The Specific Resistance Of A Wire Depends on Its: A) Radius B) Length C) Cross-section D) Material

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The specific resistance of a wise depends on its material. Specific resistance is offered per unit cross-sectional area and length when a known voltage is applied. The specific resistance of the wire depends upon the material and temperature used in the wire. The formula of the specific resistance is as follows:

ρ = RA/L

Where, ⍴ = specific resistance

R = resistance

A = cross-sectional area

L = length of the material

Specific Resistance Of A Wire

An ohm meter (m) is the SI unit of specific resistance. When a known quantity of voltage is applied to a substance, specific resistance is supplied per unit length and unit cross-sectional area of the substance. Specific resistance is the inverse of specific conductance, which describes a material’s capacity to carry electricity. The symbol for the conductivity of the particular kind is. Additionally, it goes by the names:

  • Airway resistance
  • The specific resistance of electricity
  • For a mechanism moving mass, specific friction resistance exists.


Specific resistance at 20 °C



1.59 x 10


1.72 x 10-8


2.24 x 10-8


5.65 x 10-8

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