Which instrument is used to measure humidity?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

An instrument used to gauge relative humidity is called a hygrometer. A hygrometer is something like a psychrometer. Two thermometers-one that monitors the temperature of the dry bulb and the other that measures the temperature of the wet bulb, are used in psychrometers to determine relative humidity. The amount of moisture in the air is gauged by its relative humidity.

Methods for Measuring Humidity

Three methods for measuring humidity:

  • Absolute humidity, which can be stated in either gram per cubic meter or per kilogram, refers to the amount of water in the air.
  • Relative humidity can be expressed as a percentage, which shows how humid the air is right now compared to how humid it would be at its maximum temperature.
  • The ratio of water vapor mass to the total mass of moist air parcels is known as specific humidity.
  • A hygrometer is a device that gauges the moisture content of the soil, air, or restricted spaces. Instruments used to measure humidity typically rely on measurements of other quantities, such as pressure, mass, temperature, and changes in a substance’s mechanical or electrical properties from absorbing moisture.


Which instrument is used to measure humidity?

Hygrometers measure the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, the soil, or enclosed areas. These measured quantities can be used to calculate humidity based on calibration and calculation. Modern electronic gadgets determine humidity levels by monitoring the dew point (temperature of condensation) or variations in electrical capacitance or resistance.

A hygrometer is a tool used to gauge humidity levels. Hygrometers can be made for use either inside or outside (or both). A coil spring with a moisture-sensitive substance connected makes up an analog hygrometer. The spring regulates an easy-to-read circular dial. A gadget with a thermometer and an analog hygrometer is frequently equipped with the latter. Digital hygrometers, which use a sensor to monitor an electrical current influenced by moisture levels, are used to measure humidity. They are frequently used in multipurpose measurement tools, ranging from specific indoor temperature and humidity monitors to multifunctional indoor/outdoor equipment. Digital weather stations can measure indoor and outdoor humidity levels and other environmental and meteorological data.

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