SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023 - Check 60 Days Study Plan For SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023 - Check 60 Days Study Plan For SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: May 10, 2023
SBI Clerk study plan 2023 for the upcoming exam will assist you in excelling and outperforming. The applicants can follow the subject-wise SBI Clerk study plan drafted by experts to effectively kickstart preparation with an accurate approach.

SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023: An appropriate study plan assists the applicants in moulding an effective and efficient strategy. It is highly essential to structure the SBI Clerk study plan according to their strengths, weaknesses and the essential segments of the syllabus. We have facilitated a well-drafted SBI Clerk study plan 2023 for the aspirants to assist them in their journey of preparation.

The SBI Clerk study plan has been formulated taking into consideration the essential segments of the syllabus. An accurate strategy and an apt SBI Clerk study plan mould the path to success. Go through the entire article to get a piece of enriching information and the well-drafted SBI Clerk prelims and mains study material for excelling in the upcoming exam.

SBI Clerk Study Plan 2023

The applicants need to follow an apt SBI Clerk study plan to get qualified for the Prelims and the Mains round. The well-drafted SBI Clerk study plan 2023 can assist the applicants in practising the essential segments and cater to the areas that require more attention.

Candidates can prepare for the SBI Clerk exam in 60 days if they put in dedicated efforts and follow the right path. The SBI Clerk study plan of 60 days schedule for the exam has been facilitated here. It has been segregated for the subjects of English, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude according to the essential topics of the syllabus.

SBI Clerk Study Plan For Prelims

Candidates who are aiming to crack the SBI Clerk 2023 exam this year must be preparing hard. Many of you would be attempting the exam for the first time. It is important for every aspirant to follow an effective approach for the SBI Clerk exam. For the apt preparation for the Prelims exam, candidates must ensure the right approach and study plan so that they can achieve better results to move ahead to the next phase.

Thus, we at BYJU'S Exam Prep provide you with a detailed 30 days study plan for the SBI Clerk Prelims exam preparation. The SBI Clerk Prelims study plan 2022 is updated on a daily basis to practice the topics, quizzes, and mock tests. The SBI Clerk Prelims exam will consist of 100 questions with a total mark of 100, with a time duration of 60 minutes. There is sectional timing of 20 minutes for each section. This paper will be objective in nature. The SBI Clerk prelims exam includes 3 sections:

SBI Clerk Study Plan For Mains

The SBI Clerk Mains examination will be held approximately one month after the Prelims exam. Only General Awareness and computer aptitude are additional in the SBI Clerk Mains exam; the Preliminary and Mains exams have the same syllabus.
For general awareness and computer aptitude practice, students should allow at least three hours every day. Practise questions on subjects like DI, Caselet DI, puzzles, and comprehension on a frequent basis.

60 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

The applicants are often apprehensive about kickstarting their preparation. Here, we have facilitated the 60 days of study plan for the convenience of the candidates. You can also click on the links provided herewith to get acquainted with the essential topics in great detail. The aspirants have to put their best foot forward to outperform in the exam. The 60 days SBI Clerk study plan elaborated here will help you achieve the best results.

WEEKQuantitative AptitudeReasoning AbilityEnglish LanguageMock Test/Quiz

Week 1

Calculation Speed

Squares up to 30

Cubes up to 15

Alphanumeric Series

Order & Ranking




SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 1

Idioms & Phrasal Verb Quiz

Week 2

Tables up to 20

Percentage to fraction conversion up to 1/20

Simplification and approximation

Direction distanceAdjective & Adverb

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 2 

Week 3

Quadratic Equation

Revise previous topics


Alphanumeric Series

Order & Ranking

Subject-verb agreement

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 3

Wrong Number Series and Bar Graph

Week 4

Number series



Direction distance


Adjective & Adverb

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 4

Week 5


Ratio proportion

 Blood relation

Alphanumeric Series



Synonyms and Antonyms

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 5
Week 6


Time & work

Revise Syllogism


Fill in the blanks

Cloze test

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 6
Week 7

Time speed distance



Sitting Arrangement

Sentence Improvement

Match the column

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 7,8
Week 8


Mixture & Alligation

Direction distance

Sitting Arrangement

Error Spotting

Phrase replacement

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 9,10
Week 9

Profit loss & Discount

simple interest & Compound Interest

Blood relation

Order & Ranking

Revise Subject verb agreement

Ace Reading Comprehension

SBI Clerk Prelims Full Mock 11,12

SBI Clerk 2023 - Preparation Tips

Before moving on to the study plan, we'll walk you through some of the key preparation tips for the SBI Clerk exam which you must follow in the remaining time span. Follow the below-mentioned points whole-heartedly to taste the success in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam -

Strict Time-table - The Foremost Requirement

  • For the remaining days, plan your time very well. You should forget everything except your studies for this month.
  • Schedule all your breaks, sleep cycles, and study time within the boundaries of your timetable. Make sure you stick to it.
  • Cover the entire SBI Clerk syllabus properly. Give more attention to important topics. Mark the important points with a pen and later revise them anywhere you get the time.
  • Take the study sessions. For example, at least 3 study sessions of 3 hours each are required daily. You can cover three subjects in a day or a subject per day or a week. It’s up to you.

