RBI Assistant Mains Topics 2022: Check Important Topics for Exam Preparation

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Must Do Topics for RBI Assistant Mains 2022: RBI Assistant mains exam dates are not announced by the RBI so far. As per the official notification, the RBI Assistant mains Exam is scheduled to be held in May 2022.

Why wait for the exam dates? When you know that you are definitely appearing for the RBI Assistant mains 2022 exam. We have compiled a list of the most important topics for RBI Assistant mains. 

As more than enough time has been given to the aspirants to prepare for the exam, we hope every one of you has prepared well to beat the competition. It is important to prepare from must do topics for the RBI Assistant mains exam to be ahead of millions.


Preparing from the most important topics for RBI Assistant mains 2022 will surely help you to prioritize your challenging topics. As now you have time to prepare each section/topic well, we are providing you with detailed important topics based on the RBI Assistant mains 2020 exam analysis. This will help you guide, what type of questions needs to be prepared, and what could be their maximum weightage in the exam.

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This blog is dedicated to important topics for Reasoning ability, Quantitative aptitude, English language, General Awareness, and computer knowledge for the RBI Assistant Mains exam. Check out the topics below to customize your study plan.

Let us have a look at the RBI Assistant Mains Exam Pattern:

Serial Number Name of Test No. of Question Maximum Marks Duration
1. Test Of English Language 40 40 30 minutes
2. Test of Reasoning 40 40 30 minutes
3. Test Of Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
4. Test Of General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
5. Test of Numerical Ability 40 40 30 minutes
  Total 200 200 135 minutes

It is clear from the above table that each section carries 40 marks and there will be a fixed time allotted for each section. Candidates will not be allowed to skip any section before the time ends. You can not re-attempt any section but the privilege to review questions/answers will be given.

Generally in other banking examinations reasoning and computer knowledge, questions are asked together, but here in the RBI Assistant mains exam computer knowledge is a separate section and will require your extra effort to grapple good marks in this.

Moving to the RBI Assistant Mains exam analysis 2017, we can conjecture that level of the exam would remain moderate. But some questions are difficult or lengthy to leave you in a tight corner.

As extra time has been given to you due to delay in mains examination, so you can expect to have back-breaking competition this time in banking examinations.

Important topics from RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam analysis

Here we are discussing the exam analysis of 2020 so that we can come to an end, concluding the must-do topics for your upcoming RBI Assistant Mains exam 2022. Check the exam analysis and questions distribution from different sections below.

English Language:

Check the breakdown of topic-wise questions in the RBI Assistant mains English section. As you can see that Reading Comprehension has 8 questions similarly cloze test was carrying the same number of questions in the RBI Assistant previous year’s exam.

 Topics Asked 

 Number of Questions

Reading Comprehension

Total number of questions: 8 (1 set).

Cloze Test

Number of questions: 8

Level: Easy

Para Jumble

Number of questions: 6

Level: Easy

Fill in the Blanks

The number of questions: 4

Level: Easy

Sentence Improvement

The number of questions: 5 

Level: Easy

Match the Column

Number of questions: 5 

Level: Easy


Number of questions: 4

Level: Easy

Attempt English Language Quiz

Reasoning Ability

Check the breakdown of topic-wise questions of RBI Assistant’s main reasoning ability. The candidates can find that there were 20 questions from puzzle and 5 questions from coding-decoding.

 Topics Asked 

Number of Questions and Topic Details


 The total number of puzzles: 5 Sets (Total questions-20)



 Total number of questions: 5

Level: Easy

 Blood Relation

 Total number of questions: 2 Questions

Level: Easy

 Order and Ranking

Total Number of questions: 2 Questions

Level: Easy

Direction sense

 Total Number of questions:3 questions

Level: Easy

Data Sufficiency

Total number of questions: 4

Level: Easy


 Total number of questions: 3

Level: Easy

Meaning-full Word

Number of questions: 1

Level: Easy

Attempt Reasoning Ability Quiz

Numerical Ability

Check the breakdown of topic-wise questions of RBI Assistant mains numerical ability. In numerical ability the aspirants asked 15 questions from data interpretation and 5 questions from approximation.

 Topics Asked 

 Number of Questions and Topic Details

Pie Chart & Table Graph Data Interpretation (Difficult)

Total number of questions: 15 (3 Sets)

Level: Easy to moderate


Total number of questions: 5 Questions

Level: Easy

Data Sufficiency 

Total Number of Questions:4-5 Questions

Level: Moderate


The number of questions: 15 questions

P & L, percentage, mixture and allegation, ratio, partnership, time and work, time speed and distance, boat and stream, probability, mensuration, permutation, and combination.

