NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 2022: Important Tips to Prepare for NABARD Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 2022: Get to know the important tips to Prepare for NABARD Grade A 2022 exam. Here we are providing subject-wise tips and effective strategy for NABARD exam.
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NABARD Grade A preparation tips 2022 contains some tips and strategies to be followed while preparing for the upcoming NABARD Grade A mains exam. NABARD Grade A exam comprises two stages out of which the first one is prelims, it comprises computer-based objective questions while the second stage is known as mains. Below, we have shared some NABARD Grade A preparation tips and strategies to prepare for prelims and mains of the NABARD Grade A exam 2022. Also, check the subject-wise NABARD Grade A preparation strategy as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus for the upcoming mains exam on 29th October 2022.

How to Prepare for NABARD Grade A Exam?

NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 2022: The students appearing for the NABARD Grade A Exam must have tightened up their belts to grapple more marks in the NABARD Grade A exam. It is important to have a well-organized plan to prioritize the important topics to be covered so that no stone is left unturned.

No doubt, competition is going to break your bone with an increasing level of difficulty. Nowadays banking exams have set a benchmark for aspirants to perform beyond their abilities to excel in the targeted exam. Thus, here we have shared the dedicated and detailed strategy to prepare for NABARD Grade A 2022 Exam (Mains).

NABARD Grade A Mains 2022 Exam Pattern

Before we dive into the NABARD Grade A Exam preparation Strategy, let us understand what an aspirant needs to cover for the exam. The paper will consist of seven sections made up of 200 questions in all, which amount to 200 marks. The sections are mentioned below:

Section Name

Number of questions



Quantitative Aptitude


Computer Knowledge


General Awareness


English Language


Agriculture and Rural Development


Economic and Social Issues


The total duration of the examination is 2 hours (120 minutes). There is no sectional timing, thus the aspirants have to manage the cumulative 120 minutes to the best of their ability and optimize the chances of selection. Click here to check the detailed NABARD Grade A Exam Pattern.

It should be kept in mind that just finishing off the syllabus will be of no good, one must excel by adding to his efficiency, knowledge, capability, and accuracy. Aspirants should know that time before the exam is very information-intensive and energy-sapping.

With every passing day, students are in a dilemma of what to do and how to start their preparation? What should be the right approach towards preparing for the exam? Is there any strategy followed by a topper to clear the exam?

Students, PRACTICE is the only gap that makes a person either successful or unsuccessful. The first step is to keep your goal in front of your eyes and remind yourself why you have to do it. This will reroute all your attention towards your set target to be achieved.

NABARD Grade A Exam Preparation Strategy 2022

1. Get through the Exam pattern: Before starting your preparation, check the detailed exam pattern to get a fair idea about the marking scheme, the time allotted, name and number of sections, total questions, etc. This will help you to manage your preparation as required, to ace the exam.

2. Check Detailed Syllabus: After scanning through the exam pattern, prepare a list of all the important topics from each section, to be prepared, and make sure no important topic is left untouched. Once you have penned down the topics, you can prioritize what you have to cover first. Get here detailed NABARD Grade A Syllabus

3. Check Previous year paper: Banking exams are generally based on a set pattern, which is followed by the respective organizing authority. Before you start your preparation, check what type of questions have been asked in the previous examination, what level of difficulty you can expect in the coming time, and what could the expected questions be. NABARD Grade A previous years’ papers will help you to minimize the chances of wrong selection of the topics for the exam.

4. Check Previous years cut off: Getting through the NABARD Grade A previous years’ cut off will help you set a benchmark for yourself. You can get an idea of how much you have to push yourself to sail through the NABARD Grade A prelims exam.

5. Pick out the important topics: Once you have scanned through the previous years’ papers, you can decide on which topic to give importance to and what areas are still to be refined. Picking up the important topic for NABARD Grade A is the foremost thing one should do.

6. Make a plan: From the first day when you start preparing for your targeted job, make a plan and stick to it. This plan must contain all the things that you have to cover to clear all the required sections. No topic/chapter should be left, as this may cost you your dream job. ESI and ARD sections of the syllabus carry the most weightage so plan accordingly. 

7. Divide time equally for each section: As there are 7 sections in total, the syllabus is vast. It requires proper time management to prepare for each section. If you are good/bad at a section, you can accordingly divide your time giving importance to your weak section/sections. Do not neglect a single section/topic/chapter even if you are good at it.

8. Time Management: As only the Reasoning and Quant sections would consume most of your time, it is advisable to keep a check on the time spent on these sections. Your reading and knowledge would be tested in the rest of the sections.

9. Study material: Having the best study material equipped with quality questions as per the banking exam level is a blessing for the aspirants. Students can prefer the free mock being provided on BYJU’S Exam Prep apart from the study notes, free quizzes, etc.

