IBPS PO Study Plan 2022 for Prelims: 60 Days Subject-Wise Plan

IBPS PO Study Plan 2022 for Prelims: 60 Days Subject-Wise Plan

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Aug 16, 2022
Check out the IBPS PO study plan for prelims and kickstart your preparations well for the exam. Get the 60 days study plan to be able to formulate an effective and efficient plan of action.

It is of prime essentiality for the candidates to have a well-structured and elucidated IBPS PO study plan to be able to move ahead in the recruitment process. The study plan has been structured by experts to assist the candidates in framing an optimal strategy for the exam and excel in it.

IBPS PO study plan has been structured by the experts keeping into consideration the crucial sections of the syllabus and the topics carrying maximum weightage. The blend of an optimal strategy, determination, and opt IBPS PO study plan will assist the candidates in bringing forth an effective strategy for the exam.

Check out the IBPS PO study plan 2022 for 60 days and get ideation of the exam. You can tweak it in accordance with your strengths and weaknesses. The subject-wise topics of the IBPS PO study plan will help you in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses.

IBPS PO Study Plan 2022

The IBPS PO study plan plays a crucial factor in determining the chances of the candidates achieving excellence. The 60 days study plan will help you in covering the vast syllabus well in advance and perform well in the IBPS PO 2022 exam to lead the way to success. 

The right IBPS PO study plan will assist you in catering to their weaknesses and strengths. Each subject requires a dedicated time span to grasp the core concepts and fundamentals. The experts have formulated an effective study plan to lead the candidates in a comprehensive preparation for the exam.

IBPS PO 60 Days Study Plan 2022

To clear any examination, you need to know about its pattern, difficulty level, IBPS PO syllabus, preparation strategy, and paper pattern of the IBPS PO previous year paper. Recklessly starting your preparation will end up in no result. Hence, to help you with this we have come up with a 60 days study plan for IBPS PO Exam 2022.

In this plan, we will cover the exam's preparation strategy and paper pattern. You have more than 60 days time to plan your preparation, execute it, and achieve your goal. Now is the ideal time to give a precise direction to your preparation. 

To keep your preparation aligned with the exam, here is a 60 days study plan for IBPS PO Exam 2022! We will start by describing the exam pattern in the table given below.

1. IBPS PO Prelim 2022 Exam Pattern:

There will be sectional timing in the Prelims phase of the exam. This change was introduced in the IBPS PO exam pattern in 2018. The prelims exam of IBPS PO will have the following pattern -

  • The marks secured in Phase I (Preliminary Exam) will not be counted for the purpose of final selection.
  • This is a qualifying round similar to the SBI PO prelims exam.

Name of Test

Number of Questions

Maximum Marks


English Language



20 Minutes



Quantitative Aptitude



20 Minutes

Reasoning Ability



20 Minutes




60 Minutes

2. IBPS PO Exam’s Previous Year Analysis

The analysis of the previous year's exams will help you a lot. Go through the previous year’s exam analysis of IBPS PO to understand what topics were actually asked in the exam, what was the weight that each of the topics carried, and what was their level & pattern.

3. IBPS PO Previous Year Cut Off

It is essential that you clearly know the IBPS PO previous year cutoff. The sectional and overall cutoffs will help you set a target for yourself. You should make this your benchmark and aim to score more than this mark in the exam so that you can comfortably get the final selection. The previous year's cutoff marks will basically define the minimum number of safe attempts.

Also, Attempt important quizzes for each section from the link given below:

4. Practice

Daily practice of the questions is a must. It will definitely give you an edge over others in the exam competition. This practice will simultaneously help you improve your speed as well as accuracy.

Make sure that you divide your time among all three sections properly. Decide on the amount of time that you will spend on each section throughout the day and aim to achieve that target. Ideally, you should follow the below-mentioned plan-

Quantitative Aptitude

2-3 hours (as per your convenience)

Reasoning Ability

2-3 hours (as per your convenience)

English Language

At least 1-2 hours (including Newspaper Reading)

Mock Test/Quizzes

At least 2 hours

IBPS PO Study Plan for Prelims

Given that only about two months left, we have framed out a 60 days study plan so that you can cover each topic of the syllabus in a proper way. Note the essential topics and subjects of the syllabus to be able to frame an efficient strategy for the exam.


Reasoning Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

English Language

1st week

  • Learn tables, square roots, and cube roots
  • Shortcuts to find square and cube root, Vedic maths tricks for faster calculation

2nd week


3rd week


4th week

  • Semantic analogy
  • Cubes and dice


  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Caselete DI
  • Interest chapter

5th week

  • Reading comprehension
  • Cloze test

6th week

  • Paper folding
  • Dice
  • Embedded figure
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Error spotting

7th week

  • Mirror image
  • Analogy
  • Space visualization
  • Revise grammar rules

Last Few Days

  • In the last 3 weeks, revise all those chapters you have completed before.
  • Start attempting mock tests on a daily basis.
  • Analysis of mock tests is very important. Analyze them very well to assess your weak and strong areas.
  • Also, give specific attention to your weak areas.

