GATE Score Validity for Admission in IITs, NITs, and PSU Recruitment

By Mona Kumari|Updated : July 12th, 2022

GATE score validity is one of the important concerns for the candidates who have successfully cleared the GATE exam. The validity of a GATE score is related to the number of marks scored and the time after the result depending upon the requirement of the organisation requesting for valid GATE score. Such as the GATE score validity for admission in Post-graduate courses is 3 years whereas the validity of the score for recruitment in PSUs is 1 year. 

GATE score card validity depends on the cutoff of the year it is being considered for. Here, we will explore all the validity of GATE score cards for various purposes such as admission to IITs and NITs, PSU recruitment, Govt. jobs, etc in detail. 


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What is a Valid GATE Score?

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is held every year and after the result, students based on their performance in the exam get a normalised score. The exam score of the candidates who will clear the GATE Cutoff will be considered a valid GATE score. GATE score is one of the prerequisites for the enrollment process in various organisations. Only a valid GATE score is considered whenever any IIT/NIT/PSU releases a notification for admission or recruitment.

What is the Meaning of GATE Score Validity?

Some essential points regarding the GATE score validity are:

  • If a candidate got marks equal to or more than the qualifying marks then he/she has a valid GATE score.
  • Qualifying mark is set on the basis of the highest score achieved and the number of candidates appearing in the GATE exam, in different branches.
  • If the qualifying marks for the applied year are more than the candidate's score(of the previous year(s)) then the score of the candidate will not be considered a valid GATE score.

Time Validity of GATE Score

The time validity of the GATE score varies according to the purpose candidates are applying for. Aspirants can give as many attempts in this exam, there is no restriction. Therefore, the aspirants can appear in the exam again and again to improve their marks. If a candidate has more than one valid GATE scorecard, then he/she can use any of the scorecards to get admission to the interested institution.

  • M.Tech Admission - 3 years.
    The Validity of the GATE scorecard is 3 years which starts from the year in which the scorecard is released. So, the candidates' qualified GATE 2022 will be able to take admission in the next three years for M.Tech in IITs, NITs or other institutions. 
  • PSUs Recruitment: 1 year
    However, for PSU recruitment, the validity is only one year. So, the candidates who qualified for GATE 2022 will be eligible for PSU recruitment for that particular year only.

GATE Score Validity For IITs Admission

For admission to IITs, the GATE score is valid for three years. Candidates who want to get admission to IITs have to register to the COAP in order to be considered for the counselling process. The candidates with AIR less than 200 are eligible for direct admission to the IISc and IITs. The cut-off varies for all IITs, the older IITs have higher cutoffs as compared to new IITs So, to grab seats in these prestigious institutions, having a good and valid GATE score is essential.

The candidates with AIR more than 250, have chances to get a call from these IITs depending upon the discipline and availability of seats. The cutoff marks for each IIT will vary depending upon the number of seats and course candidates are applying for. 

GATE Score Validity For NITs Admission

For admission to NITs also, the GATE score is valid for three years. Admission to these institutes is conducted through CCMT, organised by NIT every year. CCMT releases the cutoff based on discipline and seat intake. Normally the cut-off varies from 300 to 900 for popular disciplines.

Consideration of a valid GATE score for admission varies again based on the institute taking part in the counselling process, the number of candidates applying and a number of seats in that institute. 

GATE Score Validity For PSUs Recruitment

The validity of the GATE score varies from PSU to PSU as per the discipline, vacancies, and category. Officials use the GATE score to match the eligibility standards for the process of recruitment of PSUs. Some PSUs consider the current year's GATE scorecard whereas some PSUs consider previous years' GATE scorecard. So for the maximum cases, the validity of the GATE score for PSUs recruitment is one year.

Mostly the AIR under 150 students get eligible for PSUs, cause the cut-offs for PSUs are high. Therefore candidates are advised to prepare effectively to secure a good rank(under 100) in the GATE exam in order to get recruited into PSUs.

GATE Score Validity for Govt. Jobs

Generally, for govt jobs, one to three years from the date of issuance of the GATE score is considered valid. Many govt organisations consider GATE scores as the eligibility criteria for the recruitment process and consider valid GATE scores accordingly. 

In order to get recruited into the Govt. jobs, candidates are required to present a valid GATE scorecard at the time of registration or screening process. 

GATE Score Validity for NITIE

For the students looking to get enrolled themselves in NITIE, the GATE score is considered valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. For example, students who have valid GATE results in 2022, can use it up to 2024 to get themselves enrolled in NITIE.


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FAQs on GATE Score Validity

  • Generally, for admission to Masters's Programs in India, the GATE score is valid for 3 years and PSUs consider the GATE score upto 1-2 years from the date of issuance. The consideration of the validity of the GATE score card for Govt jobs is 1-3 years.

  • You can use the GATE score upto three times depending upon the date of validity of the GATE score per institute for admission in PostGraduate courses whereas, for PSU recruitment, the GATE score can be used 1-2 times depending on the respective organisation.

  • Yes, you can use the previous year GATE score for admission to the master's program. Some PSUs also consider the previous year GATE scores for recruitment processes as well.

  • The validity of the GATE 2022 score for admission to the master's program is 2024 whereas for PSU recruitment it will be 2022 or 2023. For Govt. jobs it will be valid from 2022 to 2024(may vary).

  • No, generally PSUs consider current or previous year GATE scores for the recruitment process. It may get extended up to 2 years for a few PSUs but generally, only the present year GATE score is considered.

  • Yes, the GATE score is valid for admission to the organisation for the PhD course. Candidates can use the GATE score for admission in Pd.D. courses for up to three years.

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