UPSC IES Preparation Tips – for ESE Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

IES/ESE (Indian Engineering Services ‘aka’ Engineering Services Examination), is one of India’s most popular jobs for engineering aspirants. Many engineering graduates appear for UPSC IES Examination every year. But due to the fixed number of seats, it is believed to be one of the toughest exams in India. Candidates who struggle to clear the examination can check the article below for the best tips to crack the ESE exam 2023 for the Prelims and Mains. Follow these ultimate UPSC IES preparation tips to achieve the desired result with high scores in the IES exam.

UPSC will release the notification for the year 2023 on 14th September 2022. The ESE 2023 exam is going to be held on 19th February 2023. So the aspiring candidates must have started their preparation with full effort to achieve the desired result. The following article will help you work in the right direction with the right UPSC IES preparation tips for 2023 and strategy.  

IES Preparation Tips by Toppers 

When previous year’s toppers are asked about UPSC IES preparation tips, they suggest that first and foremost thing before going ahead, your vision should be clear, which means your WHY, Why do you want to clear this exam? And then go on with full confidence and enthusiasm. So now we will discuss the things step by step which an aspirant should follow:

Know the Syllabus: 

  • The first thing in UPSC IES preparation tips is thoroughly going through the Syllabus.
  • Understand which topics are important because the Syllabus is vast, and you should not waste your time on unnecessary things or less important topics.
  • So it would help if you focused on the subjects with high weightage. 

Check branch-wise Syllabus:

Make a Roadmap:

  • Making a plan is a crucial part of the Preparation.
  • Make a routine according to your subject and time. Then, stick to that; it will help you to complete your Syllabus systematically.
  • By sincerely following your study plan, you would complete half of your Preparation.

Coaching & Books:

  • Your study plan won’t work if you don’t know which book to read.
  • You will find several books for a single subject in the market, and going through multiple books is a total waste of time and energy.
  • So we suggest you select any standard book for the ESE exam for each subject according to your understanding and follow them thoroughly.
  • The study materials provided by different coaching institutes are also not bad.
  • One can prefer any coaching materials, which are easily available online and offline.

Notes Making:

  • Always try to note whatever you study. Noting helps a lot during revision.
  • Don’t look for others’ notes; make your own as per your understanding.
  • Short notes are very important and helpful for quick revision. 

Revision & Practice:

  • These make the key to success -vision, and practice.
  • Revise each topic and subject weekly or as suitable to you. Notes will always help you during revision.
  • It won’t take much effort if you have made your notes. You can easily go through it and brush up on whatever you study.
  • As you already know, practice makes a man perfect as many previous papers, sample papers, or online tests as possible for the ESE 2023 exam practice, you will learn about your weak areas, and then you can work on them.

Be Motivated: 

  • Keep yourself motivated all the time.
  • For this, you can do a lot of activities such as watching toppers’ interviews, books, Meditation or Yoga, Some exercise, etc.
  • So utilize your break time for these activities. Prepare properly, and do not procrastinate your task; otherwise, you might feel pressured if you won’t complete your Syllabus in time.

ESE Mains Preparation Tips & Revision Plan 

Each day is important if you prepare ESE. Therefore plan it well. Please pick up the copy of the ESE 2023 Syllabus, go through the issues and revise their fundamental concepts, formulae, and theorems. Check other ESE Mains preparation tips and revision plans in the points below.  

1. Mock Test– Practice two ESE Mock tests and analyze your performance. If you are still uncertain about a few topics, note them down and skip questions on these in the exam. BYJU’S EXAM PREP offers freESE sample question papers and online mock test practice

2. Short Notes– Candidates should create short notes while preparing for the ESE Mains exam. These short notes are helpful in last week’s revision. All applicants need to do is, pick up these Study notes and revise concepts, formulae and assumptions. It also gives one clarity on the embraced topics.

