IBPS SO Books 2023 - Study Material for IBPS SO Prelims, Mains Exam

IBPS SO Books 2023 - Study Material for IBPS SO Prelims, Mains Exam

ByKanika Ralhan  |  Updated on: Dec 16, 2022
Check out the best books for the IBPS SO exam for Prelims and Mains for better preparation. Check the subject-wise IBPS SO books for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, GA, Computer, and English Language to ace the exam.

Finding the best IBPS SO books for preparation is probably one of the most crucial aspects of securing the job of dreams. When applying for the IBPS SO exam, the quality study material is of utmost importance, which is why experts have brought the widest range of IBPS SO books to choose from. 

The detailed list of IBPS SO books provided to candidates will give them the best guidance without worrying about anything. It is not always wise to blindly follow the plans followed by the previous toppers, as everybody has their own pace and retention power. Therefore, test these IBPS SO books according to your aptitude and strategize your plan accordingly.

IBPS SO Books 2023

Curating the most appropriate set of IBPS SO books is the first step toward preparing extensively for IBPS SO exams. The exams have different proficiency levels for IT, HR, Agriculture, Rajbhasha, Marketing and Law- this segregation only adds to the burden of finding the right IBPS SO books.

To help realize the dream of scoring great, we have concisely compiled a section-wise list of the best IBPS SO books, completed with the publishers’ names, authors, and other important information. These are many recommended books on the market, unanimously voted in by scholars and experts. Let's now discuss the best books for IBPS PO subjectwise.

IBPS SO Books for Quantitative Aptitude

IBPS SO books for quantitative aptitude play an important role in section preparation. Quantitative aptitude gets a mixed reaction from candidates as it tests their problem-solving skills and how quickly they can think. Though difficult, it is also a subject people can get a perfect score. If practiced well enough, it can be turned into an indomitable force that will be a strength. Fast track books/Previous years' question papers can be used to test and polish this. The list below is the compilation of the best IBPS SO books for quant:

IBPS SO Books for Quantitative AptitudeAuthorsPublication
Fast Track Objective ArithmeticRajesh VermaArihant Publications
The Magical Book on Quicker MathsM TyraBSC
Quantitative Aptitude Book-Wiley’s Publication
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination-Pearson

Best IBPS SO Books for Reasoning Ability

Numerous IBPS SO reasoning books are available, but few cover all the relevant topics. This segment has been designed to challenge a candidate’s mental agility, critical thinking, numeric understanding, etc. Some tricks and techniques become necessary to combat these questions to the best of your capabilities. Check out the list of the best IBPS SO books for reasoning:

IBPS SO Books for ReasoningAuthorsPublication
A New Approach to Reasoning: Verbal and Non-VerbalB.S Sijwali and Indu SijwaliArihant Publication
Verbal ReasoningRS AgarwalS.Chand
Analytical ReasoningMK PandeyBSC
Magical Book on PuzzlesK. KundanBSC

IBPS SO Books for English Language

IBPS SO Books for the English language play an important role in preparing grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and more. This is one of the trickier subjects to score in. Owing to the fact that English is a second language to the masses of India, this subject becomes herculean to tackle. The best way to approach the syllabus is by dividing it into three parts:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Starting off with the basics of grammar with good IBPS SO English books while simultaneously working to expand your vocabulary is probably the most efficient way to approach this task. If your command of the language is already at par, this section can be an advantage for you. Polish your theoretical knowledge of the language through extensive practice. Check out the compilation of IBPS SO books of English for the perfect score:

IBPS SO Books for the EnglishAuthorsPublication
English Grammar & Composition (Wren and Martin)PC WrenBlackie
Descriptive General EnglishS P Bakshi and Richa SharmaArihant Publications
Objective English for Competitive ExaminationsHari Mohan Prasad and Uma Rani SinhaMcgraw Hill

IBPS SO Books for General Awareness

IBPS SO GS Books is the best source for section preparation. This section tests an aspirant’s retention and awareness of the world around them. Considered one of the most tedious sections of most government exams, general awareness can be conquered with smart preparation. Owing to its vast and vague syllabus, it is best to stick to the ‘sure-shots’ like static GK, computer awareness, and current affairs of the last 3-4 months. Below are the best IBPS SO books for General Awareness:

IBPS SO Books for General AwarenessAuthorsPublication
Objective Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams-Arihant
Guide to Banking General AwarenessR GuptaR Gupta’s Publication
Static General Knowledge-Arihant Publications
The Pearson General Knowledge ManualEdgar ThorpePearson

Best IBPS SO Books for Mains Exam

The next phase is the IBPS SO Mains. Candidates need to check the IBPS SO books for the mains exam as they get very little time after the prelims exam to prepare. To be well-prepared for this round, one has to be thorough with the course material. The SO Mains have field-specific subjects related to the available posts in IT, Law, Agriculture, etc. Check out the best books for IBPS SO Mains Preparation to help your journey.

