What to do after Completing B.E/ B.Tech in Electronics Engineering?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : September 7th, 2021

It is very difficult to decide about the future about what would happen with your career but it’s not difficult to plan it. There is a vast ocean of opportunities after B.Tech but one should choose a direction based upon the abilities he/she have. One question which arises a thousand times and keeps knocking our head is “What to do after B.Tech” or “What are the opportunities after B.Tech”.

It is very difficult to decide about the future about what would happen with your career but it’s not difficult to plan it. There is a vast ocean of opportunities after B.Tech but one should choose a direction based upon the abilities he/she have. One question which arises a thousand times and keeps knocking our head is “What to do after B.Tech” or “What are the opportunities after B.Tech”.

Every human being is evolved with some kind of talent but few of them are able to recognize it and utilize that talent to excel in the opted field. Some people think to go for a job, some of them have an idea to start their own venture, the vast majority thinks of pursuing higher degrees and very few people go for nourishing their extracurricular activities.  

One should always follow his heart and be very focused while choosing an area of opportunities after B.Tech, so here in this article, BYJU's Exam Prep guides you to swim through the lake of doubts and help you to choose opportunities matched with your skill.

We have divided the different regions of interest such that it becomes easy to identify and clutch up to his or her field.

1. Paddle up your career with Higher Education

  • If you have studied your graduation with passion and want to take your knowledge to the next level then this option would be suitable for you. There are various higher education courses after B.Tech that you choose based upon your interest. Some of them are listed below:
    • Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering: If you have a thorough knowledge of your subjects, are interested in research areas or want to go in teaching profession then you can opt for the option for M.Tech or PhD as some universities offer direct PhD after B.Tech based upon your good level of research done in graduation. For this, you have to prepare well for the entrance exam. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam conducted at the national level giving you the chance to enter into some premier like IITs, IISCs and NITs. Apart from GATE candidates can also opt for the M.Tech exam in various other institutes. You can choose one of the following PG programmes offered at various institutes : 
      • M.Tech (TA) - This course is for 2 years which includes one year of course work and the remaining one year of project work. Teaching assistantship (TA) candidates get the stipend of ₹ 12,400 p/m for the entire duration of M.Tech. Some of the TA candidates may be allotted the work (LAB/ Tutorials) by the department.
      • M.Tech (RA)/M.S. (research) - this course is about three years in which one year is related to course work and the remaining time is devoted to research. Research candidates are expected to publish their research work in journals or conferences.
      • M.Tech+PhD (dual degree) - this is an integrated programme in which the candidates are awarded both M.tech & PhD degrees. this dual degree course duration is about a minimum of 5 years.
      • Direct PhD - It is purely a research programme and the duration is about 6 years after B.tech.
  • MBA: How to manage things would be best known by an Engineer. If so then this option is just available for you where you can justify your managerial thoughts of changing the world by working in good MNCs. There are many fields in MBA like HR, Sales, Marketing and new areas based upon our PM Modi’s thoughts as Digital Marketing and International humanities. CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the gateways to lay your journey to IIMs. Other than this there are some more entrance exams like SNAP, GMAT, NMAT, XAT etc.

2. Fly abroad

  • Some people are born to fly with their dreams. If you are good at your communication skills and have the essence of foreign languages then you can opt for this option.
  • There are many options available for abroad like looking for job opportunities or pursuing your research with options such as M.S and integrated M.S & PhD programmes. 
  • You can appear for the international entrance exams for abroad studies which include the SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, LSAT etc. Irrespective of this there are some fellowship programmes which is another good option.

3. Services to Nation

  • Once in a while you must have admired becoming an IAS or PCs officer but dropped your plan by thinking that crack-related exams are difficult.
  • You can always go for this option just you have to believe yourself. If you are good at your technical concepts then you can also choose for IES option.

4. True Patriotic Follower

  • If you are born patriotic and patriotism flow in your veins you can choose this option as nowadays defence opportunities can be a good professional option with a reputed career for serving the nation.
  • With high perks, you would be able to live a decent and disciplined life. Army/Air force/Navy all have a wide-open gate for technical recruitments through entrance exams such as AFCAT( Air Force Common Admission Test) and UES( University Entry Scheme).

5. Opting for short term courses

  • If you want to nourish your practical knowledge then you can always go for this option by pursuing some short term courses like certification in Embedded systems, robotics, Auto Cad, Solid works, JAVA, Dot Net, MATLAB, VLSI and diploma courses to fly your career to core companies.

6. Polishing the artist inside you

  • Few people are good at their passion but won’t be able to find the right guidance to boost their passion for the profession. We should always follow our heart without thinking about what people would say or what people would think about you.
  • These are some activities which you have always taken side by side with your studies but due to your passion not able to drop them.
  • If your whole body rejuvenates upon listening to music and is good at mesmerizing people with your performance then you should go for Dance.
  • If you are good at fascinating people with your voice then you should go for singing. If your words have deep thought to make understand people whole life then you should opt a career of a writer. At last, whatever you choose you would never regret in life because you opted for the option you loved.

7. Being the revolutionist

  • If you are always at the edge for fighting for others and have a helping nature then you can always go for this option by working in NGO’s, be a lawyer and fight for the rights or journalism to place truth always on top.

8. Leader of your own venture

  • If you always dreamed to be a leader instead of a slave then this option would be right for you. Entrepreneurship comes with the thought of leading people to your dynamic ideas and with the dream of making your ideas come true with your courage.
  • You can always start your own business based on your thoughts. There may be ups and downs but you should always be determined for achieving goals.

9. Grab the platform of College Placements

  • Four years of rigorous study is too much to handle for some aspirants. This option would be best to move your career with campus placements and look for similar job opportunities.

Note: Whatever field you choose and whatever may be your destiny, before directing towards your goal, few things you should always remember are:

  • It’s easy to climb a heap of your defined goal but it’s very difficult to maintain the roads of success.
  • It’s a good soul inside you who wins each and every problem you face rather than your fame.
  • Success is not a word, it’s a process.

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