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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

In the following article, you can have the detailed UGC NET Study Notes on Green HRM. The topic is quite important in the UGC NET Management Preparations, candidates can refer below for Study Notes UGC NET Green Human Resource Management. For UGC NET Exam Preparations, one needs to know the perfect study material for the subject. Below we have provided the Best Books for UGC NET Management Preparations

What is Green HRM?

Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) is the process of incorporating environment-friendly practices by the Human Resource Department in the organisation. The term GHRM refers to all the activities taken up by the organisation towards the protection of natural resources and the establishment of sustainable work culture.

The term Green HRM was coined by Redman, Renwick and Maguire.

GHRM Initiatives

  • Motivating the employees towards carpooling and providing transport facilities by the organisation. Some companies are offering bicycles to the employees to those who are staying at the nearby premises.
  • Imparting online training to the employees instead of distributing the booklets.
  • Using renewable energy (solar energy) for at least some part of the office work.
  • Using high energy star rated led bulbs.
  • Promoting paperless communication.
  • The companies are just emailing the payslips to the employees. They can take the print of the same when needed.
  • Biometric attendance is followed even in small industries which reduced the usage of registers and expenditure in preserving them.
  • Companies are organising seminars to preserve the environment. They are arranging a separate department to deal with the e-waste dumped by their employees.
  • Giving work from home opportunities to the employees.

GHRM in the Recruitment Process

  • Some companies are conducting the initial rounds of interviews over the telephone, and some other companies are resorting to video interviewing to minimise the expenditure and to minimise the impact of their transit on the environment.
  • The companies are asking Mail-forward for the required documents to reduce the paperwork.

GHRM in India

  • All the IT companies were given regulations by the respective pollution control boards regarding e-waste management.
  • European Union (EU) gave some specifications regarding the usage of equipment in IT companies (RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances)). Wipro is the first Indian IT company in India to launch eco-friendly desktops and notebook computers following the specified regulations.
  • SBI is working with SUZLON to become the first Indian bank to use the power of wind energy.
  • HCL Technologies has become the first Indian company to launch a laptop that is free from Antimony and Beryllium. These can be easily processed in the e-waste management units.
  • Most IT companies are opting for energy audits and are working on the suggestions given.
  • The Andhra Pradesh cabinet has gone paperless.

Important points:

  • Green sigma: It is the process of applying lean six sigma principles to environmental protection in an organisation.
  • Green Purchases: Buying raw materials which have undergone recycling.
  • Green rewards/compensation: These rewards are given to the employees who follow eco-friendly practices in an organisation.
  • LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It works under USGBC (US Green Building Council). It is a rating system that provides guidelines and evaluates the construction and maintenance of environment-friendly workplaces and buildings.
  • EMS (Environmental Management System): Tool to gain competitive advantage through the implementation of green strategies.

Related Concept Keywords/Summary

  • Emphasises over sustainable use of resources and ensuring sustainable returns to investors.
  • Alignment with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Altering policies, strategies and rules
  • Wider concept (from recruitment to exit)
  • Green Training and Development, Green Performance management, Green Recruitment

UGC NET Management Books (Subject-wise)

Here we are providing a list of Best Books for UGC NET Management, curated by experts in the area. Candidates can refer to these for UGC NET Management Exam Preparation. 

List of Books


Principles & Practice of Business Management

T.N. CHHABRA (Dhanpat Rai & Co.)

Business Economics

H.L AHUJA Or Rudiger ET AL.

Human Resource Management

K aswathappa or Garry Dessler or Tripati

Organization Theory And Behaviour

(Help book for students of IGNOU) or Stephen P. Robbins

Financial Management

M Y Khan & P K Jain

Accounting For Management

Dr N.P. SRINIVASAN Or Hilton & Platt.

Marketing Management

Philip Kotlar or T.N. Chabbra

Strategic Management

Fred R. David & Forest R. David

Business Statistics

S.P. Gupta

International Business & Management information system

Sumati Verma

Production Management



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Hope this article helped you understand what is Green HRM. 



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