RBI Grade B 2023 Exam Important Descriptive Topics: Check here Important Topic list for RBI Grade B!

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

RBI Grade B 2023 Exam Important Descriptive Topics: RBI Grade B exam comprises an objective test and descriptive writing. One can not qualify for the exam without focusing on the descriptive part. Thus, Descriptive writing in RBI Grade B holds an important part. To help you prepare for the same, we are sharing some useful and important tips on RBI Grade B Descriptive writing.

Let’s check the list of important trending topics for the RBI Grade B 2023 exam. Also, we will discuss some important topics to prepare for the exam. Check expert tips on descriptive and prepare for your exam. These tips would not only help you in RBI Grade B 2023 but will be beneficial in cracking other exams as well.

Descriptive Pattern of RBI Grade B 2023

After the phase 1 exam, candidates will have to appear for the phase 2 paper where they have to attempt the descriptive test of 100 marks. Here the candidate has to type the essay and letter with the help of a keyboard within a time limit. The student will be given a few options to choose from.

Name of Test

Paper Type

Maximum Marks

Time Allotted

Paper I – Economic and Social Issues

•50% Objective Test

•50% Descriptive Test(Answers to be typed with the help of keyboard)



•30 mins

•90 mins

Paper-II – English (Writing Skills)

Descriptive Test(Answers to be typed with the help of keyboard)


90 mins

Paper III – Finance and Management

•50% Objective Test

•50% Descriptive Test(Answers to be typed with the help of keyboard)


•30 mins

•90 mins

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List of Important Topics for RBI Grade B 2023

You can read any standard newspaper on daily basis to be aware of the topics. Also, you can go through the RBI Grade B previous year question papers to know some of the frequently asked topics to prepare for descriptive. We have listed most of the important descriptive topics in this article. Here we have compiled a list of trending descriptive topics for the upcoming RBI Grade B 2023 exam. Kindly go through the list.

  • The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’s Role in Identifying and Targeting Nonperforming Assets
  • Can Financial Institutions be Protected by the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill?
  • Is the Indian government’s apprehension over cryptocurrencies justified?
  • When will India be able to cover the last mile of electrification?
  • Should the government have no business being in business? Agricultural Reforms & Farmers’
  • The usefulness of Blockchain Technology in maintaining records
  • Can Artificial Intelligence fight Cyberattacks?
  • Role of Bank Boards Bureau
  • Does the future belong to Neo-banks?
  • After phone and internet banking, is watch banking a new trend?
  • Is India ready for reverse migration?
  • Neobanking- Opportunities & Challenges in India
  • Are Banks staring at a spike in retail NPAs?
  • Is Language the Next Big Frontier in E-Learning
  • Internet Privacy: A necessity, not a luxury!
  • Is Underemployment a bigger issue than Unemployment?
  • Future Of Trading Of Cryptocurrency In India
  • Universal health coverage: The need of the hour in India?
  • Effect of fake news on social media
  • Startup Ecosystem in India
  • Cybersecurity and Banking
  • India and PISA 2022
  • Australian Bushfire – Climate Change
  • India’s exit from RCEP with ASEAN
  • Nobel Prize in Economics 2020
  • Impact of Flipkart takeover by Walmart
  • Delhi NCR Pollution: An Unsolved Problem
  • Government versus RBI Autonomy
  • The growing menace of Drug abuse in India
  • Automation drives new skill shifts towards ‘more human skills’
  • Keeping up with the data eruption
  • India’s economic slowdown – Causes and consequences
  • Employee engagement over employee experience
  • DIGITAL PAYMENTS – Issues and Opportunities in India
  • Trade protectionist policies and their impact on India
  • Relevance of BRICS in the changing global order
  • J&K Becoming a Union Territory
  • New Regulatory Regime for Technology Giants

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Tips to prepare for Descriptive Paper in RBI Grade B 2023-2024

Without a doubt, descriptive writing may make or break an exam. Anyone with a strong grasp of the writing portion of the English language can excel in this subject. However, we cannot deny that your thinking and writing abilities will be put to the test. You’ll also have to impress the examiner with your reasoning.

Your writing must be concise, sharp, and informative, as dictated by the word restriction. Consider the words you’re about to scribble. Make sure the words you’re using and the message you’re trying to express are clear. Don’t try to think beyond the box when writing. When using a tough word, be specific and selective.

How to prepare Descriptive Writing for RBI Grade B 2023?

Descriptive writing is all about how well you organize and communicate your thoughts about a specific topic. It takes both imagination and excellent writing skills. Both of these abilities are necessary because they will assist you to present a strong essay when combined. Only collecting your thoughts on a subject can benefit you if you are unable to effectively communicate them. Similarly, having superb writing skills is useless if you can’t come up with new and relevant ideas for the essay topic.

Daily Reading Habit:

  • Every day, read the newspaper, editorials, publications, and news.
  • Reading the newspaper will not only improve your general awareness, but it will also provide you with ideas for becoming more detailed and instructive.
  • Practice essay or precis writing in your own words. Set a word limit for yourself.
  • It is recommended to do this exercise online, that is, type on your computer rather than using a pen and paper.

Try writing at least one article daily:

  • Daily, choose at least one topic from the current news.
  • Within the time limit, try to write the news/topic in your own words.
  • After you’ve finished writing it, you might seek more essays on the topic you’ve picked to acquire more ideas.

Give Attention to the Following Things:

  • Before you start writing your essay, make sure you read the directions in the question as well as the word limit.
  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with. You should be well-versed in the subject matter of the essay you’re about to present.
  • At least 3-4 paragraphs should be included in your essay.
    (a) The first paragraph should be the introduction, in which you address the issue in general.
    (b) The essay’s body should be broken up into at least two paragraphs.
    (c) The conclusion should be the last paragraph.
  • Don’t use a lot of flowery jargon. Instead of embellishing, be precise and write to the point.

Always strive to stay within the word limit when writing. Do not go above the word limit for either the essay or the precis. This could result in exam bad marks. Improve your writing and reading skills so that you can provide your finest presentation.

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