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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Process of Normalisation in IBPS Exams: In all IBPS Exams, normalization is an important aspect. All of the exams that the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection holds throughout the year are held in various shifts. As a result, there will always be some variation in the level of difficulty among the shifts. IBPS uses Normalization to deal with this type of fluctuation.

‘Normalization’ is a regular methodology used in most of today’s bank exams. So, in this blog, the normalization method applied in bank exams and how the marks in the IBPS exams are normalized will be explained.



The question now is, What is Normalisation? Below, we’ve tried to resolve the query.

What is ‘Normalisation’ and Why is it Done?

IBPS uses a procedure called
ormalization to evaluate candidates’ performance on the basis of similar exam parameters, particularly difficulty level.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection exams are frequently held in multiple shifts. Each slot has a different sectional and overall level, as well as different topics. In one slot, the questions may be easier, while in the other, questions may be more challenging.

As a result, IBPS normalizes the scores achieved by students in the different shifts of this exam for a fair appraisal of their exam results. The goal of normalization is to alter the difficulty level of the exam across multiple sessions.

Another crucial question that arises in this context is how it is done. Let’s have a look at it below.

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How is the Normalisation of Marks Done by IBPS?

The Equi-Percentile technique is used to normalize exam results. Let’s have a look at how it’s done.

  • First, the percentile rank of the students for each shift of the exam is calculated using the formula given below:
  • Following that, a cutoff percentile rank is determined based on the number of open positions.
  • Candidates are shortlisted for the next round of the recruiting process based on their cutoff score.

We will illustrate the above formula with the help of an example. 

Let us consider 2 shifts of the IBPS PO Prelims exam. 

For Shift 1, let’s say 5 students appeared for the exam. 

Student Name Marks obtained (Out of 50) The rank of the Candidate in the shift The percentile rank of the candidate (using the above formula)
A 49 1 100%
B 48 2 75%
C 47 3 50%
D 46 4 25%
E 45 5 0%

Now, for shift 2, let’s say 8 students appeared for the exam. 

Student Name Marks obtained (Out of 50) The rank of the Candidate in the shift The percentile rank of the candidate (using the above formula)
P 35 1 100%
Q 34 2 85.71%
R 32 3 71.42%
S 31 4 57.14%
T 29 5 42.86%
U 27 6 28.57%
V 25 7 14.28%
W 24 8 0%

Following that, the exam organizer establishes a cutoff score. Let’s say the cutoff is set at 43%. Students from all shifts will now qualify for the exam if they achieved 43 percent or higher on the percentile scale.
If we look at the above shifts, we can see that A, B, C, P, Q, R, and S will pass the exam, while D, E, T, U, V, and W will not.

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How Normalisation of Scores Helps?

  • Students frequently express concern that their exam slot was tougher than others.
  • The methodology explained above normalizes the candidates’ scores.
  • As a result, even if a particular shift is difficult in comparison to others, the applicants’ performance is fairly evaluated.

So don’t be concerned if your session was challenging but your peers received a simple paper. The results will eventually be adjusted. Just concentrate on your exam attempts!

The normalization methodology is also important for the following bank exams.


Name of the exam


SBI Clerk




IBPS Clerk






RBI Assistant


 RBI Grade-B




 Bihar State Cooperative Bank


 SBI Apprentice


 Bank Note Press Dewas






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