Study Notes For Quantitative Aptitude

The candidates must have an in-depth knowledge of the essential segments of the Quantitative Aptitude syllabus. Check the detailed list of the essential subjects of the Quantitative Aptitude and strengthen the core fundamentals.

How to Solve Number Series Questions

How to solve Data Interpretation Questions

How to solve Simplification Questions

How to solve Approximation Questions

How to solve Quadratic Equations


Performance Track Through Quizzes & Mock Tests

Keeping a track of your performance is crucial as it will help you understand the sequence in which you should attempt questions in the exam and eventually maximize your attempts.

  • It will also help you figure out the topics you are good at and the ones which need more effort from your end.
  • Make sure that you give proper emphasis on online mock tests during this period
  • Mock tests will help you identify your actual preparation status. They will also you with managing your time efficiently in the exam.
  • When you are attempting section-wise quizzes or questions from individual topics, try to use a timer and keep a track of the time that you are spending on the questions.

Expert Tips For IBPS PO 2022 Exam

The experts have brought forth an effective and efficient preparation strategy for the exam. The experts have laid the IBPS PO preparation tips to assist the candidates in formulating an effective and efficient strategy for the exam and getting complete details.

First, students should review the IBPS PO test syllabus and pattern. To guarantee the best preparation, it is best to go through each topic in the syllabus separately. For at least six hours each day, students should study for the IBPS PO exam.

Students should adhere to a study schedule and have a preparation approach in order to make the best use of the time they have available. Students must work quickly to answer as many questions as they can throughout the Bank exams. The simplest method to get around this is to increase your problem-solving speed by practicing as many questions as you can.

Current events are crucial for the General Awareness component of the IBPS PO Mains exam. By researching current events, you can quickly and simply answer 40 questions in the General Awareness portion. For the IBPS PO exam, students should at least review the past six month's worth of current events.

Students should review the cutoffs to determine what minimum score they must achieve to be selected for the IBPS PO exam. The Cutoffs also assist the students in assessing and improving their performance on the practice exams.

Rome was not built in a day!! Success is the sum total of efforts repeated day in and out.

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IBPS PO Study Plan FAQs

  • It is of prime essentiality for the candidates to follow an optimal and apt IBPS PO study plan to be able to move further in the recruitment process. The study plan will assist the candidates in catering to their strengths and weaknesses. The experts have facilitated the IBPS PO study plan for 60 days which will assist the candidates in framing an apt strategy for the exam.

  • You can restructure the IBPS PO study plan 2022 in accordance to the strengths and weaknesses. You can mark the segments of the syllabus that are essential and kickstart your preparation effectively. It is highly essential for the candidates to frame an efficient strategy for the exam.

  • You can frame an effective and efficient IBPS PO study plan to be able to move ahead in the selection process.You must take in consideration the strengths, weaknesses, and essential segments of the syllabus while bringing forth an efficient strategy.

  • It is highly essential for the candidates to be able to perform exceptionally well in the exam. The experts have facilitated the IBPS PO study plan for 60 days, you can effectively prepare well for the exam. The blend of effective preparation, determination, will assist you in preparing well for the IBPS PO exam and you can prepare for the exam in two months.

  • It is of prime importance for the candidates to prepare IBPS PO exam schedule for the exam and prepare effectively to assist them in their recruitment process. You must keep in consideration your strengths and weaknesses to be able to frame an efficient strategy for the exam.

  • This time is set aside solely to help you clarify your ideas. Examine the study guides for the various themes based on the most recent and previous test formats. Recognize the fundamental strategy for answering problems and use it while practicing.

  • This should involve preparing for mock tests and topic-specific questions. You will learn the particular themes well if you practice questions that are broken up into sections. Try tests in English language proficiency, reasoning ability, and quantitative aptitude frequently.

  • You will be able to gauge your progress and level of IBPS exam preparation with regular practice of mock exams. It is crucial to take mock exams because they allow you to evaluate your performance much more clearly. Additionally, it is made easier to analyze the subjects that require greater focus.

  • Go through all the fundamental grammatical principles. They will undoubtedly be useful for a variety of issues, including the Cloze test, Sentence Improvement, and Spotting Errors.

  • Improve your calculating speed by any means. To make your calculations better, you can use a variety of Vedic mathematics techniques. You need to practice questions from the Quantitative Aptitude section to enhance your chances of getting selected in the exam.

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