GATE 2022: Best Books for General Aptitude

By Mona Kumari|Updated : February 2nd, 2022

GATE exam 2022 is planned to test students' Synthesis, Recall Analysis, Comprehension & Application capabilities. The General Aptitude section of the GATE exam is designed to test the candidate's English proficiency and numerical and logical reasoning skills. 

The GATE Aptitude syllabus for GATE 2022 was made public for students to download the latest General Aptitude syllabus for the exam that is to be conducted in the first and second week of February 2022. Here is the list of best books for General Aptitude.

General aptitude comes of 15 marks in the GATE examination, average of marks may be small but every penny counts while preparing for GATE. You just require practising all types of problems, remembering formulas and definitions.

Based on popularity and Standard, the following books are recommended, which are easy to understand and cover all required topics for GATE, and other exams.

1. Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by Dr R.S. Aggarwal


  • Book Name: A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning, Author's Name: R.S. Aggarwal, Edition: Revised
  • Highlights of the book: A Modern Approach to Verbal and non-verbal reasoning is of great use to students preparing for a number of entrance examinations, whether it be for an MBA or for a job in Civil Services. One of the primary reasons why students should use this book is that it contains plenty of practice questions, some of which come with the hints needed for solving problems. The book also contains solved problems.

2. Quantitative aptitude by Dr R.S. Aggarwal


  • Book Name: Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations, Author's Name: R.S. Aggarwal, Edition: 7
  • Highlights of the book: Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations covers every aspect of the numerical ability section of many competitive tests. Numerous examples have been used throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and problem solving techniques. This book gives the students or candidates a good idea about the kind of questions asked in these exams.

3. English grammar and composition by Wren and Martin


  • Book Name: English grammar and composition for competitive examinations, Author's Name: Wren and Martin. 
  • Highlights of the book: High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most renowned reference guides to learn English Grammar in India. This is a part of the series of books by Wren and Martin, and it provides a comprehensive study of grammar. 

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  • Revise (short) notes for every topic covering all important points and formulas. Practice the previous GATE problems from all streams after every topic completion. Practice the BYJU'S General Aptitude online tests, which include new questions and also previous year's GATE questions.

  • For the General Aptitude GATE 2022 Exam, you can follow these books:

    • Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by Dr R.S. Aggarwal
    • Quantitative aptitude by Dr R.S. Aggarwal
    • English grammar and composition by Wren and Martin
  • Yes, the syllabus of General Aptitude is the same for all branches in GATE 2022, but the question differs in every branch.

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