NDA Vs IIT Which is Better? – Monetary Benefits, Job Security

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

NDA and IIT are both considered as one of the toughest exams in the country. Though choosing among them can be more painful either. However, only the most dedicated and ambitious students can realize the pain of having to choose between NDA and IIT. Both of these demands a high level of intelligence and commitment. Aspirants who are motivated by a strong sense of purpose are more likely to accomplish in life.

So, if you are passionate about one of these two subjects, you should without a doubt pursue it. We are putting this post together to help you understand the differences and comparisons between the NDA and IIT. Read the detailed comparison on the basis of learning, career prospects, monetary benefits, job challenges, job security, self-development, retirement & more here.

NDA Vs IIT: Entrance Exam Comparison

Both the NDA and the IIT are considered to be among India’s most difficult exams. The selection percentage for IIT is 0.71 percent, whereas the selection ratio for NDA Exam is 0.15 percent, according to statistics.



The NDA syllabus is unquestionably extensive, as it covers all of the disciplines that one must have studied throughout his schooling, as well as current events.

Despite the fact that NDA has a vast list of disciplines, students will not be required to know complicated machinery or high-tech gadgets. It’s more about coping with real-life issues, and fundamental knowledge is more than sufficient.

NDA’s SSB interview is the true deciding factor. This interview will span five days, and the worst part is that there will be no set pattern. And it is for this reason that the selection rate is so low.

Written examinations are the sole way to get into an IIT college, and they make sure that they are as difficult as possible. As a result, no student with a low IQ can be admitted to IIT.

IIT Vs NDA: Training / Learning Comparison

In both instances, the graduation degree must be completed. It is self-evident that IITians must pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering. NDA cadets, on the other hand, can graduate with a B.Sc., BA, or B. Tech.


For NDA cadets, it’s all about discipline and mindfulness. The timetable is exceedingly stringent and tight during the three years of training; the routine consists solely of physical activities and studies.

For NDA cadets, it’s all about discipline and mindfulness. The timetable is exceedingly stringent and tight during the three years of training; the routine consists solely of physical activities and studies.

For an IITian, the challenge begins in the first year of graduation. From the first year onwards, the subjects and their difficulty levels are intense. Class assignments, notes, and periodic tests ensure that a student is always engaged in his or her study. The pressure to prepare for the campus interview and to present a live self-made project is enormous in the final year.

NDA Vs IIT: Career Prospects Comparison

Both IIT and NDA provide such promising job opportunities that they are well worth the effort. Both are completely distinct avenues for advancing your career. Whereas NDA is for serving your country’s defense, IIT allows you to better structure your country.



After four years of training, you will be given the Lieutenant rank (officer rank) in the Indian Army, a provisional commission in the rank of Flying Officer in the Indian Air Force, and Naval cadets will be picked for the Navy’s Executive, Engineering, and Electrical Branches. After completing the last semester, IIT campuses provide awe-inspiring placements with outstanding remuneration offers. Multinational corporations will do anything to have a qualified and skilled engineer on their team.

NDA Vs IIT: Monetary Benefits Comparison

Both NDA and IIT offer a plethora of monetary benefits, as well as competitive wage packages. It is possible to live a life of luxury at any time. However, a job’s wage isn’t the only monetary reward. There are also other advantages to working in a high-profile position.



Officers in the military are furnished with residential facilities that are clean and safe for them and their families.

Other amenities in Defense include a military hospital that provides free medical treatment, a canteen with low-cost consumables, and transportation.

In comparison to government sectors, private sectors do not offer many additional perks. However, there are a few that are really appealing. Reputable organizations offer excellent health insurance to their employees, as well as fantastic holiday bonuses.

IIT Vs NDA: Job Security Comparison

When a youngster is looking for a job, the first thing he considers is employment security. How safe will the environment be? How much will the recession have an impact on it? How much of his salary would he be able to set aside? What happens after retirement? etc.



Because it is a government job, NDA provides job security. The remuneration of an officer is unaffected by setbacks such as the recession. No one will be sent home jobless, regardless of whether the economy or the currency decline.

There is no way you will lose your work till you reach retirement age unless you do something heinous.

Unlike NDA, IIT does not promise permanent employment and is susceptible to recession. A good engineer, on the other hand, is never out of work; if you know your field and have some experience, any company will gladly hire you. Money will never be an issue for an IITian with solid professional skills.

Self Development Comparison of NDA and IIT

Self-development is a crucial factor, yet applicants frequently overlook it while deciding on a career path. After all, development is the ultimate goal of every profession, thus one must always examine the breadth of self-improvement that a vocation may bring.



NDA assists candidates in their complete growth. Physical workouts and outdoor games are part of the NDA candidate’s daily regimen, so they are always fit and healthy. Posting to various locations allows you to gain a variety of experiences. Officers are also instructed to improve abilities such as faster thinking, decision making, and so on. Learning various talents is also an element of training that helps a person become self-sufficient.

An engineer is always up to date on the latest technology and how to apply them, giving them an advantage over their competitors (whenever there is any debate on such topics). In contrast to the NDA, where a person is a jack of all trades but a master of none, an IITian is a master of his trade.

You can also pursue your passion while working, for example, if you are enthusiastic about singing, you can pursue it while working.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to work from home at some point throughout your career. Now that’s a fantastic deal!

NDA Vs IIT: Challenges Comparison

Every career has its own set of problems, and life itself is full of them. Whether it’s the NDA, IIT, or another field, one must overcome obstacles along the way. And it is because of these difficulties that achievement is valued. Both NDA and IIT are difficult career paths with challenges throughout training and on the job. However, if you enjoy your job, you will enjoy the challenges that come with it.


The four years of NDA training are a challenge in and of itself; not everyone is capable of enduring such rigorous training.

The key concerns of an officer’s life after completion of training include adapting to different situations, places, environments, and people. Posting to different parts of the country is a common occurrence, and one must be adaptable enough to swiftly adjust to new circumstances.

The joy of living with family is rarely experienced by a member of the armed forces (except when they are on leave). Living without loved ones nearby can be quite distressing, especially when you know they need you or when someone in the family is sick and you are unable to assist them.

Every day, following a rigid pattern and living life in a strict manner, renders it colorless.

The four years of graduation are enough to make life difficult in IIT. It’s likely that you’ll have to be away from home for 80 percent of your graduation, which can make some people homesick. Adapting to a new work environment can often be challenging. Each new project presents a new set of challenges, and getting things right from the perspective of others is no trivial task. Dealing with people is likewise a difficult task.

Retirement Comparison of NDA and IIT

The ability to plan for the future is a sign of intelligence and foresight, and if you possess this characteristic, you have most likely considered your retirement.

After retirement, officers in the armed forces are eligible for a pension of 50% of their last pay, a death cumulation retirement gratuity, free medical treatment for themselves and those who are dependent on them, the same canteen facilities as before, insurance coverage, resettlement opportunities, and an MBA program, among other things. Even though the majority of corporations do not have a pension plan, there are a few that do. However, a skilled engineer earns enough money while on the job to live well in his or her later years.

NDA Vs IIT: Conclusion

Those interested in both professions should attempt NDA first, but prepare more for IIT, because if you can pass the JEE tests, you can certainly pass the NDA written exam. As for the SSB, as they say, you either have it or you don’t. And if you just want to concentrate on one, you already know which one to pick.

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