Last Minutes Tips and Tricks to Crack ESE Prelims 2023 Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

We hope you have completed your preparation for the UPSC ESE Prelims 2023 Exam, held on 19th February 2023. Now only a few days to go for the candidates to appear for this exam. You must have prepared with great enthusiasm and spirit to crack the IES 2023 Prelims. But in the last minutes before the exam, the candidates must keep their patience until it is over without any indecisiveness and distraction.

UPSC ESE exam offers various gazetted posts across India. The ESE exam is one of the significant examinations by the Union Public Service Commission. Therefore, students must focus on revising and practising the content during the last stage of the examination. At the last stage of the preparation, a proper strategy for revising the overall syllabus and practising the test papers is required.

Last-Minute Tips for ESE Prelims 2023

Tips are the strategies which do the work in the right direction. Last-minute tips for ESE prelims 2023 are required for proper preparation for the IES exam during the last stage. So here, BYJU’S Exam Prep is providing handy Last Minute Tips, which will help you approach ESE 2023 Exam most effectively and help you boost up your last minutes’ preparation.

  • Only a few days are left for the exam, and candidates are doing hard in this exam stage. Therefore, candidates preparing for the exam should focus on revising the contents.
  • During the last stage of the exam, aspirants need to revise the syllabus, following a technique that relies on the strengths and weaknesses of the aspirants.
  • While revising the general study part, students are advised to do with the previous year’s questions.
  • Aspirants are suggested to practice the previous year question papers to know the paper pattern and level of questions.
  • Aspirants are suggested to take mock tests obtainable online.
  • Previous year question papers for UPSC Engineering Services Exam are available online on the official website
  • Candidates should read the newspaper daily to prepare for the General Knowledge section.

To-do list Before the ESE Prelims exam

These are the points which should be kept in mind during the examination. These points will help you to score better in the ESE Prelims examinations.

  1. Maintain your attention on the exam.
  2. Have confidence in your hard work and stay as relaxed as attainable.
  3. Revise short notes and bookmarked questions.
  4. Keep all your papers and stationery handy.

What not to do before the exam?

  1. Don’t use social media and mobile calls extensively.
  2. Avoid excessive discussion.
  3. Don’t read anything new.
  4. Don’t try to comprehend anything new.
  5. Keep away from things that divert you from the exam.
  6. Don’t think about Plan’ B’ before giving the exam.
  7. Don’t study on the examination day; keep the timing in mind.
  8. Don’t panic if you forget to try simple questions, but be patient.
  9. Don’t panic; keep your belief.

ESE Exam 2023 Papers

ESE exam 2023 has two papers. It is the combination of the general awareness and engineering discipline sections. Therefore, there must be different approaches to tackling both papers.

Paper-1, General Engineering Aptitude – 2 Hours

  1. ESE Prelims 2023 will begin at 10 AM on 19th February 2022. To reach the exam venue 1 hour before the time so that if there is any problem, you have enough time to avoid it.
  2. Always keep yourself tranquil and out of crowded places.
  3. Don’t try to get engaged in what the other person is doing. Because this will waste your time, there is a fear of distraction from the exam.
  4. Attempt to solve 100 questions in 1.30 so that you will have 30 minutes to review them afterwards.
  5. Do not compromise with precision in solving every question.
  6. Don’t mistake betting early, as even a single mistake can hinder you from reaching your successful exam score.
  7. Try to deliver only the accurate answer as much as possible.

Paper-2, Technical – 3 Hours

  1. Forget the first half of paper one and focus on paper-2.
  2. Don’t overthink what happened in paper-1. Instead, focus on questions that are in front of you.
  3. Crack those questions, preferably for which you feel comfortable.
  4. Try to solve all the questions within 2.15 hours so that you are left with the time to check the answers once again. You will also be able to solve those questions you could not solve earlier in the remaining time.
  5. Use the remaining time of 20 to 25 minutes to solve the long computation questions.
  6. Do not dribble on the OMR sheet randomly.
  7. Do not give an incorrect answer in a rush because doing so will give you a negative mark that is not correct. Furthermore, it can ruin your hard work.

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