List of important Islands of India

By Naveen Singh|Updated : February 25th, 2021

Today we are covering the important islands of India. The questions that are generally asked from this topic is the name of water bodies between which the strait belongs or the name of the nearby country. The syllabus of General Knowledge paper for CDS and CAPF is very huge. Many students find it very difficult to clear the cutoff. The geography section in the GK paper is one of the most important as 10 - 15 questions are asked from it.

To clear the exam a proper approach is imperative. We are providing you with study notes of GK for the same based on questions asked previously.

The Islands

  • Besides the vast physical features in the mainland of the country, there are two major island groups located on both sides of the peninsular plateau.
  • The island groups provide the site for Fishing and Port activities.
  • Though more than 4000 islands present in Indian territory Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep are the two major island groups.


  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the chain of islands in north-south extent located in the Bay of Bengal.
  • This island group is bigger in size and are more numerous and scattered.
  • These islands are the elevated portion of Submarine Mountains.
  • The entire group of islands are divided into two: Andaman in the north and Nicobar in the South. These two islands are separated by Ten Degree Channel.
  • Many smaller islands are volcanic in origin and Barren Island is the only active volcano in India is situated here.
  • Duncan passage lies between south Andaman and Little Andaman.
  • Important Peaks: Saddle Peak, North Andaman (738 m); Mount Diavolo, middle Andaman (515 m); Mount Koyob, South Andaman (460 m); Mount Thuiller, Great Nicobar (642 m)
  • The coastal line has some coral deposits and beautiful beaches. As it is close to the Equator it experiences convectional rainfall and equatorial type of vegetation.


  • Ten Degree Channel- Between Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
  • Duncan Passage- Between great Andaman and Little Andaman


  • The Lakshadweep Islands group are located in the Arabian Sea, near to the Malabar coast.
  • This group of islands are mainly composed of coral reefs.
  • Kavaratti Island is the administrative headquarters of Lakshadweep islands.
  • Minicoy is the largest island in this group.
  • This island group consists of storm beaches consisting of unconsolidated pebbles, shingles, cobbles and boulders.


  • Nine Degree Channel- Minicoy is separated from rest of the Lakshadweep
  • Eight Degree Channel- Lakshadweep Group separated from the Maldives

Other Islands

  • Newmoore Island- located in the Bay of Bengal on the mouth of Ganga.
  • Pamban Island- located in Gulf of Manner between Sri Lanka and India.

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