With Reference to the history of India, the terms “Kulyavapa” and “Dronavapa” denote

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Measurement of land
  2. Coins of different monetary value
  3. Classification of urban land
  4. Religious rituals

With reference to the history of India, the terms “kulyavapa” and “dronavapa” denote measurement of land.

Measurement of Land

The primary resources created by society were agricultural crops, which also provided a significant portion of the state’s revenue.

The inscriptions refer to a variety of land types, including cultivable land (Kshetra), uncultivable land (Khila), forest land or jungle (Aprahata), grazing land in the Gopata Sarah, and habitable land (Vasti).

In several places, including Kulyavapa, Nivartana, and Dronavapa, varied land measurements were known.

  • The word ‘vap’ refers ‘to sow’.
  • There are various inscriptions and texts which are used in land measurement in the Gupta period.
  • The words used for short distances are-
    • Hasta (cubit) was the distance from the tip of the elbow to the middle finger i.e. 18 inches which is standardised.
    • Angula (approx ¾ inch).
  • The words used for large distances are-
    • Dronavapa (1½–2 acres)
    • Kulyavapa (12–16 acres)
    • Adhavapa (3/8–1/2 acre)
  • The Dronavapa and the Kulyavapa were the areas needed to plant one kulya and one drona, respectively, of grain.
  • There are a lot of distinct terminology for land measurements, which suggests that there wasn’t just one set of measurements that was used everywhere.


With Reference to the history of India, the terms Kulyavapa and Dronavapa denote 1. measurement of land 2. coins of different monetary value 3. classification of urban land 4. religious rituals

With reference to the Indian history, the terms dronavapa and kulyavapa denote measurement of land

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