In a self-biased JFET circuit if VD=VDD then ID=

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Choose the right answer to the question. In a self-biased JFET circuit, if VD=VDDthen ID= from the following options along with the detailed explanation.

  1. Zero ampere
  2. Depend on Drain resistance
  3. Depends on Drain resistance and Gate current
  4. It cannot be determined

Answer – A.

 A. In a self-biased JFET circuit, if VD=VDD, the drain current ID=0 Ampers. 


In a self-biased JFET circuit, the detailed solution to the question is if VD=VDD, then ID= is provided here. 

In a self-biased JFET circuit, after applying KVL to the Drain side, we get,


If we put VD=VDD in the above equation then,



ID=0 Amperes.

Hence, Option (A) is the correct answer. 

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