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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Urdu Literature Syllabus includes the history of Urdu language and some rich literary works including poetry and prose. Urdu was widely used as the lingua franca in large parts of the country, and in many areas of India and Hyderabad, it is still used by people. Candidates who have chosen the Urdu language as their optional must go through the UPSC Urdu optional syllabus and analyze the topics covered in it. They must take this optional subject seriously as it plays a huge role in the selection process for the UPSC Exam. We recommend keeping a copy of a UPSC Urdu optional syllabus PDF during the preparation to ensure effective preparation.

Below we will be covering the complete Urdu literature UPSC syllabus, and provide a PDF file that candidates can download to kickstart their preparation. Furthermore, we will share a proven strategy that would help you to complete the syllabus in the best possible manner.

UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus for IAS Mains

The Urdu optional syllabus for UPSC is divided into two papers, and each paper carries 250 marks. The optional paper contributes a total of 500 marks in the UPSC Mains exam, that’s why candidates should try to fetch good marks to secure a good rank.

The Paper 1 of the IAS Urdu optional syllabus is again divided into two sessions Section-A and Section-B. Section-A is about the development of the Urdu language, and Section B includes prose, poetry, literary criticism, essay writing, etc. Paper 2 is also divided into two sections, and both sections will require first-hand reading of prescribed texts.

UPSC Urdu Optional Literature Syllabus PDF

Candidates need to keep a printout of the UPSC optional syllabus PDF near them while preparing for the Urdu optional subject. It would not only help them with covering only the required topics but also ensure they don’t miss out on an important topic.

>>Download the UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus PDF

UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus Paper 1

Paper 1 of the UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus contains Development of Urdu Language, Genres and their development, literary criticism, essay writing, etc. We have covered the complete Urdu literature UPSC syllabus for Paper 1 below.

UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus

UPSC Urdu Syllabus for UPSC Paper 2

Paper 2 of the Urdu literature UPSC syllabus would require first-hand reading of the prescribed tests, this paper is to test the critical ability of the candidates. Below candidates can take a look at the UPSC Urdu syllabus for paper 2.

UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus

UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus

Urdu Literature UPSC Syllabus- Preparation Strategy

Aspirants who have opted for the Urdu language as their optional need to have a robust study plan and effective strategy that would help them the Urdu literature UPSC syllabus efficiently. That is why we have mentioned a proven strategy that is also supported by the IAS toppers.

  • Before starting the preparation for Urdu the candidates must have an idea about the topics they are going to cover. For that, they must have to analyze the UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus first.
  • After that they need to have the right UPSC Urdu Literature Books that would help in covering the syllabus.
  • Additionally candidates need to follow a rock-solid study plan that wouldn’t hamper their preparation for UPSC Prelims or UPSC Mains exam.
  • Aspirants must be aware of the types of questions asked from the Urdu literature UPSC syllabus, that’s why they need to glance through the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers.

Best Books to Cover UPSC Urdu Optional Syllabus

UPSC Books would play a crucial role in the preparation for the UPSC Exam. that is why candidates must choose the right books to cover the IAS Urdu optional syllabus. UPSC has mentioned the prescribed texts for paper 2. However, for paper 1 candidates can go for the following books

  • Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh by Noorul Hasan Naqvi.
  • Urdu Shayari ka Tanqeedi Mutala by Sumbul Nigar
  • Urdu ki Lisani Tashkil by Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg
  • Urdu Nasr ka Tanquidi Mutala by Sumbul Nigaar
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