NDA Study Material 2024: Download Subject Wise NDA Notes PDF

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
Get the NDA study material 2024 here for the upcoming exam preparation. Check the subject-wise NDA notes PDF for History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, etc., to ace the exam with flying colours.
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NDA Study Material 2024 is a must-have for candidates who are planning to appear for the NDA Exam. It is important for the candidates to have detailed NDA study material and a proper preparation strategy to sail through the exam smoothly. This article will provide you with the NDA notes for all the subjects which are, English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, and Geography.

Since the syllabus is very vast, it becomes very difficult for the candidates to get subject-wise NDA notes PDF in one place. So, check out the post below to find out the NDA study material and begin your preparation today itself.

NDA Study Material 2024

Candidates who are preparing for the forthcoming exam, which is all set to take place on 16 April 2023, can download the NDA study material PDF along with complete information for the National Defence Academy exam. The GAT consists of the following subjects – English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, and Geography. In order to boost your NDA Exam preparation, we are giving you topic-wise NDA notes PDF below.

NDA Notes PDF Download

NDA notes are as important as choosing the right books to study for the exam. NDA Exam Pattern is divided into two parts one is mathematics in which you have to answer 120 MCQs and the second is General Ability Test (GAT) in which you have to answer 150 MCQs. The NDA study material for mathematics and GAT are both provided here in PDFs so you can directly download the study notes for your exam preparations.

Candidates can also practice by doing NDA Previous Year Question Papers along with NDA notes. The notes provided here will also help you with last-minute preparation.

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NDA History Notes

In the history section, questions related to Modern, Medieval as well as Ancient history can be asked, and to tackle those questions read through the NDA history notes thoroughly as given below:

S. No. Topic Sub-topic NDA History Notes PDF
1. Ancient History Indian Palaeolithic Age Click Here
2. Ancient History The Timeline of Indian History Click Here
3. Ancient History Notes related to Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) Click Here
4. Ancient History Early Vedic Era Click Here
5 Ancient History Later Vedic Era Click Here
6 Ancient History Important notes on Buddhism & Jainism Click Here
7 Ancient History Mahajanapadas & Rise of Magadha Empire Click Here
8 Ancient History Notes on Haryanka, Shishunaga & Nanda Dynasty Click Here
8 Ancient History Extent & Decline of the Maurya Empire Click Here
10 Ancient History Foreign Invaders who invaded India Click Here
11 Ancient History Rise & Fall of the Gupta Dynasty Click Here
12 Ancient History Sangam Age Click Here
13 Ancient History Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty To be Updated Soon
14 Medieval History Tripartite Struggle: Palas, Pratiharas & Rastrakutas Click Here
15 Medieval History The Rajput States in India Click Here
16 Medieval History Vijaynagar and Bahmani Empire Click Here
17 Medieval History Delhi Sultanate: Slave & Khilji Dynasty Click Here
18 Medieval History Delhi Sultanate: Tughlaq, Sayyid & Lodi Dynasty Click Here
19 Medieval History Babur and Humayun Click Here
20 Medieval History Akbar and its Empire Click Here
21 Medieval History Jahangir & Shah Jahan Click Here
22 Medieval History Mughal Empire: Aurangazeb & Later Mughals Click Here
23 Medieval History Bhakti and Sufi Movement in Medival India Click Here
24 Modern History The advent of Europeans in India Click Here
27 Ancient, Medival & Modern History Foreign Travellers & Envoys who visited India Click Here
28. Ancient, Medival History List of Dynasties & their Capitals Click Here

NDA Study Material for Indian Polity

The candidates aspiring for the NDA exam must have basic knowledge about the Indian Polity as some questions are asked on the topic. Read through the NDA study material on Indian polity given below.

S. No. Topic NDA Study Material
1. Important Articles of the Constitution Click Here
3. Features of Constitution Click Here
4. Making of Indian Constitution Click Here
5. The preamble of the Indian Constitution Click Here
6. Part I of the Indian Constitution- Union and its Territories Click Here
6. Notes on Fundamental Rights & Duties Click Here
7. Notes on Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP) To be Updated Soon
8. Part V of the Indian Constitution: President of India Click Here
9. Part V of the Indian Constitution: Vice President of India Click Here
10. Part V of the Indian Constitution: Parliament Click Here
11. Judiciary System of India Click Here
12. Notes on Constitutional Bodies Click Here
13. Notes on Non-Constitutional Bodies Click Here
16. Important Notes on Lok Sabha Click Here
17. Part VI of the Indian Constitution: Cheif Minister & Council of Ministers Click Here
18. Notes on Part VI of the Indian Constitution: Governor Click Here

NDA Chemistry Notes PDF

Most of the questions for Chemistry are up to the level of class 12th. So, here we have mentioned some of the topic-wise NDA chemistry notes to help you get a better score in your exam.

