NDA Salary 2023-24: Per Month, Basic Pay, Allowances, Job Profile

NDA Salary 2023-24: Per Month, Basic Pay, Allowances, Job Profile

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Jul 12, 2023
Check all details of NDA Salary 2023-24 below including the job profile, career options, etc. Get to know the rank-wise NDA Salary per month, stipend during the training period, perks and allowances, in hand salary, here.

NDA Salary, perks, and allowances are some factors attracting lakhs of aspirants every year. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam twice yearly to recruit eligible male and female candidates in the Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, and Naval Academy. Before appearing for the exam, one should know the details about the NDA salary per month as per the 7th pay commission, job profile, increments, allowances, and other perks. 

This post will discuss stipends, grade pay, allowances, promotion avenues, and retirement benefits in National Defence Academy. All details regarding the NDA salary structure and post have been collated and presented below for your quick understanding.

NDA Salary 2024

Those who will clear all stages of the recruitment process will be entitled to get the NDA Salary 2024 during the training period and as full-time officers. The National Defence Academy exam is one of the best routes to joining the Indian Defence Services as a Grade-A officer. If appearing for the NDA 2024, you must be fully aware of the NDA salary and job profile. The attractive features related to salary structure draw candidates to apply for the competition.

National Defence Academy, commonly known as NDA, hires employees annually by conducting the examination. Below we have discussed the revised NDA salary structure as per the official recruitment notification.

NDA Salary Overview

Get the details related to the NDA salary tabulated below, including eligibility, full form, selection process, etc.

Name of the Exam

National Defence Academy Exam

Exam Conducting Body

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)


To join the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce



Number of Times

Twice a Year

Selection Stages

Written Test and SSB Interview

Educational Eligibility

12th Pass

NDA Starting Salary

₹ 56,100 per month

NDA Salary Per Month

The per month NDA salary is ₹56,100/- during the training period. Cadets get the starting salary during the training period and in the initial phase of their job. Over time, the post and salary of NDA officers keep increasing based on their performance and experience. The NDA salary per month for the Lieutenant post ranges from ₹56,100 to ₹1,77,500, while the highest salary for NDA Officer is ₹2,50,000/- per month for the Chief of Army Staff.

Rank Wise NDA Salary

The in-hand NDA salary will be shown in the post and salary slip after all the required deductions. The rank-wise NDA salary structure is described in the tabular form below:



NDA Salary Per Month


Level 10

₹ 56,100 - ₹ 1,77,500


Level 10 B

₹ 61,300 - ₹ 1,93,900


Level 11

₹ 69,400 - ₹ 2,07,200

Lieutenant Colonel

Level 12A

₹ 1,21,200 - ₹ 2,12,400


Level 13

₹ 1,30,600 - ₹ 2,15,900


Level 13A

₹ 1,39,600 - ₹ 2,17,600

Major General

Level 14

₹ 1,44,200 - ₹ 2,18,200

Lieutenant General HAG Scale

Level 15

₹ 1,82,200 - ₹ 2,24,100


Level 16

₹ 2,05,400 - ₹ 2,24,400

VCOAS/Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NFSG)

Level 17

₹ 2,25,000/- (fixed)


Level 18

₹ 2,50,000/- (fixed)

NDA Salary during Training Period

During the training period, Officers get the NDA salary of ₹56,100/- per month, which is the starting pay scale for this post. Army Officers and equivalent Air Force and Navy ranks are entitled to receive a stipend during the training process. Also, the benefits related to the pay scale start with the training period itself. NDA Stipend to Gentlemen Cadets during the entire duration of training in Service Academies, i.e., during the training period, is admissible at ₹56,100/- p.m. (Starting pay in Level 10).

NDA Perks and Allowances

Employees also get allowances and benefits per their work and post, along with the NDA salary. The details of various allowances and benefits included in the NDA salary are below:

  • Uniform Allowance
  • As per the post-Compensatory Field Area Allowance
  • As per the post, Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance
  • Dearness and Transport Allowance (DA/TA)
  • Para Allowance
  • Para jump instructor Allowance
  • Para Reserve Allowance
  • Technical Allowance Tier 1
  • Technical Allowance Tier 2
  • Special Forces Allowance
  • Children's Education Allowance
  • Hostel Subsidy

Check the amount and details of the allowances and perks included in the NDA salary below:



Dearness Allowance

Admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as applied to the civilian personnel from time to time

Para Allowance

₹ 10,500/- per month

Para Jump Instructor Allowance

₹ 10,500/- per month

Project Allowance

₹ 3,400/- per month

Special Forces Allowance

₹ 25,000/- per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-I)

₹ 3,000/- per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-II)

₹ 4,500/- per month

NDA Field Area Allowance

As per the area of posting and rank of the officers, field area allowance are provided to the officials as mentioned below:




