Strategy to Prepare English Language for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Strategy to Prepare English Language for ESIC 2022 Exam: The English language is one of the easiest scoring sections among all. However, it might be complex for some. Thus, to solve this problem we here have provided you with English preparation tips for ESIC 2022 exam.

Let’s have a look at the ESIC recruitment exam format first. A total of 25 questions will be asked from the English section comprising of 2 marks each for the UDC post. However, there will be 100 questions from the English section comprising 1 mark each under the Stenographer post.

Every candidate prepares in their own unique way. It’s fine for them to prepare according to their comprehension; however, if they can combine expert advice with a clear preparation method, the outcome might be very different. All candidates who are taking the exam can read this post on how to prepare English language for ESIC 2022 Exam and can also download ESIC important English questions pdf which will assist them you preparing for the exam.

Important Topics to Prepare English for ESIC UDC MTS Steno Exam

Candidates must first understand the topics covered in the exam, the number of questions, and other characteristics of this part before moving on to English preparation tactics. Those who are serious about being selected for the exam should familiarize themselves with the ESIC syllabus to study English.

Major Topics To Cover For Prelims & Mains: 

  • Paragraph Completion
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Meaning/Error Spotting
  • Para jumbles
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Verbal Ability
  • Paragraph Completion
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Error Spotting
  • Phrase Replacement or Word Replacement
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar

Cloze Test – 

Make sure you read each alternative word and attempt fitting it into the phrase to see if it makes sense to you this way, you may eliminate the portions you don’t believe are a suitable match for the sentences using the principle of elimination.

Reading Comprehension –

One of the most prevalent and crucial topics in the English portion of all competitive tests, including the ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno 2022 exam. Always begin by reading the questions and then skim the passage. You’ll be able to ‘pluck’ the answers out of the passage as you read it in this manner. If you’re good at it, start with the vocabulary questions.

Sentence Rearrangement – 

Read all of the sentences to obtain a sense of the passage’s substance or summary; look up the sentences separately and then consider how they fit together. Then try arranging them independently or one at a time; try to identify the passage’s first and last sentences, since this will help you form a mental image or notion of how the rest of the sentences should be.

Error Spotting –

Read the statement and see if it makes sense to you in most cases, an error will be clear, making it easy to identify. If not, browse through the possibilities and choose the one that appears to be the most sensible.

Phrase Replacement – 

You will be able to simply answer the question by eliminating the possibilities if you read the first sentence first. Make sure your preparation and grammar skills are up to par because recognizing a grammar issue is one of the quickest ways to rule out a choice.

Para Jumbles – 

This segment takes a long time to complete, and the questions are not easy to answer. Candidates must practice as much as possible to achieve good grades on this topic. There may be five-point questions in this area.

Grammar – 

Grammar questions might also be challenging. The following types of questions will be asked to candidates: sentence correction, finding the grammatically correct sentence, and locating the grammatically incorrect sentence. Candidates must understand and practice the important grammar themes to do well on this topic. They must be familiar with themes such as adjectives, nouns, and pronouns.

English Preparation Strategy for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam

Don’t Wait For The Right Time

Candidates must begin their preparation early to obtain all necessary study materials and create an appropriate study schedule for the duration of their preparation. Making a plan and reviewing it will help you be more productive. Candidates must divide the time required on each topic and subtopic evenly during the initial period of preparation. They should develop a priority list of the topics they will cover during the preparation period.

Start With The Topics You are Confident with

Begin with the topics on which the candidates are confident. These topics will be simple for them to cover and will take less time. Additionally, completing the courses ahead of schedule will give applicants the courage to study harder and practice more in the portions where they are weak.

Clear Your Basic Concepts

Candidates should have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the courses, particularly grammar, to perform better in the exam. Candidates should have a strong conceptual understanding of issues such as synonyms, antonyms, comprehension, jumbled words, and correct spellings, among others.

Stick to a Trustworthy Resource For Your Preparation

There is no doubt that there is a wealth of study material available both offline and online. Choosing the right guidance material becomes critical. Here are some pointers on how to choose study materials for the ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno English exams. All topics must be explained in a basic yet effective and detailed manner in the ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno study material. As a result, the individual will have a better chance of scoring well on the exam. There are a variety of different online and offline resources accessible.

Recommended Books For English Section

Candidates could purchase certain books to help them understand the ideas and prepare thoroughly for the ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno English Section. Candidates will benefit from books that will assist them to explain their ideas. As a result, applicants are encouraged to compile a list of the top books for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam English preparation. To prepare, they can look over various ESIC books listed below.

Book Name

Author Name

Objective English for Competitive Exams

Mcgraw Hill Education

Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
Descriptive General English S P Bakshi and Richa Sharma
English Grammar & Composition Wren and Martin
Objective General English R.S Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal

Make Short Notes Along With the Preparation

They would be able to save time during the revision period by preparing the brief notes for the ESIC English part. They can also study the concepts without having to review them before the exam. It is also recommended that candidates use the last 25 days of their ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno English preparation period for review. Revision is an important element of the preparation process. They must not, under any circumstances, overlook the revision process.

Work on Speed & Accuracy

Candidates will need to increase their practice time to enhance their speed in a short amount of time. Additionally, students can improve the quality of the questions they are practicing. Try to complete the questions within the time limit.

They must also master the fundamental concepts of specific topics to improve their speed. This will assist them in solving a problem in a more efficient and timely manner. Take ESIC UDC MTS Steno mock tests daily and evaluate the speed of each test that applicants have taken so far. To answer the problem fast, candidates must know the tips, tactics, and key formulas.

Previous Year Question Papers Are Saviour

Candidates must solve ESIC previous year’s question papers, take a mock exam, and practice sample papers. Solving previous year’s question papers/sample question papers is one of the most important ways to prepare for the ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 English Exam.

Revision is Mandate

Many students neglect the revision period, and as a result, they fail to qualify for the exam. Candidates will benefit from the revision because they will be able to cover all of the important topics in less time and with a piece of better knowledge.

15 Important English Questions PDF for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam


This was all about the Preparation Strategy for ESIC UDC MTS Steno English Section. To pass this level, you must make reading a regular habit, master the fundamentals of grammar, expand your vocabulary, and practice diverse sentence patterns. Last year’s paper had a medium difficulty level, and this year’s work is predicted to have a similar difficulty level. However, to get good marks, you must be prepared to confront difficult problems and put in a lot of preparation time.

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If you are aiming to crack the ESIC UDC exam, then join the Online Classroom Program where you will get:

Strategy to Prepare English Language for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam

If you are aiming to crack the ESIC MTS exam, then join the Online Classroom Program where you will get:

Strategy to Prepare English Language for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam

If you are aiming to crack the ESIC Steno exam, then join the Online Classroom Program where you will get:
Strategy to Prepare English Language for ESIC UDC MTS Steno 2022 Exam 


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