In a certain code language, “QUESTION” is written as “JFVHGRLM” and “ANSWER” is written as “ZMHDVI”. How is “PROBLEM” written in that code language?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023


‘PROBLEM’ is written in that code language as KILYOVN

Code Language of PROBLEM

The pattern is to replace the letter by reverse or opposite letter in alphabetic order that is D by W, A by Z, C by X, B by Y, as given in the figure:

PROBLEM is written in that code language as KILYOVN

A recurring arrangement of numbers, forms, colours, and other elements constitutes a pattern in mathematics. The Pattern can be connected to any kind of occasion or thing. When a group of numbers are arranged in a particular way, the arrangement is referred to as a pattern. Patterns can also occasionally be referred to as a series. The number of patterns can be limitless or finite.

Patterns or number patterns are a collection of numbers that are arranged in a particular order. There are many distinct kinds of number patterns, including geometric, Fibonacci, and algebraic or arithmetic patterns.

The algebraic pattern is another name for the arithmetic pattern. The sequences of an arithmetic pattern are built on the addition or subtraction of the terms. The arithmetic pattern can be discovered using addition or subtraction if there are two or more terms in the sequence provided.

The sequence of numbers based on multiplication and division operations is referred to as a geometric pattern. Similar to an arithmetic pattern, if two or more integers in the sequence are given, we can quickly use multiplication and division to identify the pattern’s unidentified terms.

The Fibonacci Sequence, which begins with the integers 0 and 1, is a series of numbers where each term is obtained by adding the two terms before it. The Fibonacci sequence is denoted by the numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so forth.

So the necessary conversion is


Therefore, KILYOVN is the suitable option.


In a certain code language, QUESTION is written as JFVHGRLM and ANSWER is written as MHDVI. The PROBLEM written in that code language is KILYOVN

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