SI Unit of Frequency is __________

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Diopter
  2. Watt
  3. Hertz
  4. Decibel

SI unit of frequency is hertz. The frequency of a sound wave is the rate of vibrations per second that it experiences.

SI Unit of Frequency

  • F or v are used to indicate it.
  • Hertz is the SI unit for frequency (Hz).
  • The accepted unit for calculating a wave’s frequency is Hertz.
  • The cycles per second is equivalent to one Hertz.
  • The frequency of a repeated event is its number of instances per unit time.
  • It is known as temporal frequency, emphasising the distinction between angular frequency and spatial frequency.
  • The unit of frequency measurement is hertz, or one repetition of a repeating event per second.
  • f = 1/T, is the formula for frequency where f = frequency and T = period.
  • If the frequency is in periodic motion, it undergoes one cycle after passing through a series of positions or events and returns to its original state.
  • The frequency is equal to the reciprocal of the time period of the wave.

Other units of physical Quantity

Force – Newton

Length – meter

Frequency – Hertz

Velocity – m/sec

Time – sec

Mass – kilogram

Lens – diopter

Sound – decibel

Radiant flux – watt


SI Unit of Frequency is __________ 1. diopter 2. watt 3. hertz 4. decibel

Hertz is the SI unit of frequency. The rate of vibrations per second it experiences is the frequency.

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