Microcontrollers Often Have?

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 24th, 2022

Choose the right answer to the question, microcontrollers often have the following options along with a detailed explanation.

  1. CPUs
  2. RAM
  3. ROM
  4. All of the above

Answer - D.

The correct answer to Microcontrollers often has CPUs, RAM and ROM.

Answer - D. Two buses and two memory areas (RAM and ROM) for program and data units are in a microcontroller. It has accumulator units and a central processing unit (CPU). Some microcontrollers may have more than 1 CPU.


A detailed solution to the question, microcontrollers often have been provided here. 

Any processing device on a microcontroller has a CPU as its brain. It oversees and manages all activities carried out on the microcontroller devices. It reads programmes stored in ROM memory, runs them, and carries out the intended function of that application.

Code memory or programme memory of applications refers to the memory used to store the microcontroller's programme. The microcontroller's ROM memory, commonly referred to as its memory, needs a place to store data or operands temporarily. 

The RAM utilized as its data memory is used to store data for operation temporarily.

Hence, Option (D) is the correct answer. 

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