Networks Study Notes for GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering Exams

By Kajal Vats|Updated : August 12th, 2021

GATE EC 2021 would be a target for many aspiring candidates preparing with full dedication and enthralled to crack GATE EC 2021 with a good score. It is crucial to target important topics for each subject while preparing for GATE EC 2021 keeping in mind about the vast syllabus and proper time management for each subject

In this article, we provide the Important topics in Network based on previous year analysis and Expected pattern of questions which would be useful in preparing for GATE EC 2021 and aiming to grab maximum marks out of Network.

Topics Asked in GATE EC 2020,2019, 2018 & GATE EC 2017 for Network

 GATE 2020GATE 2019GATE 2018 GATE 2017
Average Marks 



Topics CoveredState Equations, RL series circuit, KVL & KCL, Thevenin's theorem, Maximum Power transfer theoremTwo Port Network, Star-Delta, RC CircuitNetwork solution methods, Steady-state equation and analysis, Time-domain analysis, Two-port network


Steady-State Analysis, Transient, R-L-C Circuit,

Thevenin’s Theorem, Basics of networks


Important Topics to cover in Network for GATE EC 2021

Based on the analysis of previous GATE EC exam papers it has been observed Not many questions were asked from this subject in GATE EC exam. Therefore preparing the relevant topics from this subject would give an edge over other subjects. Most important topics in Network which may be expected for GATE EC 2021.

  • Network Theorems
  • Two-Port Network
  • Transient & Steady State Analysis.

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