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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The reasoning is the first section in the order of occurrence and carries a total of 20 marks in the NABARD Garde A Prelims exam 2022. Additionally, it is one of the trickiest sections of the test, necessitating a specialized approach to pass. In order to help you prepare for the NABARD Grade A Exam, we have developed scoring themes and advice.

It’s crucial to be aware of the relevant materials which you’ll need to start your exam preparation before you even begin.

If you’re answering any Reasoning Questions, you need to be a rapid logical thinker who can provide accurate answers in a short amount of time.

Take each issue one at a time, but don’t rely solely on them. Cover every subject on the syllabus if you are serious about passing NABARD Grade A.

Most Important Topics For NABARD Grade A 2022 Reasoning

The portion that requires the most work and devotion is reasoning, which is also the trickiest of all the sections. It carries a total of 20 marks out of a possible 200, according to the exam format. Since the prelims exam has 7 sections and a total of 2 hours of composite time, it is impossible for a candidate to complete all of the questions in that time. There should be a strategy in place so that you only attempt questions that you are familiar with. Knowing what to prepare is essential for students due to the restricted time and marking; in other words, knowing the scoring themes according to last year’s and current trends can help you breeze through this portion.


Reasoning Section-wise Tips To Score in NABARD Grade A 2022  

We will go over topic-by-topic advice for the reasoning portion. To get extra points in reasoning, it is also crucial to comprehend the same. Let’s examine each of the reasoning section’s themes one at a time.


The significance of the subject is growing with time. There are more inquiries from this area, and they are time-consuming and challenging. Don’t miss any clues while you analyze and compile all the statements. The only way to become an expert on this subject is to practice, practice, and practice some more. You must focus on this subject if you want to pass the bank tests. 

Seating Arrangement

There are many different seating models, including circular, linear, square, etc. These inquiries need a lot of time, are difficult, and are crucial. There is only one piece of advice for mastering the subject. The more you practice, the more you master this subject.


Complex expressions containing mathematical symbols make up the queries in mathematical inequality problems. You must ascertain how several factors are related to one another. Expressions that have been symbolically coded make up questions on coded inequality. Therefore, you must first decipher the symbols before discovering the conclusions.

Blood Relation

From this subject, we can anticipate two questions. Draw a family tree after attentively reading the question. It should be mentioned that the characters’ ages and relationships should not be mistaken. If you draw a perfect family tree, you can get points easily.


You can pick between the A, E, l, o rules technique and the conventional Venn Diagram method for solving syllogisms. Whichever system you choose to use, remember that scoring is crucial. Reading the questions is essential before attempting the syllogistic replies. Be specific with your comments and your presumptions.

Alphanumeric Series

Series questions are conceivably among the most fascinating subjects in reasoning. These inquiries are centered on finding a pattern in a certain series.

Order & Ranking

There are a few formulas for answering problems of this nature that involve ordering and ranking, and drawing diagrams can also be useful. These inquiries are used to ascertain a person’s rank or position in relation to the top, bottom, left, and right.

Distance & Directions

Of all the Reasoning questions, this one is among the simplest and highest scoring. The solution is not too far away if you can carefully study the statements, concentrating on one component at a time, and draw diagrams. The concepts of facing directions and directional coordinates should be evident to you. If you master the principle, you won’t ever miss a target.


Other minor issues like data sufficiency and others fall under the category of reasoning and may require consideration. Practice these subjects since they may help you earn one or two points. Any type of query can ask about data sufficiency. Questions involving data sufficiency are likely to require the most time to answer. Therefore, applicants will be able to achieve good grades with sufficient practice and by passing mock exams.

Download NABARD Grade A 2022 Reasoning Practice Questions

Expert Tips For NABARD Grade 2022 Reasoning Section

Try answering time-consuming puzzles like the 2-3 variable puzzle or the seating arrangement last. This is a crucial point to keep in mind because there are only 20 minutes given for the 35 questions in the reasoning section.


  • Start by asking questions about various subjects, such as syllogisms, alphanumeric series, direction & distance, and other subjects correspondingly.
  • Calculate how much time you will need to prepare based on how many questions you anticipate from each topic. You are headed in the wrong direction if you spend more time studying subjects that do not have exam questions.
  • If passing any tests is your goal, make sure you don’t skip any study sessions and stay on schedule. You must give up all distracting activities, such as using social media and stick to a strict schedule up until the exam. Keep a timetable for the day and follow the timings.
  • You should take both sectional and comprehensive mock exams while preparing, writing as many as you can. You should discover your weak areas while evaluating your performance and attempt to strengthen those areas.
  • Try to take at least two practice exams each day before the final 15 days. Additionally, you need to evaluate your performance after each practice exam.

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