GATE Exam Day Guidelines

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The GATE 2023 exam is scheduled for the 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th of February 2023. IIT Kanpur will conduct this year’s GATE exam in CBT mode for the duration of 180 minutes across the country. Over 9 lakh candidates have registered for the exam. IIT Kanpur will also release an official video on GATE exam day guidelines on YouTube, explaining all the rules and steps and which candidates are supposed to follow on exam day. Aspirants can check the last-minute tips along with GATE exam day guidelines, common queries regarding the exam, and much more in this article.

One of the important GATE exam day guidelines is to take admit card and a valid(original) photo ID card such as aadhar card to the exam hall. IIT Kanpur released the GATE admit card on 9 January 2023. So, candidates are advised to reach the center and carry admit cards with original photo IDs. Candidates are advised to go through the last-minute tips for the GATE exam to have a better experience and avoid last-day mistakes and errors.

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GATE Exam Day Guidelines

Here are a few guidlines which must be followed by candidates appearing for GATE 2023. An aspirant for the GATE exam must follow these points for a smooth GATE exam day experience:

  • Candidates are advised to reach 30 minutes before reporting time to their exam centers.
  • Candidates must carry a Photo ID card for smooth and proper photo ID verification.
  • No candidate will be allowed to appear for the exam without a GATE 2023 admit card, as it is mandatory for the GATE 2023 exam.
  • Take the GATE Admit card printout on the A4 Size Sheet only.
  • No electronic objects are allowed in the Examination Hall.
  • Disciplinary action is taken against any candidate with any prohibited item during the examination.
  • Candidates need to take their seats 45 minutes before the start of the exam to read the instructions carefully.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall after 9:30 am, and no one can leave the hall before the examination.
  • Candidates will be given a virtual or on-screen calculator for numerical calculations. Hence they are not supposed to carry their calculators.
  • Management will supply rough sheets for calculations.
  • Candidates are recommended to keep a copy of admit card for future reference.

Scribble Pad in GATE Exam

A scibble pad will be provided in the exam hall for the rough calculations. Candidates are not required to carry any scribble pad with them to the exam hall.

Last Minute Notes for the GATE Exam to Attempt Papers

Along with last-minute tips for the GATE, some notes must be kept in mind to score high in the GATE 2023 exam. Candidates must answer each question using the READ/UNDERSTAND/ANSWER Strategy. Preserve that easy questions can be solved in less time, so give less time to solve such queries. On the other hand, challenging questions may take time, so you may solve them in the second scan of the paper. Other last-minute notes for GATE, which can be helpful for GATE 2023 exam aspirants, are shared in the points below.

  • All questions can be solved in one scan or two scans.
  • Using one scan: If you can solve or answer the question, respond to it. Otherwise, leave the question. Responding to any question should not take more than 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Using two scans: In the first scan, answer all questions that can be solved in a shorter time (not more than 4 minutes); in the second scan, answer all unsolved and reviewed questions accurately.
  • The complete question paper can be seen by clicking on GATE Question Paper. This can help you solve question-by-question on the scribble pad easily.
  • If you answer the questions using a complete question paper, there will be no regular interruption of the online marking system. So it is possible to answer effectively.
  • Time can be saved by answering many questions on a scribble pad and then marking them on the online system at a time.
  • You may design your method and follow it by combining the above two methods to answer the GATE questions effectively.

GATE Exam Day Queries

Along with last-minute tips for the GATE, some exam-day queries by aspirants must be solved. We have tried to mention some of the queries shared below.

How many questions must be solved in the GATE exam?

Answering 40 to 50 questions would be sufficient to get good marks. It is possible to get good marks when you give maximum correct answers on the paper. Also, the marks are good depending on the branch, e.g. 75 is a good score in ECE, while for ME, 85 is good for PSU jobs.

Which Section Should Begin First?

  • If you have prepared General Aptitude, attempting this section can be a good starting plan. Otherwise, start with technical questions about your subjects.

Can I Guess the Answer to Some Questions?

  • It would help if you never guessed the answer to any question on the GATE paper.
  • Sometimes you can eliminate 2 out of 4 options, and then you may guess to answer such questions.
  • So, keep guessing a maximum of 2 or 3 questions in the paper if required; otherwise, do not guess at all.

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