UPSC EPFO Salary 2023 – Pay Scale, Job Profile, Perks & Benefits

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Know the UPSC EPFO Salary 2023. Check here the UPSC EPFO salary slip, basic pay, salary structure, pay scale, allowances and perks, job profile, and promotions.
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The lucrative UPSC EPFO salary 2023 and the prestigious job profile fascinate a lot of candidates to grab the aspired post. It offers a handsome salary package, and the officers recruited in the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation are also entitled to numerous perks & benefits. The UPSC EPFO salary will encourage hopefuls to stay motivated to land a job with UPSC.

The UPSC provides employment security, respect, and a prestigious title. The apt knowledge about the UPSC EPFO salary not only caters to the doubts but also inclines the aspirants towards the job. UPSC also offers a plethora of growth opportunities and a shining career. Check here for details about the UPSC EPFO salary 2023, job profile, career growth, and more.

UPSC EPFO Salary 2023

UPSC EPFO Salary comes under General Central Service Group ‘B’, Non-Ministerial post. Here, we have discussed the UPSC EPFO salary of Enforcement Officers (EO), or Accounts Officer (AO). Candidates must know the UPSC EPFO In-hand salary, perks and allowances, scope of promotions, and job profile before applying for the recruitment process.

Many aspirants believe that the UPSC EFPO EO/AO are separate posts, but it is not so! These are not separate posts, as they are designated depending on the job responsibilities. An Accounts Officer generally reports to the department, whereas an Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing govt norms in the assigned area. Consequently, it can be said that AOs are appointed in the ‘Zonal office’, and the EOs are allotted to serve in a ‘Regional Office’.

UPSC EPFO Salary Structure

UPSC EPFO Officer is one of India’s most prestigious jobs in the public sector. Every year more than 1 lakh candidates compete for around 300 posts in a two-stage process. UPSC is very liberal in paying perks and allowances for even the smallest of expenses. UPSC EPFO salary is also great. A UPSC EPFO AO/EO is placed in the General Central Service Group ‘B’, Non-Ministerial category.

  • A UPSC EPFO salary is in the pay matrix level 8.
  • At the entry-level, he/she will receive ₹ 47600/- (pre-revised Pay Band 2 ₹ 9300-34800/-Grade Pay ₹ 4800/-
  • The total salary, Including TA, HRA & other allowances, will amount to ₹ 85,508.

The UPSC EPFO Salary structure is mentioned in the table below.





General Central Service Group ‘B’, Non-Ministerial post

Pay Matrix Level

Level 8

Pay Band


Pay Scale


Grade Pay

₹ 4800/-

Basic Pay

₹ 47,600


38% of basic pay amounting to Rs. 18,088


27% of basic pay amounting to Rs. 12,852

When DA exceeds 25%, then HRA is given at 27% of the Basic.





In hand Salary

₹ 85,508/-


Every year, the Employees Provident Fund Organization posts numerous job openings for Enforcement Officer/Accounts Officer and Assistant PF Commissioner, all of which come with excellent salaries and are located in the government’s central offices. The UPSC EPFO Pay Scale as per the promotional level is as follows:


Pay Band & Grade Pay (GP)

Pay Level

Enforcement Officer/Accounts Officer

PB-2; 9300-34800 plus GP 4800/

Level 8

Assistant PF Commissioner

PB-3; 15,600- 39,100 plus GP 5400/-

Level 10

Regional PF Commissioner-II

PB-3; 15,600- 39,100 plus GP 6600/

Level 11

Regional PF Commissioner-I

PB-3; 15,600- 39,100 plus GP 7600/

Level 12

Additional Central PF Commissioner- II

PB-4; 37,400- 67,000 plus GP 8700/

Level 13

UPSC EPFO Salary Allowances

In addition to the basic UPSC EPFO salary 2023, the AO (Account Officer) and EO (Enforcement Officer) are entitled to a number of other advantages and privileges. The various policies and guidelines of the various government branches where the applicants are stationed will affect how these allowances are paid. The various perks and allowances provided to an employee are as follows.

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Loan Facility
  • PF or Provident fund
  • Gratuity
  • Transport Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Conveyance Maintains
  • Mobile bill
  • Insurance Allowance
  • New paper allowance

UPSC EPFO Career Growth and Promotion

The scope of promotions in UPSC EPFO is immense. Once you have completed 4 years of service in the Level 8 pay matrix, your EPFO salary is automatically upgraded to Level 9 of the pay matrix. The promotional hierarchy of UPSC EPFO has been provided below:

Enforcement/Accounts Officer >> Assistant PF Commissioner>> Regional PF Commissioner-II >> Regional PF Commissioner-I >> Additional Central PF Commissioner >> Additional Central PF Commissioner (HQ)

Now that we know the UPSC EPFO salary as per the promotional hierarchy level let us give you an insight into the tentative time limit for an EPFO officer. The time limit for the promotion is not fixed as various factors such as vacancy requirement is also taken into consideration.


Years of Service

Assistant PF Commissioner

7 Years (In proposed Recruitment rules for APFC, it is 5 years)

Regional PF Commissioner-II

5 Years

Regional PF Commissioner-I

5 Years

Additional Central PF Commissioner

6 Years

Additional Central PF Commissioner(HQ)

4 Years

Central PF Commissioner

Appointment is made on the recommendation of the Appointments Committee of Cabinet

UPSC EPFO Job Profile

UPSC EPFO job profile completely depends on the vacancies in the organization. Also, it will depend on the recruiter for what he thinks will suit you the most. Once you are appointed as EPFO, you will have to carry out the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Conduction of inquiries of account and settlement of claims.
  • To enforce orders of the provisions and schemes under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
  • Educate about the prescribed forms
  • Attend prosecution cases if any.
  • Conduct surveys according to the requirement
  • Address grievances of employees and report those cases.
  • To look after the general administrative work of enforcement, recovery, accounts, administration cash, legal pension, and computer sections.
  • Conduction of regular inquiries of accounts and claim settlements.
  • Maintain cash book, bank statement verification, MIS returns etc.
  • Summon or issue warrants on the defaulting employer.

What are the powers given under Section 13 of the EPFO Act, 1952?

  • Under this section, the EO is empowered as an inspector for search and cease.
  • He/she entitled to carry out inspections and in case of default or deviance is, the authority to recommend 7A quasi-judicial proceeding Act as a prosecution officer (in case of non-compliance) and as an Assistant Prosecution Officer in civil courts. Also, as an Assistant recovery officer in a matter of recovery.
  • EPFO can create a temporary jail for non-compliant persons, mostly referred to in local prisons. MNCs, PSUs, as well as exempted firms in an area are covered under the EO.

Note: From 2014, a new inspection policy was imposed. Under this central labour, ministry has created a “Shram Suvidha” portal. Under this, all the EO in pan-India, have been granted a separate unique id by the Ministry. On this portal, the Central Intelligence Unit (CIU) allows the officers’ public grievances and records is maintained for the address.

In this manner, the portal ensures transparency. Whatever is assigned, it is through the centre only. However, the powers to the EO are granted by the state government and notified by them. For example, in 2019, the UP govt had notified EO as an Inspector. Sometimes, they are given duties as “Sector Magistrates” during elections.

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