Friction Factor for Fluid flow in Pipe does not Depend upon the?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The fluid flow in the pipe does not depend upon the length of the pipe. Fluid Friction resists the relative motion between different layers of a liquid or opposes the movement of a body on the surface of the liquid or inside it. Fluid friction is also known as viscosity. Relative motions play an important role in fluid friction. The greater the tendency and extent of the relative movement, the greater the fluid friction. Naturally, the shape and speed of the object matter a lot with fluid friction and the fluid’s nature.

The Friction Factor Depends upon the?

The flow velocity, viscosity, and fluid density affect how much friction there is in pipes. In addition to the Reynolds number, it also relies on how rough the pipe walls are relative to the pipe’s diameter. A decent experiment to get a feel for fluid friction at home is that you can stir a spoon in a jar of honey and a glass of water. You’ll notice that it takes a lot of effort to stir the spoon in the pot of honey than in the glass of water, as the honey is much more viscous. Hence it applies greater fluid friction.

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