S. No. Topic NDA Study Material PDF
1. Chemical Bonding Click Here
2. States of Matter: Solid, Liquid & Gases Click Here
3. Atomic Structure Click Here
4. Scientific Instruments & their uses Click Here

NDA Physics Notes PDF Download

The numerical questions in the Physics section can be difficult. So, we are providing you with NDA Physics notes PDF to practice and understand the subject in an easy and fast manner. Check out the NDA study material given below for Physics:

S. No. Topic NDA Physics Notes PDF Download
1. Notes on Semiconductors Click Here
2. Notes on Oscillations and Simple Pendulum Click Here
3. Important Metals & their Uses Click Here
4. Fuel and its Composition Click Here
5. Heat & Thermodynamics Click Here
6. Laws of Motion Click Here
7. Gravitation Click Here
8. List of SI Units Click Here
9. Electromagnetic Waves Click Here
10. Electrostatics Click Here
11. Work Energy & Power Click Here

NDA Study Material for Economics

We have provided the topic-wise NDA study material for Economics for the exam that will help you in getting a great score. Check out the NDA notes for Economics given below:

S. No. Topic NDA Study Material PDF
1. Five Year Plans of India Click Here
2. Union Budget of India Click Here
3. Economic Survey: Important Points Click Here
4. Highlights of Union Budget – 2019-20 Click Here

NDA Geography Notes

Geography is one of the vast and important sub-sections of the general awareness part of the NDA Exam. Questions can be asked on the topics and facts related to national as well as world geography. Check out the NDA study material for Geography given below.

S. No. Topic Sub-Topic NDA Geography Notes PDF
1 Indian Geography Notes on Himalayas & Northern Plains Click Here
2 Indian Geography Notes on Peninsular Plateau & Coastal Plains Click Here
3 Indian Geography Notes on River System Click Here
4 Indian Geography Soils in India Click Here
5 Indian Geography Types of crops in India Click Here
6 Indian Geography Important Lakes in India Click Here
7 Indian Geography Indian Weather & Climate Conditions Click Here
8 Indian Geography Different types of forest in India Click Here
9 World Geography Notes on Solar System Click Here
10 Human Geography Census 2011 of India Click Here
11 Indian Geography Dams of India Click Here
12 Indian Geography Notes on Islands of India Click Here
13 Economic Geography Minerals Found in India Click Here
14 World Geography Important mountain Ranges, Peaks & Rivers Click Here
15 World Geography Important rivers & its tributaries Click Here
16 World Geography Deserts of the world Click Here
17 World Geography Straits of the world Click Here
18 World Geography Notes on Ocean Currents, Volcanoes, Border Between Countries Click Here
19 World Geography Earth: Crust, Mantle & Core Click Here
20 Physical Geography Notes on Clouds & its types Click Here

NDA Study Material for English

English is a high-scoring subject and anybody can easily get great marks just by going through the right NDA study material for English. Read through the notes PDF given below.

Topic NDA English Notes PDF
Idioms & Phrases Click Here
One Word Substitution (A-Z) Click Here

NDA Notes for Mathematics

To score great marks in the Mathematics section, you need to do a lot of practice and maths is a very broad subject so here we are providing you with the best NDA notes for Mathematics. Check out the topic-wise PDF given below.

S. No. Topic NDA Study Material for Maths
1. Tips on solving Algebra Questions Click Here
2. Mensuration Notes & Formulas Click Here
3. Speed, Time and Distance Click Here
4. Tips on Geometry Questions Click Here
5. Tips on Statistics Questions Click Here
6. Tips on Trigonometry (Heights & Distance) Click Here
7. Tricks on Simple Interest Click Here
8. Tricks on Compound Interest Click Here
9. Tips on Time & Work Click Here
10. Tips on Profit, Loss & Discount Click Here
11. Blood Relation Notes Click Here
12. Coding-Decoding Notes Click Here
13. Cubes & Dice Notes Click Here

NDA Study Material for Art and Culture

Many questions will be asked from the arts and culture category and prepare yourself for those questions by checking out the NDA study material for arts and culture given below.

S. No.



1. Forts/Monuments in India & their locations Click Here
2. Different Dance Forms around India (Part I) Click Here
3. Different Dance Forms around India (Part II) Click Here
5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites Click Here
6. List of Geographical Indication Tags in India Click Here

NDA Study Material for Static GK

Static General Knowledge (GK) is a big section covering various sub-topics such as Monuments, Sanctuaries and National Parks, Culture and Heritage of India, etc. We have provided here NDA study material for the static GK parts that will help you during the exam.

S. No. Topic NDA Notes for Static GK
1. Static GK: Firsts in India Click Here
2. Static GK: Largest, Smallest, Tallest, Highest in India Click Here
3. International Organisations Notes Click Here
4. List of Important Days & Dates Click Here
5. List of Military Exercises of India Click Here
6. List of Stadiums in India Click Here

How to Prepare NDA Study Material?

Candidates who are preparing for the National Defence Academy exam need all the help they can get and with the help of NDA study material not only you can easily complete your syllabus but also have some time for revision. For those who are looking to ace the exam, we have provided all the NDA notes in one place so they don’t have to go through any hassle and begin the preparation for the NDA exam. After downloading the NDA study material all you need to do is stay focused and revise the notes as many times as you can.

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