geology, Paleontology, Indian Srearugraphy, Hydrogeology, and Engineering geology. Paper 2 of the geology syllabus includes Mineralogy, Economic Geology, Mining geology, etc. Below we have listed the Best UPSC Geology Books for both Paper-1 and Paper-2.

UPSC Geology Books for Paper 1

  • Advancing Frontiers in Geology and Geophysics: A Volume in Honour of M.S. Krishnan- A P Subramaniam & S. Balakrishnan
  • The Ice Age in the Indian Subcontinent and Associated Human Culture-Terra, H. De. & Paterson, T.T.
  • Encyclopaedia of Paleontology- Sharma, Vivek
  • Foreland Sedimentation in Himalayan Tectonic Regime: A Relook at the Orogenic Process- V. Raiverman
  • Geologic Settings and Petroleum Systems of India’s East Coast Offshore Basins: Concepts and Applications- Ravi, Bastia
  • Geological Maps- D.K. Awasthi
  • Geology and Evolution of the Indian Plate (from Hadean to Holocene – 4Ga to 4 Ka)- Naqvi, S.M.

Geology Books for UPSC Paper 2

  • Inland Fisheries: Ecology and Management- Welcomme, R. L
  • Marine Geology: A Scenario Around Indian Coasts- T.K. Mallik
  • Metallogenesis of Manganese Ores of Srikakulam-Visakhapatnam Belt- Siddiquie, F.N.
  • Mine Closure- Naresh Chandra Saxena
  • Mineral Exploration: Recent Strategies- S. Rajendran et al.
  • Poisonous Snakes- F. Wall
  • Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resource Management-Bir Abhimanyu Kumar
  • Remote Sensing in Geomorphology- Ramasamy, S.M.
  • Himalaya: Geological Aspect, Vol. 5-P.S. Saklani (Ed.)
  • Himalaya: Geological Aspects, Vol. 1 & 2 – P.S. Saklani
  • Himalaya: Geological Aspects, Vol. 3- Saklani, P.S. (Ed.)
  • Himalaya: Geological Aspects, Vol. 4 / Saklani, P.S. (Ed.)

How to Prepare with the Geology Books for UPSC

Even if you have the Best Geology Books for UPSC, you still need to adopt the right strategy to cover the book. Without an effective strategy, it won’t be possible to cover these geology books in a limited period of time. That is why we have prepared some effective strategies recommended by the IAS toppers to cover the UPSC geology books.

  • Start with the NCERTs Geology Books for UPSC, and then shift towards standard geology books for UPSC as the optional subject requires reading a few reference books to get insights on topics that you can’t find on NCERTs.
  • Keep the UPSC geology syllabus near while preparing so that you only cover the topics covered in the syllabus. There is no need to read the whole geology book.
  • Focus on one topic at a time, and choose one book as per your comfort to cover that topic. Choosing too Geology Books for UPSC to cover only one topic will make you feel overwhelmed and confused.
  • At last, don’t forget to make short notes because it will come in pretty handy in the revision period.
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