Para Jumbles for Banking Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Dec 29, 2021, 18:30

Para Jumbles: Para jumbles are one of the most frequent questions in the Verbal Ability portion, in which we are given a paragraph, which is an excerpt from an article with jumbled phrases. The sentences must be rearranged in the correct order for the paragraph to make sense. Through questions related to Para Jumbles, the examiner aims to check the candidate’s reading and reasoning ability.

Para Jumbles are highly common test questions in all sorts of competitive exams –especially bank exams and other related exams such as IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, NABARD Grade A & B, IBPS RRB Clerk, LIC AAO, RBI Grade A & B among others. Para Jumbles for bank exams are highly feared upon by candidates. Whereas, aspirants preparing for banking exams in India should prepare Para Jumbles seriously to score high in the Reasoning Ability section of the exam.

Important Para Jumbles Topics

A paragraph with jumbled sentences is given. You are required to rearrange the sentences reasonably so that they make sense in the form of an arranged paragraph. With the help of the Para Jumbles notes for bank exams, you can know about some of the common types of questions or topics that come up in bank exams every year.

Para Jumbles topics for bank exams could be on the following themes:

  • History
  • Current Affairs
  • Women Empowerment
  • Political Science
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Financial issues
  • Global issues
  • Politics

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Tips to Solve Para Jumbles Questions

If you are solving Para Jumbles problems in bank exams, then here are some useful tips to succeed in the same:

  • Try finding out the clues that will help you to locate the qualifier. Some of the clues are known to include pronouns, adverbs, articles, definers, connectors, and so on. These clues can help you to find the qualifiers. A qualifier is a sentence that lets you know something about the following sentence. The next sentence is referred to as the "qualified sentence."
  • Now, using the clues, you should locate the qualifier. As such, you can make a pair of the qualifier and the qualified sentence for eliminating the wrong choices in the given question.
  • Once you have made the right pairs, you can eliminate the wrong choices in the question.
  • When there is more than a single choice, you should aim to follow the sequence of the sentences as per the events' occurrence.

Para Jumbles Quiz for Bank Exams (Types)

When preparing for Para Jumbles questions and answers bank exams, you will mostly encounter different types of Para Jumbles questions. Here are some common types:

  • In some questions, the candidates are provided with an opening or introductory sentence of the paragraph. Then, they are expected to un-jumble the sentences of the paragraph.
  • In some other types of questions, the closing sentence of the paragraph is provided. Using the same, the candidates are expected to rearrange the remaining previous sentences.
  • In other questions, both introductory and closing sentences of the paragraph are provided to the candidates. Using the same, they are expected to un-jumble the remaining sentences of the paragraph. These are usually the easiest forms of Para Jumbles questions & answer bank exams.
  • In other cases, both the opening and closing sentences are not provided. In such a case, the candidate is expected to figure out the same on his or her own. These are the most complicated types of Para Jumbles questions to deal with.

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Most Recommended Books for Para Jumbles

Para Jumbles can appear challenging to solve –especially if you are a beginner. However, with the help of the right Para Jumbles notes for bank exams, using a relevant book could help you out. 



Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning 

R. S. Aggarwal 

Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

A New Approach to Verbal Reasoning

B.S. Sijwalii

Verbal Ability and Reading


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  1. What types of questions are asked in Para Jumbles?

You are provided with a paragraph featuring jumbled sentences. You are expected to use the reasoning ability to solve the jumbled sentences and rearrange them properly.

  1. I am weak in English. Can I solve Para Jumble questions?

Yes. With proper practice and reasoning ability, you can easily solve them.

  1. How should I prepare for Para Jumbles questions for bank exams?

Try to solve as many test questions as possible.

  1. How can I score well in Para Jumbles questions?

You should aim at being quick in un-jumbling the sentences using your reasoning ability to score well.