How can we Conserve Soil?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : June 30th, 2022

Soil conservation is done to stop the loss of the soil's topmost layer due to erosion or stop the soil from becoming less fertile due to overuse, acidification, salinization, or other chemical pollution. Some less developed regions still use slash-and-burn farming and other unsustainable techniques. Deforestation commonly affects large-scale erosion, loss of soil nutrients, and even complete desertification. 

Crop rotation, Cover crops, Conservation tillage, and Installed windbreaks are methods for better soil conservation that impact erosion and fertility. Farmers are particularly concerned with soil conservation since it is essential to utilize land productively, generate high yields, and be able to do so in the future. Using integrated weed and pest management approaches, various soil conservation strategies help reduce erosion, maintain fertility, prevent deterioration, and reduce natural pollution from chemicals. Soil conservation techniques significantly contribute to the environment's and resources' sustainability.

Soil Conservation Methods:

Following is a list of some typical soil conservation techniques:

  • Afforestation
  • Monitoring overgrazing
  • Constructing Dams
  • Altering Agricultural Methods
  • Cropping in strips
  • Crop Rotation
  • Utilization of Early Mature Varieties
  • Using a contour plow.
  • Contour bunding and terracing
  • Using the Proper Direction to Plow the Land


How can we Conserve Soil?

Preventing soil loss due to erosion or declining fertility due to acidification, overuse, salinization, or other chemical soil pollution is known as soil conservation. Each type of soil has its unique characteristics, and there are many different types of soil. Agriculture, mining, and many other industries may benefit greatly from the soil. As a result, soil conservation is important. Afforestation, crop rotation, and contour plowing are the three key techniques for soil conservation. 

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How can we Conserve Soil FAQ's

  • It improves soil productivity and quality while also promoting erosion-reduction techniques. It encourages water infiltration and expands water storage. As the ground serves as a natural filter to cleanse water, the importance of soil protection is related to the water supply. gives animals food and shelter. For animals, land with growing flora provides a living habitat that serves as both their home and a source of food.

  • The Three Measures Used for Soil Conservation are

    • Terrace cropping: Restrict erosion by cultivating steps or terraces on hills. 
    • Strip cropping: This method allows you to partition wide fields into strips. 
    • Planting shelterbelts: By stabilizing the sand dunes, these shelterbelts are beneficial.

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