Tips for Preparing ARD, Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD Grade A Exam)

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

NABARD, one of the best organizations to work for, will soon publish a fantastic chance for all job seekers. The time has come for you to prepare to grab the opportunity with both hands. You will need to complete each phase with flying colors in order to accomplish that.

To attempt the descriptive type questions, it is crucial to learn the “dynamic agriculture” topics. You’ll be able to add depth and originality to your responses. You will receive good grades as a result.

Points To Remember For ARD

There are a few things that every applicant should be aware of or keep in mind during the ARD preparation process before discussing any ARD approach.

  • Still, nearly half of the ARD component is made up of the target portion. The description, however, adds further information.
  • ARD will end up being a scoring area.
  • Focus on fisheries, rural development, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal husbandry, and poultry in particular as you prepare for the descriptive portion.
  • For ARD, use an analytical viewpoint as opposed to concentrating on concrete data.
  • Try utilizing subheadings for the points you want to convey in the descriptive responses as you won’t be allowed to draw tables or diagrams.

What Should be the Strategy For ARD?

Consider topics like what is the influence of organic farming on the agriculture world in an analytical light. Such concerns require both a theoretical understanding and an analytical technique to be answered.

  • A conceptual foundation for increasing your aptitude for ARD.
  • Pay attention to ARD-based trends.
    current issues with RD, economy, agriculture, etc. You must also have answers for them.
  • Your individual judgment based on what you have learned would be important.
  • Instead of concentrating just on the numbers in the articles and reports you read, try to get facts from them.
  • Connect concepts to actual situations.

Tips for Preparing Agriculture and Rural Development

With NABARD Grade A exam approaching soon here are some expert tips to help you pace up your preparation.

  1. Most of the questions are asked from government schemes. Special attention towards the scheme launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Rural Development, and NABARD.
  2. Budget and Economic surveys are also equally important. An easy approach to remembering key points of the Budget and Survey is by making handy notes and continuous revision.
  3. Revision of current affairs related to agriculture and rural development from the month of Nov – April will be helpful, as one can assume more questions from current affairs.
  4. The static portion from agriculture is also important. In order to cover this, one can opt for a book and complete all the basic detail related to agriculture from there itself. (Suggestions: – Agriculture at a glance by R.K. Sharma/ Principles of Agronomy by Reddy/ Competitive book for agriculture by Nem Raj Sunda).
  5. Apart from reading and learning, it is also essential for an aspirant to assess his/her preparation from time to time by participating in Quiz or by giving a Mock test to know the true level of their preparation.
  6. Some questions can be asked from the Ministries report – Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Rural Development, NABARD, and State forest report are a few related topics.
  7. Kurukshetra magazine and Yojana can also be referred to as the purpose of ARD.

Topics To Study For ARD

Many aspirant candidates struggle to identify the crucial topics for ARD while studying the extensive NABARD Grade A exam syllabus. We’ve put together a list of crucial topics for you to review before the exam in order to help them out of their predicament.

Animal Husbandry: The importance of farm animals to the Indian economy, Indian animal husbandry practices, slang terminology for various livestock types, and Cattle breeds are classified for practical purposes. a description of popular feeds and fodders, along with their use.

Rural Development: Idea and significance for India Trends in and makeup of the rural population issues with rural labor, issues with handlooms, PRIs’ workings and functionalities, Rural Housing Programs, Swatch Bharat, MGNREGA, NRLM, Ajeevika, Rural Drinking Water Programs, PURA, Other Programs, Rural Credit System. Growth and Development, The roles and responsibilities of the RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, etc. 

Ecology: concept and nations, Mitigation vs. Adaptation climate change’s effects on farming and rural life COP meetings, IPCC, UNFCCC, and carbon credit. funding sources, GOI-NAPCC, SAPCC, and INDC initiatives.

Fisheries: Aquaculture, post-harvest technology, freshwater, brackish water, and marine fisheries are important in India.

Soil & Irrigation: Soil types, soil fertility, soil conservation, and management of watersheds.

Best Books For NABARD Grade A Agriculture & Rural Development

Well, the above-given tips will be helpful in making the strategy to prepare the section wisely. In the aftermath of this, the candidates must be looking to grab the best book out of the immense bookshelf (whether it’s an online book store or offline). We have sorted this by mentioning the best books for Agriculture & Rural Development for NABARD Grade A. 

Book Name Author/Publication
Fundamentals of Agriculture Arun Katyayan Vol 1 & 2
A Competitive book of Agriculture Nem Raj Sanda
Agriculture at a Glance R K Sharma
Rural Development By IGNOU or E-Gyankosh
Rural Development GPH Books

Kurukshetra and Yojana magazines

Yojana Kurukshetra

Note: Also study from Agriculture Today magazine, the press release from NABARD/Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development and Government schemes on rural development.

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