How Have Human Activities Affected the Depletion of Flora and Fauna? Explain

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Human activities such as patching and hunting for illegal trade of horns, teeth, bones, tusk, animal skin etc causes the extinction of many species.

India’s biodiversity has decreased as a result of many human actions that have contributed to the extinction of plants and animals. The following are the primary causes of this harm:

  1. Habitat degradation, primarily brought on by overpopulation, which encourages the growth of agriculture, mining, industry, and urbanisation, all of which result in the eradication of significant forest areas.
  2. Many species are on the edge of going extinct due to hunting, poaching, and the illegal trade in animal skin, tusks, bones, teeth, and other body parts.
  3. Animal deaths are caused by environmental pollution and water body poisoning from the discharge of industrial effluents, chemicals, trash, etc.
  4. Forest fires frequently brought on by relocating agriculture destroy priceless forests and wildlife.
  5. Major construction initiatives and the clearing of forests.
  6. Grazing and gathering wood for fuel. excessive use of forest products
  7. Human activities including building homes, building factories and infrastructure, and mining are the main causes of the extinction of flora and fauna. Additionally, a dam’s construction has caused a drastic reduction in forest cover and the emigration of several species from their natural habitats.


In Latin, the word flora means Goddess of the Flower. The term flora refers to a group of plants found in a specific area. This name embodies the entire plant kingdom.

Flora is categorized and distinguished depending on a wide range of variables. The place where they grow or are located is the best among them. Some are found in hilly areas, some grow in water or desert environments, and some are indigenous to a particular region.


A region’s native animal population is known as its flora. There are numerous explanations about the word’s etymology. Fauna or Faunus is the name of the fertility goddess in Roman mythology. Fauns, which means Forest spirits, is another source.


How Have Human Activities Affected the Depletion of Flora and Fauna? Explain

Many species are extinct as a result of human actions including poaching and hunting for the illicit trade in horns, teeth, bones, tusks, animal skin, etc.

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