Convert Binary 111111110010 to Hexadecimal.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Convert binary 111111110010 to hexadecimal-

  1. 2FF
  2. FF2
  3. FF4
  4. 4FF

Answer: B. FF2

The binary 111111110010 to hexadecimal will be FF2.


The detailed solution to the question, convert binary 111111110010 to hexadecimal is provided here. 

The base of the Hexa-decimal number is 16. We can write sixteen as 2 power 4. So, by doing the groupings of 4 bits of binary number from right to left, we will get the corresponding Hexa-decimal digits. We will get a three-digit Hexa-decimal number, since there are 12 bits in the given binary number.

=>(1111 1111 0010)2=(FF2)16

Therefore, FF2 is the corresponding Hexadecimal number for the given binary number 1111 1111 0010. Hence, Option (B) is the correct answer.

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