Level: Moderate

Attempt Numerical Ability Quiz

General Awareness and Computer Knowledge

While checking the exam analysis of RBI Assistant 2022, do not overlook the general awareness and computer knowledge section. Here, we have shared the topics that were asked and you can take a hint from these asked questions.

General Awareness Computer Knowledge
  • This section was of moderate level and maximum questions were asked from banking awareness.
  • Few questions were data and figures based which slightly raised the exam level. 
  • This section was comparatively easy. Questions were asked from MS Office, Computer Operating System, Memory, Hardware and software and Computer Security, etc.

Attempt Current Affairs Quiz

What are Important Topics for RBI Assistant Mains 2022?

After checking RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam analysis, we can see that the exam was of moderate level and maximum questions were based on DI, puzzles, and reading comprehension.

Although the General awareness section was majorly occupied with banking awareness, according to a recent trend most of the questions are asked from the current affairs section to test the current knowledge about the recent happening around the world the candidate.

Now let us check what topics are to be covered for each section in detail below:

1. Important Topics for Numerical Ability

In the Mains, this section contains 40 questions worth a total of 40 marks. This subject is all about real-life computations, thus the learner should be comfortable with numbers. Here are the numerical ability important topics for RBI Assistant mains.

Number Series

  • This topic can fetch you 4-5 marks within a few minutes.
  • To have a grasp of the topic practice at least 25-30 number series regularly.

Data Interpretation

  • DI is the most important topic of the quant section in any exam. Usually, 3-4 sets (i.e. 15-20 questions) are asked on this topic.
  • Questions of DI are generally based on Ratios, Averages, Percentages, etc.
  • Practice at least 4-5 sets of DI regularly to improve your calculation speed.

Miscellaneous Section

This includes questions from-

  • Problem with ages
  • Profit and loss
  • Averages
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Probability
  • Questions from these topics are usually time-consuming. So, try to attempt them in the last but do not skip practicing them regularly.

2. Important Topics for the English Language:

The RBI Assistant mains English section carries 1 mark 40 questions. This area covers vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, error detection, cloze tests, paraphrases, idioms, phrases, reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, and other topics. Well, note down the English section important topics for RBI Assistant mains.

Reading Comprehension 

  • You can expect 2 sets of Reading Comprehension that may be based on Story, research, topic in the news, Indian economy, etc.
  • One question on the central theme of the passage will be asked. Go through the comprehension thoroughly and then try to answer the question
  • Keep yourself updated about the happening around the world

Cloze Test and Fillers 

  • You can expect around 7-8 questions from the cloze test and 4 questions from the fillers.
  • The single fillers and double fillers can be asked in the RBI Assistant mains 2022. 

Spotting Errors / Sentence Improvement 

  • The aspirants can expect around 5 questions from Spotting Errors or sentence improvement.
  • Make sure you have a good command of these topics which are asked in the English section of RBI Assistant mains.

Para Jumbles 

  • One of the important topics that should be practiced multiple times because from Para Jumbles you can be asked at least 6-7 questions.
  • You know that it can help you in improving your number of good attempts by answering all of them. And, this can only be possible with constant practice.

3. Important Topics for Reasoning Ability:

  • There are 40 questions in the main, each worth one mark.
  • The approach should be to practice every day and review everything that has been learned on a frequent basis.
  • This necessitates strong analytical and logical abilities.

Seating Arrangement & Puzzles –

  • 4-5 sets (15-20 questions) might be asked in the exam.
  • Do not be afraid of the length or language of the question. Read all the lines very carefully.
  • You just need to observe logically and then use the given information in the arrangement.
  • Do not forget to consider all possible cases.

Syllogism –

  • You can expect at least 5 questions on this topic.
  • Use a Venn diagram to solve these types of questions.
  • Draw the Venn diagram for all the said statements. Now follow up on the conclusions given and find which set of statements goes with the conclusion.

Verbal Reasoning –

  • This includes questions from- Statement and Argument / Assumption / Conclusion / Course of action/ Cause and Effect, etc.
  • Go through the statements carefully first and try to understand what exactly it conveys.
  • Go through the assumptions then and try to imagine if these can be assumed based on the information provided in the statement.
  • Avoid making your assumptions.

4. Important Topics for General Awareness and Computer Knowledge

  • Focus more on current affairs and banking awareness.
  • Develop a habit of reading the newspaper and watching the news.
  • Learn all the important updates, dates, gatherings, and meetings.
  • The computer section is all about the history, generations, languages of computers, etc.
  • Go through the previous years’ question paper for the RBI Assistant exam.
  • Learn all the shortcuts used in Microsoft office.
  • Learn about the internet, database, and management, networking, operating system, basics, etc.

We hope preparing important topics for the RBI Assistant Mains exam will help you score good marks on the exam. Keep preparing until the date of the examination is announced. Customize your topics to be prepared now and take the sectional mock test also to analyze your performance.

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