Blood Relations for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Feb 20, 2023, 0:09

Blood Relations topics for bank exams include the conceptual study and understanding of relations by the birth of a person. An individual has many relations by which he/she may be a son, mother, grandson, or even great grandfather. Blood Relations problems in bank exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, PO, RBI Grade A, B, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank, NABARD Grade A & B, LIC AAO contain a significant percentage of questions in the Logical Reasoning section. 

Mastering the Blood Relation tricks for bank exams will help you achieve the best scores in your exams. Read the following article to get all the details about the Blood Relations syllabus for bank exams and the ways to crack banking exams.

Important Blood Relations Topics 

  • Mother's (or) father's son – Brother.
  • Mother's (or) Father's Daughter – Sister.
  • Mother's brother – Maternal Uncle.
  • Father's Brother – Paternal uncle.
  • Mother's (or) Father's sister – Aunt.
  • Mother's (or) Father's father – Grandfather.
  • Mother's (or) Father's mother – Grandmother.
  • Son's wife – Daughter in law.

Blood Relations: Brief 

Blood relation is any relation of a person to another person by birth or by maternal or paternal sides. John is the first son of Maverick indicates that John and Maverick are related as father and son. Likewise, an individual possesses a lot of relations by birth or inherits them by parents. The best Blood Relations notes for bank exams should contain all the terminology that is commonly used to identify relations such as:

Note: Some of the rare terminologies is listed in the table. 



Mother’s or Father’s son


Mother’s or Father’s sister


Daughter’s husband


Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s daughter


Family Tree

A family tree is a pictorial representation of different generations of a family. The ancestral generation is at the top, followed by the parents, and then comes our generation. After our generation, we have the next generation that is of our children. In the preceding context, the reference is me. Try to figure out the reference or initial generation that includes the solution of the problem for fast solving.

Tips to Solve Blood Relation Questions

  • Try to figure out the generations correctly. 
  • Always draw the family tree before solving Blood Relations problems in bank exams.
  • Always look for direct relations to ancestors and predecessors for drawing the family tree.
  • Learn the commonly used terminology for understanding what the Blood Relations quiz for bank exams is asking
  • Always figure out the reference generation that will become the main point from where all the other generations evolve.

Importance of Blood Relation Questions in Logical Reasoning Section of Competitive Banking & Government Exams

  • Blood Relation syllabus for bank exams is purely application based and has direct use of concepts in real-life situations.
  • Blood Relation questions and answers bank exams hold a weightage of 3% -7% of total marks.
  • Blood Relation Quiz for bank exams can be tricky, and at the same time very scoring too.
  • Blood Relation topics in bank exams check the mental capabilities of a candidate to solve complex relations.

Most Recommended Books for Blood Relation Questions

  • The Blood Relation syllabus for bank exams is vast and can take a lot of time to prepare. However, there is a list of books that provide quality content and questions that help you to achieve success in bank exams. The following are the books that contain the best Blood Relation notes for bank exams: 

Book Name 



A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

R S Aggarwal

This book includes the best Blood Relation Quiz for bank exams. All the formulas are given on a single page for easy revision.

Test of Reasoning

Rajesh Verma

This book contains all the Blood Relation problems in bank exams. Solutions are provided after every question with an explanation. 

Examples of Some Practice Questions

Direction (1 – 2): Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it.
In a family of six members, Alex is the father of Dean. Julie is the mother of Tom. Tom is the uncle of Kerry. Wong is the daughter-in-law of Alex. The family has a daughter.

1. How is Kerry related to Julie?
A. Granddaughter
B. Sister
C. Sister-in-law
D. Daughter
E. Mother

2. How is Wong related to Dean?
A. Granddaughter
B. Wife
C. Sister-in-law
D. Daughter
E. Mother

Direction (3 – 5): Study the following information and answer the question given.
Six members of a family A, B, C, D, E, and F are enjoying themselves in a garden; B is the son of C but C is not the mother of B. A and C are a married couple. E is the brother of C. D is the daughter of A. F is the brother of B.

3. How many children does A have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. None of these

4. Who is the wife of E?
A. A
B. F
C. B
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these

5. Which of the following is a pair of females?

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What is Blood Relation in light of bank exams?

Blood Relations syllabus for bank exams contains different types of problems like solving jumbled relations, finding the last generation, and other issues that trigger the same conceptual approach. Blood Relation includes the genealogy of different generations of human beings that are crucial to understanding for solving family problems.

What are the Blood Relations tricks for bank exams?

The following are the Blood Relations tricks for bank exams: 

  • Try to figure out the initial generation first 
  • Draw the family tree in the beginning
  • Learn all the commonly used terminology for referring relations.

Where do I find good content for Blood Relation Quiz for bank exams? 

The internet has a lot of websites featuring the Blood Relation Quiz for bank exams, but only a few can correctly guide through. The best content for bank exams is available in BYJU'S Exam Prep that features verified and authentic content for bank exams.

How do we specify gender in the Blood Relations quiz for bank exams?

The gender specification in the Blood Relations quiz for bank exams will be visible once you understand the problem correctly. Gender is not important for the solution unless mentioned otherwise. Focus on the relationship between people given in the problem. 

Is blood relations an important topic in Verbal Reasoning?

Yes, blood relation is an important topic which comes in many competitive exams. It’s best to prepare this topic while attempting for competitive exams. 

Where can I find the questions of blood relations?

BYJU'S Exam Prep contains all blood relations questions asked in various competitive exams along with detailed answers, tips and tricks.