Last Minute Tips to Prepare for NABARD Grade A Mains 2022 Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Last-Minute Tips for NABARD Grade A 2022 Mains Exam: The NABARD Grade A 2022 Phase 2 examination is scheduled for 29th October 2022. Only a few days are left to lace up our boots and prepare to compete.

We’ve shared the needed Last Minute Tips for NABARD Grade A 2022 Mains Exam to assist you to make the most of the time you have now in order to ace the exam on D-Day. If you want to pass the Mains and qualify for the Interview phase, read the article attentively and follow the last-minute tips for NABARD Grade A 2022 Main exam.

Only a few days are left until the NABARD Grade A mains 2022 exam. Though you may be concerned about last-minute revision due to the extensive syllabus for NABARD Grade A 2022 Mains Exam. Because there are only a few days until the Exam’s final countdown, we’ve put together a list of Last-Minute Tips for NABARD Grade A Exam 2022 that will help you put the finishing touches on your revision and better strategize the exam.

We shall approach the preparation of each section of the NABARD Grade A 2022 Main Exam individually for your convenience. Before we begin, let’s quickly review the two papers.

  1. Paper 1: Descriptive English
  2. Paper 2: Agriculture & Rural Development and Economic & Social Issues (Objective + Descriptive).

NABARD Grade A 2022 Mains Exam Last Minute Tips

Our experts have mentioned some must-know tips before the NABARD grade A exam. Kindly go through the below-mentioned pointers for important last-minute tips before the NABARD Grade A Mains exam 2022.

  1. Practice one comprehension task on daily basis.
  2. Be constant and read the newspaper and watch the news. You will be able to write better if you keep yourself well-read.
  3. Read and write one article on a current-events-related topic every day.
  4. Use S.P. Sharma’s Descriptive English as a guide.
  5. Avoid using fancy wording. Write in brief, basic sentences.
  6. As much as possible, write in the active voice.
  7. Every day, practice writing descriptive answers to a range of themes.
  8. Keep up with the latest news about ARD and ESI government programs and projects.
  9. Examine the notes you took during your study time.

The following resources should be read and reviewed.

  • ARD Reports & Schemes
  • Newspaper articles from Kurukshetra and Yojana

Attempt Daily Quizzes

Last Minute Tips to Prepare for NABARD Grade A Mains 2022 Exam

Expert Tips for NABARD Grade A 2022 Main Exam

Kindly go through some of the expert tips and advice on the NABARD Grade A Mains exam 2022 before going to take the exam on 29th October 2022.

1. Start From The Easy One

Another key time management method for the exam is to decide on the Order of Attempt ahead of time. You should attempt the questions that you can answer fast and simply. To begin, attempt questions that are simple to answer. Do not attempt to answer every question; instead, attempt to answer any question that you believe you can answer quickly and accurately. One of the most important factors to success on the NABARD Grade A 2022 Main Exam is effective time management.

The difficulty level of the various portions, as well as their weightage, should be used to determine the order. Also, attempt to alternate areas that are easy and difficult. It is beneficial to keep the stress away while giving the exam since you will begin with the easy one. 

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2. Don’t Study Late at Night Before The Exam

Do not study or practice the night before the exam or the day of the exam. Maintain a healthy and active mind to help you stay concentrated for the NABARD Grade A 2022 Main Exam. People undervalue the importance of having a clear, relaxed mind. You must also refrain from reading any new material. Instead of reading a new topic, it’s best to review what you already know and have had enough practice with. Prior to the exam, getting a good night’s sleep is critical since it helps to relax your thoughts and allows your brain to perform more efficiently.

3. A Thorough Revision 

It is not advisable to spend time preparing for new topics at the last minute since this can lead to mental confusion. Always go through the topics that you know a lot about again. Revision can be aided by self-made notes. The revision should cover the entire curriculum in a clear manner, including formulas and shortcuts.

4. Don’t Confuse Yourself With a New Topic

It is best to avoid studying new topics in the days leading up to the exam, as this may cause mental confusion. You risk forgetting essential points that may occur on the Exam if you do so. It’s usually a good idea to go over what you already know. 

5. Reach The Exam Centre On Time

Arrive at the facility well ahead of schedule to avoid anxious energy and stress. In a time-sensitive test, stress can impair your performance even more. If you are unfamiliar with the center, go there a few days before the exam to familiarise yourself. 

Visit the examination center one day ahead of time and calculate the time required to avoid a last-minute panic situation in the worst-case scenario. Students waste far too much time in the run-up to a test on things like cut-offs, over which no one has any control or reliable information.

Do’s & Don’t for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam 2022

Candidates going to appear for the NABARD Grade A Mains exam on 29 October 2022 are advised to go through the below crucial pointers before the exam.

  • Take NABARD Grade A mock test per day, as previously stated.
  • Go over the details in the NABARD Grade A information handout for Phase 2 in great detail.
  • Once for the last time go through the previous year’s NABARD Grade A cutoff and NABARD Grade A question paper.
  • On the BYJU’S Exam Prep YouTube channel, you can watch free study and revision videos.
  • Improve your typing abilities. You’ll need to be able to type swiftly as your ideas coalesce, or your mental process will be disrupted.
  • Always make a basic plan for your response before you start writing it.
  • Carefully choose the descriptive questions you wish to respond to. There will be many options available for you. Nevertheless, you must choose carefully.
  • All of your responses should be backed up with relevant facts and data.
  • Maintain your motivation throughout the process.

Now, this is the time to conquer the competition for which you have been preparing. In the end, you’ll be the one who has to put in the most effort. As a result, we strongly advise and encourage you to give it your all in these last days if you want to ace the exam and eventually land your dream job.

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Last Minute Tips to Prepare for NABARD Grade A Mains 2022 Exam

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