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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

ICRA Full Form: The ICRA stands for the Investment Information and Credit Report Agency. Banking agencies and institutions often use long names to represent their work, and it has become common for these institutions to use abbreviations for better recognition. Since using abbreviations has become common practice in the banking world, employers have begun to expect potential recruits and hopeful banking candidates to recognize and understand these short-forms. This knowledge can often have practical implications, as it may not only relate to the different banking institutions but also to other commonly used facets of the banking world, like laws and regulations, tools, ratios, rates, techniques, and instruments. 

If you are in an interview, and your prospective employer asks you, “What is the full form of ICRA?”, you should not only be ready with the answer but should also be familiar with some relevant facts of the ICRA to impress your interviewer. 

What does ICRA Stand for?

The ICRA stands for the Investment Information and Credit Report Agency. The agency currently goes under the name ICRA Ltd., but it was previously known as the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency Limited. As the number of banks and financial institutions grew, it became necessary for an independent, autonomous, and competent agency to publish investment information and credit reports, to bring on the much-needed transparency that was lacking in the financial sector. The ICRA was established in 1991.

Apart from learning the full form of ICRA, here are some important details that you might need to know about the ICRA. 

ICRA’s Services

ICRA offers the following services.

  • To provide advice and ideas to institutional and individual debtors or investors.
  • Improving lenders’ and borrowers’ ability to access financial markets and take advantage of large sums of money.
  • Regulatory agencies’ support in promoting financial market transparency.
  • To integrate tools designed for mediators to improve the effectiveness of fund-raising methods.

ICRA Quick Facts

ICRA’s quick facts are listed below.

  1. Full-form of ICRA – Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency.
  2. The ICRA reports on many Indian companies and includes their subsidiaries. 
  3. It is a public limited company and is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange 
    1. BSE – 532835
    2. NSE – ICRA
  4. It was established as a Joint Venture between the famous international credit report agency, Moody’s, and several Indian commercial banks and FinServ companies. Moody’s owns a majority stake at 51.86%. 
  5. The ratings issued by ICRA are often interpreted as a symbol of trust and refer to the credit risks associated with rated debt issues. 
  6. The credit ratings are issued on an INR denominated scale and should be understood as relative rankings of different credit instruments available within the country. 
  7. The ratings convey the relative possibility of debt default and the magnitude of the default risks.
  8. Apart from credit ratings, ICRA also issues corporate governance ratings, performance ratings, mutual funds gradings and ratings, construction companies ratings, and hospital ratings among others. 
  9. What started as an Indian company, ICRA has begun functions abroad as well, with subsidiaries in Nepal and Sri Lanka. They also had a subsidiary company in Indonesia, which was wound up in the year 2015. 
  10. The ICRA has also incorporated a subsidiary company named ICRA Analytics Ltd., which was formed from the merger of ICRA Online Limited (abbreviated as ICRON) and ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (iMacs) in 2019.

We hope this information was useful to you. Like the information on the full form of ICRA, you can learn other full forms from our articles. This would be extremely beneficial for a banking exam.

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