Top 25 MCQ Questions on Soil for NABARD Grade A Exam 2022, Download PDF Now!

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Agriculture and Rural Development is a significant part of the NABARD Grade A 2022 Exam, and questions from the ‘Soil’ section appear often in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 examinations.

For better exam preparation, we’ve included a free PDF of the most significant soil questions for the NABARD Grade A Exam. We’ve also included a full solution to these important soil questions, which will help you prepare and revise for the NABARD Grade A Exam.

To provide you with an insight into the topic Soil, some important questions on the Soil for NABARD Grade A Exam 2022 are provided below. You can also download the PDF of the NABARD Grade A PDF from the link provided at the end. 

What is Soil?

Soil is the loose material or upper layer of the mantle rock (regolith- a layer of loose heterogeneous material overlaying solid rock that can sustain plant growth and is made up primarily of very minute particles and humus.

Types of Soil

1. Alluvial soil

2. Black/Regur soil

3. Red soil

4. Laterite soil

5. Arid/ Desert soil

Importance of Soil Questions in NABARD Grade A 2022 Exam

Soil is an important chapter of the NABARD Grade A syllabus. Before appearing for the exam, you must have proper clarity on all the aspects of the Soil chapter of the NABARD Grade A syllabus 2022.

  • NABARD Grade A has 40 marks allocated for agriculture and rural development.
  • So you can expect a good number of questions from this section.
  • With proper study notes and practice, you can easily score good marks in this section.

Some Questions of the NABARD Grade A PDF

9. The drainable porosity of soil is an important parameter for designing
A. Surface drainage system
B. Surface irrigation system
C. Drip irrigation system
D. Sub-surface drainage system
E. All of the above
Ans. D
The drainable porosity is one of the most important parameters for sub-surface drainage design. At present time in most drainage formulas, the specific yield is taken to be a constant value. As the existing concepts of specific yield differ greatly, the methods for estimating this parameter also vary.

10. Permeability is a measure of
A. Available soil moisture
B. Porosity
C. Water holding and transmitting
D. Ability to transmit water
E. None of these
Ans. D
Soil permeability is the property of the soil to transmit water and air and is one of the most important qualities.

11. A soil is characterized as Group C soil if it has: –
A. Very low infiltration rate
B. Low infiltration rate
C. Moderate infiltration rate
D. High infiltration rate
E. None of these
Ans. B
Soils are classified by the Natural Resource Conservation Service into four Hydrologic Soil Groups based on the soil’s runoff potential. The four Hydrologic Soils Groups are A, B, C, and D. Where A’s
generally have the smallest runoff potential and Ds the greatest.

Download Important Questions on Soil PDF for NABARD Grade A Exam

Kindly go through the following link to download the most important questions on soil PDF for NABARD Grade A Exam

Top Questions of ‘Soil’ for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2022, Download PDF Now!

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