Order and Ranking for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : May 12, 2021, 11:11

Logical reasoning is one of the essential parts of banking examinations. Attempting this section will not just boost scores, but also sharpen the general logical reasoning skills for daily life. In this context, ranking and order is a highly scoring topic. It involves solving the questions based on the arrangement of positions or ranking of people or specific objects in order like top to bottom or left to right. Thus, various types of Order & Ranking quiz for bank exams can be formed based on the rows or columns, and even finding the number of people. 

You can obtain mastery with the right assistance of the Order & Ranking formula for bank exams, tips, and practising solved examples. It involves the use of tricks that you are already using for the seating arrangement. Therefore, the Order & Ranking tricks for bank exams can work wonders for understanding the questions and solving the ranking and order problems within the least amount of time. This topic is found year after year in various banking exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, PO, RBI Grade A, B, NABARD Grade A & B, LIC AAO, etc.

7 Rules of Ranking and Order Topic

Some important rules for Order & Ranking topics for bank exams are:

  • Rule 1 - The real objects in a group or class are equivalent to one less than the sum of the positions of the same object from either end (top and bottom or right and left).  
  • Rule 2 - The total number of objects in a group is the summation of before or after the given object in a row and the position of the same object from the other side.
  • Rule 3 - The positions of two objects are mentioned from the opposite sides and also the total number of objects. Then, you can solve the question in two separate ways to find the number of objects between the given two objects.
  • Rule 4 - Suppose there is only relevant information about the position of different objects or persons. In that case, it is impossible to find the total number of items or people in a group or class. The issues can be overlapping or non-overlapping.  
  • Rule 5 - Exchange of positions to find the order/ ranking for solving the question, then the role of the two people or objects is examined before and after the interchange.
  • Rule 6 - Suppose positions of two objects on opposite sides of the row are given, and there is a third object in the middle of these two. In that case, the total number of items can be found based on the position of the third object.
  • Rule 7 - The minimum number of persons can be determined by doing the sum of positions of persons from both sides, removing persons between them, and subtracting two from it.

Tips to Prepare Order & Ranking Questions

Given below are the Order & Ranking formula for bank exams for solving ranking and order questions:

  • Do thorough preparation. You must practice Order & Ranking online tests for bank exams.
  • Make personal Order & Ranking notes for bank exams and do multiple revisions before the exam date.
  • The first step for solving the banking question papers is to not read the whole paper in a go.
  • When you see an ordering problem, first decide a direction for the arrangement.
  • Then, consider all the possibilities for different cases, and keep the correct one and discard the rest.
  • For the Order & Ranking problems in bank exams, you may use the approach for ranking to get the total number of objects or count the total number of people for finding ranking. 
  • Using the right method of processor arrangement as a reverse engineering technique may lead to wastage of time and wrong answers.

Importance of Simplification in the Quantitative Section of Competitive Banking & Government Exams

The topic of Order & Ranking questions and answers bank exams is very vital due to the following reasons:

  • They are asked every year in the bank exams.
  • They are high scoring.
  • Once you figure out the arrangement, it is a time saver.
  • It enhances your logical reasoning ability.

Most Recommended Books for Order & Ranking

The students preparing for the ranking and order topic of logical reasoning need to dive into the basic concept of the topic. Also, there is a need for a high amount of practise from sample papers and previous years’ papers. 

Some books for understanding the Order & Ranking syllabus for bank exams are:

Name of the Book


A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning

R. S. Agarwal

Analytical Reasoning

M. K. Pandey

A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal

B. S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali

Why Prepare Order & Ranking from BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

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  • Why are ranking and order important for banking exams?

The topic ranking and order is a crucial topic in logical reasoning for the banking exams because it requires logical and quick thinking. It can fetch high marks in exams.

  • What topics are essential for ranking and order study?

There are seven rules of ranking and order which are crucial for solving any problem.

  • How to efficiently solve the ranking and order questions in exams?

For solving the ranking and order questions in the exam, you need first to understand the arrangement and then rule out the assumptions for the correct answer.

  • Which books do I need for practising the topic?

There are numerous books available for strengthening the logical reasoning; given below are a few:

    • A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by R. S. Agarwal
    • Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey
    • A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal by B. S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali
  • Are ranking and order a scoring topic?

Yes, ranking and order is a very scoring topic for bank exams, but only with the correct arrangement of left to right or top to bottom or vice-versa.