Mock Tests - The Best Tool

  • Attempting the mock test is the best way to analyze your preparation level. It also helps a lot in time management during the exam as well as in handling exam pressure during the actual exam. In short, attempting a mock test is the best way to gauge your skills.
  • Through attempting a mock test you can easily know about the scope of improvement in each section. You can easily analyze your strengths and weaknesses afterwards and can work on them to improve.
  • Daily practice of mock tests will help you a lot in improving your speed as well as accuracy.

Practice - Solve Exercises Regularly

  • As the old proverb says, 'Practice makes a man perfect'. To get a high score daily practice is required along with a clear understanding of the concepts.
  • Practice concepts of each and every section. You can take 2 sections for practice in a day like reasoning and English a day, while quantitative aptitude the next day followed by a mock test which you can take on a daily basis.
  • Now only a few weeks are left for the exams so start with practising more and more quizzes and mini mock tests which are available on gradeup. Then analyze your performance.

Speed and Accuracy - The Important Parameter

  • With the introduction of sectional time, speed and accuracy will play a major role in the selection of candidates. To score well in all three sections focus on speed and accuracy.
  • As a smart approach, solve the easier question first and leave the tough ones. Once you are done with easy-to-moderate questions, you can switch on to tough questions, if time allows.
  • Spending too much time on a single question will waste your precious time, so if you are not able to solve it within 1 minute then you should move on to the next question.

SBI Clerk 2023 - Revision Tips

It is of equitable importance to keep revising the already learnt concepts to strengthen the skills. This is of paramount importance for the applicants to keep honing their strengths and concentrate on their areas of weakness. Revising the fundamentals and the concepts consistently is crucial.

  • Start from the root level. Clear all your concepts. Do not go for short tricks without learning basic concepts.
  • Go through the SBI Clerk previous year's paper to have a proper understanding of the expected topics, or must-do topics.
  • Go through basic grammar rules. As most of the part in the English Language section is based on grammar.
  • Work on your calculation. Try to save as much time as you can while doing calculations.
  • Always manage your time according to the exam pattern.
  • After revising the conceptual approach, work on your time management as you will have only 20 minutes for each section.
  • Practice section-wise questions to attain maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Take mock tests to analyze your performance and work on your weak areas then.
  • Set small realistic goals that are achievable.
  • Target to attempt at least 90+ questions with accuracy.
  • Devote a maximum of your study hours to the important topics.
  • Follow the study plan not to miss any important topic from the SBI Clerk examination point of view.

FAQs on SBI Clerk Study Plan

  • It is highly essential for the applicants to follow an accurate SBI Clerk study plan, to accomplish their dreams. They should structure the SBI Clerk study plan in accordance with the weaknesses and strengths. They must keep in mind the essential segments of the syllabus. Dedicated efforts, a righteous approach, a well-drafted study plan and sticking to the schedule can enhance the candidates’ chances of getting their aspired job.

  • Yes, the applicants can modify and mould the SBI Clerk study plan according to their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is highly advisable to take into consideration the essential segments of the syllabus. The candidates must focus on their strengths and weaknesses. You can solve the previous year papers and come up with a schedule to cater for the weaknesses and strengths as well.

  • You can make a schedule and SBI Clerk study plan to get the maximum benefit and widen up the chances of getting selected. You can schedule your preparation considering your weaknesses and strengths. We have facilitated a well-structured study plan in accordance with all the essential segments of the syllabus. 

  • You can crack the SBI Clerk exam in 2 months by putting in dedicated efforts and consistently practising for the exam. Initially, you need to structure an appropriate SBI Clerk study plan and stick to the schedule. You have to identify the essential segments of the syllabus and practice them consistently.

  • The SBI Clerk Prelims exam is the first stage of the selection process, you need to perform exceptionally well in order to advance to the next level of the selection process. The applicants can plan their schedules according to their strengths and weaknesses. The candidates can take into consideration all the essential segments of the syllabus and try to complete them first.

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