Decimal 43 in Hexadecimal and BCD Number System is Respectively

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Decimal 43 in Hexadecimal and BCD number system is respectively

  1. B2, 0100 0011
  2. 2B, 0100 0011
  3. 2B, 0011 0100
  4. B2, 0100 0100

Answer – B. 2B, 0100 0011

Decimal 43 in Hexadecimal and BCD number system is respectively 2B, 0100 0011


Whenever we divide any integer by sixteen, we will get the remainder value one among zero to fifteen. Hence, for converting a Decimal number into a Hexadecimal number, we will perform a repetitive division of the given decimal number (integer) with the base of the Hexadecimal number and consider the reminders in the reverse order.

The full form of BCD code is Binary Coded Decimal. That means, in this code, we are using binary code only but only for representing decimal digits zero to nine. So, for representing each decimal digit, we require four bits in the BCD code. Since there are two decimal digits in the given decimal number, there will be eight bits in the corresponding BCD code.

=>(43)10=(0100 0011)BCD

Therefore, 2B and 0100 0011 are the corresponding Hexadecimal and BCD code for the decimal number 43. Hence, Option (B) is the correct answer.

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