10. Mock Test: The mock test helps a student in analyzing his/her performance deeply. It ensures one’s strengths and weaknesses by highlighting the mistakes. The main advantage of taking a NABARD mock test is, you can improvise on the silly mistakes that you have made in the previous examination or while taking mock tests previously.

11. Avoid distractions: Many students feel distracted during their study hours. They must avoid the things that distract them from their desired goal. Make sure you cut down on social activities to stay focused.

12. Know Prelim is the gate pass: Remember NABARD Grade A prelims is the entry pass to your NABARD Grade A Mains examination. Although the exam is qualifying in nature, you must crack it to secure your entry in the NABARD Grade A prelims exam.

Best Subject-wise Tips to Prepare for NABARD Grade A 2022 Exam

Here, you can check out the best section-wise preparation tips to crack the NABARD Grade A exam with a good score and achieve your desired goals.

1. Reasoning:

  • This section has 20 questions but still can interfere with your chances of clearing the examination. While the sectional cut-off for this section is very low, but the nick that it provides to those performing well in the section is enormous.
  • Going by the last year’s pattern, it can be said that the puzzles asked in this section will be lengthy but can be solved with a careful approach. The puzzles in the last year’s paper had 3-5 questions for each puzzle.
  • The other important topic which is most likely to appear in the examination is the questions of syllogism. The aspirants should be ready for both the conventional and the reverse syllogism questions.

Trick: To score better in this section, one needs to be smart in selecting the right questions. Going for a puzzle without completely judging its intricacy will waste your time. Try to judge the difficulty level of the puzzle before starting to solve it. Attempting 12-15 questions correctly within 15-18 minutes is the ideal strategy for this section.

2. Quantitative Aptitude:

  • There are 20 questions in this section. It is important for anyone planning to clear this paper to know the percentage-fraction conversion by heart. It would save much of the time during the paper.
  • Data Interpretation covers a major part of the exam.
  • The questions in this section are particularly easy and thus it is imperative for an aspirant to be focused while solving these.
  • Questions on approximation and simplification can be easily mastered.

Trick: It is best to prioritize well in this section. The aspirants need to pick easier topics like approximation and simplification on priority. The end goal here should be to attempt at least 15 questions, with nearly cent percent accuracy, within 20 minutes.

Check also: What should be the strategy to crack the NABARD Grade A cut-off?

3. Computer Knowledge:

  • The computer knowledge section is particularly difficult for people with a non-computer background. The 20 questions in this section are widely variable in terms of difficulty level and though are basic, cover and test multiple avenues of computer knowledge of the aspirant.
  • Trick: This section is a double-edged sword; if one has detailed computer knowledge, then it is possible to score very well here, but for those who have doubtful computer knowledge, it is important to stick to that basic of competitive examinations.

4. General Awareness:

  • This section has 20 questions and its composition basically is of major current developments around the topics of agriculture, social issues, and rural development. One is likely to find numerous questions based on government schemes. Some static questions like the most important obituaries, names, and locations of national parks, dams, etc. feature extensively in this section.
  • Some banking-related terms too can find a place in this section.

Trick: One needs to attempt the questions usually by using the elimination technique. Most of the questions are framed in a way that with some knowledge about the topic in question, one can eliminate the incorrect choices to find the correct response. Scoring 10-12 marks are the unsaid minimum requirement for clearing the paper.

5. English Language:

  • This section consists of 40 questions. Last year’s paper was of medium difficulty level and as the post here is more inclined towards the agriculture and rural development portion, thus last year’s trend in the English section is likely to continue.

Trick: Error spotting and fillers form a major part of the paper. English is one of the most scoring sections, in which students can get a good score with a proper strategy.

6. Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • ARD section is usually considered the trickiest of all the sections in the paper.
  • This section is objective in nature and thus the aspirants need to be receptive to the underlying tone of the questions in the paper.
  • Not making wild guesses while attempting is the golden rule, even in this context. An attempt of 25-30 questions in this section with good accuracy can be considered good.

7. Economic and Social Issues:

  • ESI section has some very obvious relationship with the general awareness and issues related to rural India. Any initiatives with the potential of affecting the social structure fall under the umbrella of this section and thus it is imperative to use the experience and knowledge gathered from studying the current affairs section will come in handy.
  • The attempt expectations for this section are the same as that of the ARD section.
  • The examination, while very prestigious does not has any out-of-the-world characteristic and if the aspirant moves smartly then there is hardly any possibility of them not reaching the goal.

So students, when you have so much to prepare up with a well-explained strategy to ace in the NABARD Grade A examination 2021, why wait too long. Start revising your syllabus so that you would not be barking the wrong trees at the time of the real exam.

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