ESIC MTS Exam Analysis 2022: Shift 1, 2, 3, & 4 (7 May) Paper Review, Expected Cut Off

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

ESIC MTS Exam Analysis 2022: The first shift of the ESIC MTS phase-1 Exam has completed, and applicants are now eager to learn the ESIC MTS prelims exam analysis 2022. The ESIC MTS difficulty level was Easy, according to applicants who appeared on 2nd May 2022, with the questions being achievable. Our experts have done the ESIC MTS exam analysis which has shared in this article.

The candidates can get the detailed analysis of Shift 1, Shift 2, Shift 3 as well as Shift 4 through this article.

ESIC MTS Prelims 2022 (7 May) Important Links – 

ESIC MTS Exam Analysis 2022: Key Highlights

Students studying for the second shift of the test might want to look over the ESIC MTS prelims shift 1 analysis 2022, shift-2, shift-3, & shift-4 to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked. It will give them a massive head start in this ongoing exam.

  • The overall ESIC MTS good attempts are 82-88.
  • The ESIC MTS difficulty level of Reasoning Ability in Shift 1 & shift 2 is Easy.
  • The ESIC MTS difficulty level of Quantitative Aptitude in Shift 1 & shift 2 is Easy.
  • The ESIC MTS difficulty level of English Language in Shift 1 & shift 2 is Easy.
  • The ESIC MTS difficulty level of General Awareness in Shift 1 & shift 2 is Easy to moderate.
  • The ESIC MTS

ESIC MTS Exam Analysis 2022 YouTube Session 

Connect with our eminent experts directly through the ESIC MTS prelims exam analysis 2022. The experts have interacted with candidates who have completed their ESIC MTS prelims on the 7th May 2022. Watch live YouTube session to learn more about the kind of questions & ESIC MTS difficulty level. 

Watch Live Youtube Session of ESIC MTS Prelims 2022 Shift 2 Analysis

ESIC MTS Exam Analysis 2022: Section-wise 

The section-wise ESIC MTS exam analysis has been discussed in the below tables where you can check all the data separately. Sectional ESIC MTS prelims Exam Analysis 2022 for English, GA, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude are addressed here. For all the shifts of the 7th May 2022 ESIC UDC Exam Analysis 2022 you must analyze it.

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Analysis 2022: Quantitative Aptitude

On the 7th May 2022, data interpretation questions were asked in the ESIC MTS prelims exam. This part had an easy difficulty level. Profit & loss, partnership, ages, mixtures, and other topics were among the random questions.

Topic Name

Topic Details (Shift 1)

Shift 2

Shift 3

Shift 4


  1 Question    


12 Questions (Easy) 14 Questions (Easy) 15 Questions  

Quadratic equation


Data Interpretation

Tabular (3 Events: A, B, C) Tabular 3 Questions (Easy) Tabular 5 Questions  

Quantity based


Arithmetic Questions

One liner based (ratio, coins, partnership, percent, average) P&L, Time & Distance, Interest, Average, Age (7 Questions) Time & Distance, Ratio 5 Questions  

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Analysis 2022: English Language

The ESIC MTS prelims exam’s English part was simple. The Reading Comprehension section had 6 questions, and the theme was a story about monkeys in shift-1. The pattern of spelling error was based on previous pattern.

Topic Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4
Reading Comprehension 6 Questions, Synonyms- Great (Wonderful) 6 Questions (Rick goes to London for earning)

Emperor china/elephant based was compared with buffallo 

  • rhino
  • blue water

6 Questions

Para Jumbles Story based on postman- 5 Questions   5 Questions  
Spelling Error 5 Questions Find the correct word (5 Questions)    
Sentence Correction 4 Questions Find the correct sentence 5 Questions    
Fillers 5 Questions    5 Questions  
Cloze Test   4 Questions (Story based) 4 Questions  
State the Singular Form   3 Questions (Species/Oxen/People)    
Synonyms   2 Questions (Purchase & Nervous)    
Word misspelt     5 Questions  

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Analysis 2022: General Intelligence & Reasoning

In this section, total 25 questions were asked, with an easy difficulty level. The topics covered and the amount of questions asked for each topic are listed below.