3. Do not attempt any new topic in the last 15 days– In the last phase of Preparation, ESE Mains candidates must avoid picking up new topics. There is a strict ‘NO’ as it creates needless confusion. Is it possible to understand the fundamentals of new topics quickly? Would it not add to the pressure? Instead, devote time to revision and be optimistic about whatever you’ve prepared so far.

4. Time Management– As per the ESE mains syllabus, Engineering Discipline Paper-1 carries 300 Marks for 3 hours, and Engineering Discipline Paper-2 carries a total of 300 Marks is held for 3 hours, so manage your time accordingly according to the time allotted for the exam.

ESE Answer Writing Techniques to Remember for exam

  • Attempt all remaining test papers like you would give the actual ESE mains exam. 
  • Select the topics to be attempted at first glance over the entire paper.
  • Marks will not be allotted for surface knowledge, so don’t waste time on questions asked in ESE if you don’t know properly & are unsure about concepts.
  • Try to answer extensively, i.e., provide in-depth information from equations to essential points in each answer.
  • Always use pointers while answering theoretical questions instead of writing lengthy passages.
  • Try highlighting the equalizations or unknowns in your answer, presenting it easy for the invigilator to view.
  • If possible, write a commentary or an inference at the end of the solution. It will surely fetch you excellent marks.

IES Preparation Timetable Recommended by Toppers

Making a timetable is always one of the excellent UPSC IES preparation tips a student needs in their preparation journey. Some people make a very strict timetable for ESE to avoid time wastage. However, our previous ESE toppers suggest that being honest is most important, so we have shared an ideal timetable that can vary from candidate to candidate.

  • 5:00 AM-5:15 AM —  is a good time to wake up and shower with cold water (in winter, candidates may use hot water).
  • 5:15 AM- 5:45 AM — Candidate can do some exercises like Squats, Push-ups, Breathing Exercises, etc.
  • 5:45 AM- 6:00 AM — Have a cup of black coffee/Tea/Milk with breakfast.
  • 6:00 AM- 9:00 AM — First study phase (Should be focused on covering new subjects).
  • 9:00 AM- 9:30 AM — Can take a Break.
  • 9:30 AM- 1:30 PM — Second study phase (Candidates can study paper -1 GS and Engineering Apptitude at this time).
  • 1:30 PM- 2:00 PM — Candidates can have lunch at this time 
  • 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM — Go to Coaching if they prepare through coaching or study at home if they are a dropper or self-study candidate.
  • 6:00 PM- 6:30 PM — Can take a Break.
  • 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM —  Third study phase 
  • 9:00 PM- 9:30 PM — Dinner.
  • 9:30 PM- 10:30 PM — Watch News and Current affairs magazine.
  • 10:30 PM- 11:00 PM — Unwind and sleep.

Best Youtube Channel for IES Preparation 

India’s online teaching platform BYJU’S Exam Prep’s English YouTube Channel is a famous youtube channel candidates can follow for UPSC IES preparation tips/lectures and GATE preparation. However, BYJU’S Exam Prep also has another Hindi Youtube channel committed to IES and GATE exam preparation that offers tips, lectures, and other useful videos. 

Best APP and Site for IES Preparation 

The IES or ESE exam preparation mobile app and Website offered by BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the most satisfactory and popular apps to prepare for ESE. The free app by BYJU’S Exam Prep offers sample papers with solutions, previous question papers with solutions, free lectures, study notes and quizzes, and study material for all subjects of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

IES Preparation Material Free Download By BYJU’S Exam Prep

BYJU’S Exam Prep live classes by ESE-qualified faculties in the ESE online coaching 2022 help to comprehend and dynamic learning experience. Moreover, the study material in the ESE online classes by BYJU’S Exam Prep is very well prepared to clear the ESE/IES exam. With increasing competition every year, good ESE study material is needed to boost the preparation process for the ESE exam 2023.

Candidates can check the UPSC IES preparation tips and preparation material free download from the IES Online Coaching Classes on the main page of BYJU’S Exam Prep.

As you thought of giving the exam and are now in the process, don’t leave a single stone unturned; give your best till the end, and you will end this with flying colors. So start this from today.


All the very best.

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