IBPS SO IT Officer Books

IBPS SO IT Officer BooksAuthorsPublications
Data Communications and NetworkingBehrouz. A ForouzanMcGraw Hill
A computer for Competitive Exams: Fundamentals of Computer with MCQs-RPH Editorial Board
Objective Computer KnowledgeR PillaiArihant Publication

IBPS SO Books For Law Officers

IBPS SO Law Officer BooksAuthorsPublication
IBPS Specialist Officer CWE LAW Officer Online Exam Practice WorkbookKiran PrakashanKiran’s

IBPS SO Books For HR Specialists

IBPS SO HR BooksAuthorsPublication
Bank HR Specialist bookKiran PrakashanKiran’s
Human Resource ManagementK AswathappaMcGraw Hill
CWE-IBPS Bank-HR Specialist/Personal Officer Complete BookPriyanka Prakashan-

IBPS SO Books For Agricultural Officer

IBPS SO Agriculture Officer BooksAuthorsPublication
Agriculture Field OfficerR.GuptaRPH Publication
Agriculture Field Officer IBPS IBPS – SO Agricultural Field Officer (Main) Exam-New Vishal’s Editorial Board
IBPS – SO Agricultural Field Officer (Main) ExamDr. Lalita GaurNew Vishal’s Editorial Board

IBPS SO Books For Marketing Officer

IBPS SO Books for Marketing OfficerAuthorsPublication
Principles of MarketingKavita SharmaTaxmann
CWE-IBPS Bank-Marketing Specialist Officer Exam: Complete BookPriyanka Prakashan-
Marketing Specialist Exam bookUpkar Prakashan-

IBPS SO Books For Rajbhasha Adhikari

IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari BooksAuthorsPublication
Hindi Vyakaran Aur RachnaUpkar Prakashan-
Rajbhasha/Hindi (Officers, Assistant, Managers) Recruitment Exam Guide (Popular Master Guide)-RPH Editorial Board
Rajbhasha Adhikari GuideR.GuptaRPH Editorial Board

Prepare with IBPS SO Books

To perform well in the exam, candidates must prepare with IBPS SO books. To perform well and improve their chances of success, they must adhere to certain techniques and advice. They must prepare their plans and act appropriately. The expert's advice for IBPS SO preparation are listed here:

  • Ample materials must be available to candidates, including practice sets, test series, mock exams, etc.
  • To avoid being sidetracked, students must have the most recent IBPS SO Syllabus and exam pattern.
  • To become familiar with the sorts of questions and different questions, they must practice with various test series and mock exams.
  • Aspirants should practice additional questions from prior years' IBPS SO Question Papers to become familiar with the test format.
  • While preparing for a test, set a timer to keep track of the allotted time.


  • IBPS SO books will be the most helpful for you. Study material and books are your best bet to study concisely for any exam- whether government or otherwise. Study material is often available on costly portals and is selective with its information as they are meant to be precise. Books are usually the best way to go during preparation. It is best to stick to the classics by well-established writers and not run after fancier and newer editions. Our section-wise list was compiled by the best in their fields and can be abundantly resourceful for all aspirants of the IBPS SO exams

  • IBPS SO Mains have field-specific exams for those applying for the posts of Specialist Officers. Law, IT, Agriculture, etc, are some of the fields in which posts are available. Some of the best IBPS SO books for IT Officer rank are

    • Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz. A Forouzan
    • A computer for Competitive Exams: Fundamentals of Computer with MCQs
    • Objective Computer Knowledge by R Pillai
  • IBPS SO is a difficult exam to crack but with good IBPS SO books, aspirants can clear the exam. Owing to the recent increase in aspirants, the competition has sky-rocketed, which makes the margin of error very thin. However, it is not impossible to crack. With meticulous and well-informed planning, the IBPS SO syllabus can be covered in 6 months of preparation. Be careful and realistic about your everyday goals, and divide your syllabus accordingly. Give enough time for revision, as it all comes down to what you remember and not what you have read.

  • Reasoning Ability is one of the more difficult sections to score well in as it requires the aspirants to know tricks and techniques to prove their effectiveness. The best IBPS SO books for Reasoning Ability are:

    • A New Approach to Reasoning: Verbal and Non-Verbal by B.S Sijwali and Indu Sijwali
    • Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal
    • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
    • Magical Book on Puzzles by K. Kundan
  • Choosing IBPS SO books for preparation is one of the first steps an aspirant takes, and it is also one of the most crucial steps in their journey. There are several options available for every subject covered in the exam. The abundance of choices can make this an unnecessarily overwhelming task which is why our experts have prepared the most ideal IBPS SO books.

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