NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022, Download Sample PDF

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022: On the official website, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development offers specific job announcements for Assistant Managers in Grade “A” positions. The application process began on 18th July 2022, and it will continue until 7th August 2022.

Before applying, qualified candidates should review the information on the NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration form offered below. Candidates must write their own NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022 in order to avoid having their applications withdrawn.

The NABARD Grade A Declaration 2022 sample format, size, and dimensions of the scanned picture, among other details, are included below.

NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022

The online application window for NABARD Grade A is currently open. The NABARD Grade A 2022 application period is open to all qualified individuals through 7th August 2022.

While completing the online application form, NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022 is a crucial step that many applicants find to be rather perplexing.

Candidates must make sure they are not filling out the handwritten declaration in capital letters before continuing with the sample format. The candidate’s candidacy may be revoked if it is discovered that the handwritten declaration was authored by someone else.

NABARD Grade A 2022 Handwritten Declaration Sample Format

Candidates must handwrite their NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration 2022 and scan the image if they intend to apply for NABARD Grade A in 2022. Below is a sample format for a handwritten declaration that candidates must fill out in their own handwriting and submit online in JPG or JPEG format.

The text for the handwritten declaration is as follows –“I (Name of the candidate), hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, true, and valid. I will present the supporting documents as and when required.”

NABARD Grade A 2022 Handwritten Declaration Size

Candidates can review the requirements for the documents that must be filed in the NABARD Grade A online application form 2022 in the table that is provided below.

\Points To Remember For NABARD Gr A Handwritten Declaration

Writing the NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration requires using a black ink pen on white paper.

  • The NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration must be signed by candidates applying for Grade A in their own handwriting.
  • The application will be deemed invalid if it was created, submitted, and written by someone else or in a different language.
  • Visually impaired candidates who are unable to write may have their declaration typed, their left-hand thumb impression placed beneath the declaration, and then submit the document in accordance with the requirements.

How to Upload Handwritten Declaration?

The steps for uploading a NABARD Grade A Handwritten Declaration for 2022 are listed below.

  • Candidates should use the separate link provided for handwritten declaration when completing the online application.
  • You should click the Upload Handwritten declaration button.
  • On your smartphone, choose the handwritten declaration image you saved.
  • Next, select Open/Upload.
  • An error message will appear if the file size and format are not correct.
  • Verify the image’s quality by looking at the preview.
  • The candidate should upload a clear image if the image is not clear.

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