Which of the Following is a Non Recording Rain Gauge? (A) Floating type rain gauge (B) Steven’s weighing type rain gauge (C) Simon’s rain gauge (D) Tipping bucket type rain gauge

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Simon’s Rain Gauge is a Non Recording Rain Gauge. This type of rain gauge is used extensively by Meteorological Departments. A rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the precipitation in an area. It collects the water and reaches the earth’s surface over a unit area. The rain gauge is broadly categorized into two types: Non-recoding Gauge and Recording Gauge. Only Simon’s Rain Gauge is used as a non-recording gauge in India.

Non-Recording Rain Gauge

A recording rain gauge records the amount of precipitation, while a non-recording rain gauge shows how much rain has fallen. This type of rain gauge cannot tell you when the rain began, when it stopped, the intensity of the rain, or how much the intensity of the rain varied throughout the storm.

Here is the working principle of the non-recording rain gauge.

  • A diameter of 12.7 cm is the collecting area on a non-recording rain gauge typically.
  • The funnel is joined to the circular collecting area.
  • The funnel’s purpose is to release the gathered rainfall into the receiving vessel.
  • The circular collector’s rim must be positioned at a height of approximately 30.5 cm above ground level on a horizontal plane.
  • A metallic container is used to store the set-up of the circular collector and the discharging funnel.
  • Allowing the rain to collect in the container allows it to be accurately measured with a graduated measuring jar.
  • The measuring jar has a 0.1 mm accuracy range.
  • In order to determine the depth of the water, rainfall is measured in mm or cm.
  • Simon Rain Gauge is a non-recording type rain gauge consisting of a funnel and a receiver.

Which of the Following is a Non Recording Rain Gauge?
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