Most Expected UGC NET Management Questions & Important Topics 2022, Download PDF!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UGC NET Management Important Questions & Topics: As we all know, the UGC NET Exam is approaching, and candidates must pick a pace in their UGC NET Preparation. When the clock’s ticking, you will need ready-made, authentic study material to utilize during revision online. BYJU’S Exam Prep subject- experts have curated the most important questions for the UGC NET Management paper.

In the article below, you will get important questions for UGC NET Management at a glance, enabling them to access all the topic-wise most important questions in one place without wasting precious time for the upcoming UGC NET Exam. Candidates also have the facility to download these important questions & their solutions in PDF format, making their UGC NET preparation easier for the UGC NET Management exam for the 2022 cycle.

UGC NET Management Questions

These UGC NET Management Questions are very beneficial and important for all candidates for the last-minute revision for UGC NET Exam. It is highly advised that you carefully review every topic or unit of the UGC NET Management Syllabus and then solve these questions. BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts have prepared top-quality study material, notes & Most Important Questions for Management for better preparation to ace the exam.

These questions are from all ten units of the UGC NET Management Syllabus. We provide direct links to the study materials and UGC NET Management Notes. Candidates can go to the link to download the notes and study for better performance.

How Will This Benefit You in UGC NET Preparation?

You must solve and analyze these topics and questions well if you want great merit for your UGC NET Exam. Below are the key benefits of the Most Important Topics of Management:

  • These UGC NET Management Notes can be downloaded and saved on your device.
  • All these Notes will be available in one place, making it very feasible.
  • These are topic-wise Notes Pdf.
  • Very beneficial for Last-Minute quick revision.
  • It is strictly based on the latest UGC NET Management Syllabus.

UGC NET Management Important Topics

Below we have given the Most Important UGC NET Management Topics in the table. Include these topics in last-minute UGC NET Preparation for the upcoming Management exam.



Unit 1 – Management Function & Concept

Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Coordinating, and Controlling.

Communication: Types, Process, and Barriers.

Unit 2 – Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

Individual Behaviour: Personality, Perception, Values, Attitude, Learning, and Motivation.

Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Induction, Training, and Development.

Unit 3 – Organizational Development & International Human Resource Management

Organization Development, Change & OD Interventions Talent Management & Skill Development.

International Human Resource Management: HR Challenge of International Business.

Unit 4 – Accounting & Financial Management

Financial Statement Analysis: Ratio Analysis, Funds Flow and Cash Flow Analysis, DuPont Analysis.

Capital Structure: Theories, Cost of Capital, Sources, and Finance Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Types and Process, Zero-base Budgeting.

Unit 5 – Capital Budgeting & Management

Capital Budgeting: Nature of Investment, Evaluation, Comparison of Methods; Risk and Uncertainty Analysis.

Portfolio Management: CAPM, APT.

Capital Management: Determinants, Cash, Inventory, Receivables, and Payables Management, Factoring.

Unit 6 – Strategic Management & Marketing

Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting.

Strategy Implementation: Challenges of Change, Developing Programs McKinsey’s 7s Framework.

Marketing: Concept, Orientation, Trends and Tasks, Customer Value and Satisfaction

Unit 7 – Brand Management & Marketing Types

Consumer and Industrial Buying Behaviour: Theories and Models of Consumer Behaviour

Retail Marketing: Recent Trends in India, Types of Retail Outlets.

International Marketing: Entry Mode Decisions, Planning Marketing Mix for International Markets.

Unit 8 – Management Statistic & Operations Management

Data Collection & Questionnaire Design Sampling: Concept, Process, and Techniques.

Operations Management: Role and Scope.

Operation Research: Transportation, Queuing Decision Theory, PERT / CPM

Unit 9 – International Business & Artificial Intelligence

Foreign Direct Investment: Benefits and Costs

Information Technology: Use of Computers in Management Applications; MIS, DSS.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Unit 10 – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Development: Concept, Types, Theories, and Process, Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies.

Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship.

Innovations in Business: Types of Innovations, Creating and Identifying Opportunities, Screening of Business Ideas.

Complete Study Notes of UGC NET Management

Below are the UGC NET Management Most Important Topics. Candidates can review the links to UGC NET Management Study Notes and prepare them thoroughly.



Types of Cheques

Read Here

Prompt Corrective Action

Read Here

Microeconomics Part 1

Read here

Microeconomics Part 2

Read Here

IS-LM Model 

Read Here

National Income (GDP, GNP, NNP)

Read Here

Various Price Indices in India

Read Here

Poverty in India

Read Here

Inflation (Types and Effects)

Read Here

Methods of Business Forecasting

Read Here

NITI Aayog

Read Here

Legal Environment Part-1

Read Here

Legal Environment Part-2

Read Here

Role of Political Environment in Business

Read Here

Economic Systems

Read Here


Read Here

Mutual Funds 

Read Here

Dividend Theories

Read Here

Important Job Terms

Read Here

Training Need Analysis

Read Here

Staffing Approach

Read Here

Performance Appraisal Methods Part -1

Read Here

Performance Appraisal Methods Part -2

Read Here

Training Method Part-1

Read Here

Training Method Part-2

Read Here

Training Method Part-3

Read Here

Green HRM

Read Here

Types of Unemployment

Read Here

Financial Regulators in India 

Read Here

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