Which of the following can be Recycled? 1. Natural Oil 2. Coal 3. Natural gas 4. Metals

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Metals can be recycled. Recycling is the process of turning trash into fresh, useful resources and products.


  • Used office paper can be recycled to create new office paper.
  • Numerous varieties of glass, cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, tyres, batteries, and electronics are among the recyclable materials.
  • Composting and recycling of biodegradable waste, including food and garden waste, are both examples of recycling.

Metals are substances that develop naturally beneath the Earth’s surface. Most metals are shiny or glossy. Because they are inorganic, metals are composed of materials that have never been living. Metal is utilised to construct a variety of objects since it is strong and long-lasting. These are employed in the production of vehicles, satellites, kitchenware, etc.

  • Depending on the product created, there can be several sorts of recycling industries, such as Plastic Recycling.
  • Recycling Chemicals
  • Recycling E-waste

There are a few specific ISO standards connected to recycling that are in use, such as ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management control of recycling practise and ISO 15270:2008 for plastics waste.

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