Name of the topic

Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4

Puzzles & Seating Arrangements

circular seating arrangement- facing inside (4 Questions)

Schedule based puzzle (Month based)- 5 Questions

Linear Seating Arrangement- 6 people – north facing – 5 Questions

Floor based puzzle- 6 People– 5 Questions

 Seating Arrangement- 6 People – 5  
Number Series 5 Questions (Easy)      
Blood relation Family Tree based (6 People)- 3 Questions (doable)      
Distance/Direction   3 Questions (very easy)    
Syllogism 4 Questions (Only a few, either/or, neither/nor) (Easy) 3 Questions (Only a few, neither/nor) 3 Questions  
Odd one Out 1 Question (letter based      
Forward-backward Pair Formation- 2 Questions      
Alphabet & Alphanumeric series   9 Questions     
Descending order     3 Questions  

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Analysis 2022: General Awareness (GA)

As mentioned by the candidates, the questions from General Awareness were of an Easy to Moderate level. Below are a couple of the questions from the ESIC MTS prelims exam shift 1.

Shift 1:

The maximum questions were asked from static awareness and then some of the questions were from current affairs.

  1. Tamil Nadu Nuclear Power Plant?
  2. Bhakhra Nangal Dam location?
  3. Tobacco Day
  4. Hirakund Dam
  5. 1st Nobel Prize- (Rabindranath Tagor in 1913 for Geetanjali)
  6. Iron Man of India (Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel)
  7. Tenure of President
  8. Supreme Court Location
  9. Pangong Lake
  10. Largest coal producer in the world
  11. ISRO Full form
  12. USA capital
  13. World bank headquarter
  14. Canada Prime Minister
  15. Sanchi Stup location
  16. Prakash Padukon- Badminton
  17. Sunil chettri football
  18. Abingyan Shakuntala- Kalidasa
  19. Romeo-Juliet

Shift 2:

In ESIC MTS prelims shift-2, major part was asked from static awareness. 

1. Which team was the winner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021?

Ans: Chennai Super Kings
2.    Neeraj Chopra was conferred with Padma Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) in which year?
Ans: 2020
3.    How many Union Territories are there in India with Legislative Assemblies?
Ans: 3 (Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, and Puducherry)
4.    What does ‘S’ stand for in ISRO?
Ans: Space
5.    Gandhi Jayanti is observed on __________
Ans: 2nd October
6.    Who is the current Education Minister of India?
Ans: Dharmendra Pradhan
7.    Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India for the first time in _____.
Ans: 2014
8.    Pratibha Patil first women ______ of India.
Ans: President
9.    Who is a badminton player?
Ans: Praksah Padukone
10. Brahamputra river flows in which region of India?
Ans: North East
11. Jim Corbett National Park is located in which state?
Ans: Uttarakhand
12. Battle of Plassey was fought in which year?
Ans: 1757
13. Champaran Satyagraha started in which state?
Ans: Bihar
14. Which is the largest public sector bank of India?
Ans: State Bank of India
15. Vaishno Devi temple is situated on which hill?
Ans: Trikuta Hills


  • Yamuna related
  • Bullar Lake
  • Sahara Dessert
  • Attorney General 
  • Dandiya dance
  • Nagaland Capital

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Good Attempts

According to the ESIC MTS test analysis 2022, the overall ESIC MTS difficulty level was Easy, and the exam was held on the 7th of May 2022 in shift-1. The section-by-section ESIC MTS Good Attempts and ESIC MTS difficulty level are listed below. Our respected professors gathered this information by speaking with candidates who took their exam during Shift-1.

Name of Section

Number of Good Attempts (Shift 1 & 2)

English Language 18-20
Reasoning Ability 21-22
Numerical Ability 22-24
General Awareness 20-22



ESIC MTS Prelims 2022 Expected Cutoff 

Experts have predicted a cutoff for the ESIC MTS Prelims 2022 exam. The following marks are based on a variety of factors.


ESIC MTS Prelims Expected Cutoff









This ESIC MTS prelims 2022 exam test analysis 2022 for Shift 1, shift-2, shift-3 & shift-4 have been split down into section-by-section review, good attempts, and difficulty level. In order to prepare efficiently and shine on exam day, aspirants who wish to take the ESIC MTS in the future must have a complete understanding of the test difficulty level.

How was your Exam, Share exam feedback and questions asked in the comment section below!

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