(Highly Active Field Area)

Field Area Allowance

Modified Field Area Allowance

Lieutenant and above

Level 10 and above




NDA High Altitude Allowance

The high altitude allowance for NDA is as follows:






Lieutenant and above

Level 10 and above




NDA Counter Insurgency Allowance

The counter insurgency allowance for NDA is as follows:


Counter Insurgency Allowance in Peace Area 

Counter Insurgency Allowance in Field Area 

Counter Insurgency Allowance in Modified Field Area 


₹ 10,500/- pm 

₹ 16,900/- pm

₹ 13,013/- pm

NDA Other Allowances

The other allowance for NDA is as follows:



Siachen Allowance

₹ 42,500/- per month

Uniform Allowance

₹ 20,000/-

Ration in Kind

In Peace and Field Areas

NDA Transport Allowance (TPTA)

The NDA transport allowance (TPTA) is as follows:

Level of Pay

Cities with Higher TPTA

(₹ Per month)

Other Places

(₹ Per month)

Level 9 and above

₹ 7200+DA

₹ 3600+DA

NDA Children Education Allowance (CEA)

This NDA salary allowance is admissible from Nursery to class 12th and may be availed monthly at ₹ 2250/- per child for two children only.

NDA Details of MSP (Military Service Pay)

Officers in the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier are also entitled to a Military Service Pay (MSP) of ₹ 15.500 p.m. (fixed).

NDA Flying Allowance

The Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to a flying allowance at ₹ 25,000/- p.m.

NDA Grade Pay

The NDA grade pay of selected candidates will depend on the post for which they have been selected. The NDA salary will be based on the 10th pay scale level, as the 7th Pay Commission decided. However, it may get revised as per the decision of the government. The various NDA Job profiles and the respective grade pay are in the table below:


NDA Grade Pay (in ₹)







Lieutenant Colonel






Major General


NDA Career Options and Growth

After understanding the NDA salary structure and allowances associated with the job, it's time to get a good understanding of the NDA career options and growth path for the cadets. The following table will tell you all details outlined by UPSC in this respect.



Air Force

Minimum Reckonable Commissioned Service required for Substantive Promotion


Sub Lieutenant

Flying Officer

On Commission



Flight Lieutenant

02 Years


Lt. Commander

Squadron Leader

06 years

Lieutenant Colonel


Wing Commander

13 years


Captain (Selection)

Group Captain (Selection)

On Selection

Colonel (Time Scale)

Captain (Time Scale)

Group Captain (Time Scale)

26 years



Air Commodore

On Selection

Major General

Rear Admiral

Air Vice-Marshal

On Selection

Lieutenant General

Vice Admiral

Air Marshal

On Selection



Air Chief Marshal

On Selection

Also, check:

NDA Salary & Job Profile FAQs

  • Candidates are often interested to know the NDA salary 2024 while preparing for the exam. It provides details regarding the compensation that employees get after joining the defence forces through the NDA. The starting salary for the cadets during the training period is ₹56,100/- per month.

  • The highest NDA salary of an Officer is Level 18 which is ₹ 2,50,000/- for the post of Chief of Army Staff (COAS). The highest salary varies for different posts such as for the post of Lieutenant, it could be ₹1,77,500 per month, while for Major General, it is ₹2,18,200/- pm.

  • Every month, the Officers get a compensation amount which depends on their post and experience. The range of NDA salary per month for a Lieutenant is ₹ 56,100 - ₹ 1,77,500. Check the monthly NDA salary for different posts below:

    • Captain: ₹61,300 - ₹1,93,900
    • Major: ₹6,94,00 - ₹2,07,200
    • Lieutenant Colonel: ₹1,21,200 - ₹2,12,400
  • The starting NDA salary of an Officer is ₹56,100, which is also the stipend during the training period and the minimum salary that a Lieutenant gets. It keeps on increasing based on the experience and post of the employees.

  • Yes, there are multiple allowances that the Officers get along with the NDA salary, which is as follows: Uniform Allowance, Dearness and Transport Allowance, Para Reserve Allowance, Technical Allowance, Children Education Allowance, Hostel Subsidy, High Altitude Allowance, etc.

  • The NDA Salary during the training period is fixed at ₹56,100/- per month. It is based on Pay Level 10, the minimum salary in the NDA jobs. After completing the training, the candidates get the rank of Lieutenant and work at the same salary.

  • Yes, the Dearness allowance is included in the NDA salary structure. It is admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as applied to civilian personnel from time to time.

  • Compensation is provided to the candidates’ families in case of death, which comes under the Crisis benefits. An ex-gratia amount of ₹12.5 Lacs or ₹9,000/- per month is paid to the NoK. These will be provided on an ex-gratia basis and should not be confused with a pension.


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