The Southernmost Himalayas are known as

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Shiwaliks
  2. Himadri
  3. Himachal
  4. Garhwal

The southernmost Himalayas are known as Shiwaliks. The Shiwalik is the Himalayas’ furthest-southern mountain range.

About Shiwaliks

  • They go by several names depending on where you are, but they are also known as the outer Himalayas. For instance, in Jammu they are referred to as Jammu Hills, in Uttarakhand as Dudhwa Ranges, in West Bengal as Darjeeling Hills, etc.
  • Sikkim’s River Teesta traverses the Shivalik Mountains.
  • Beyond Sikkim, the Shivalik hills join the Outer Himalayas, commonly referred to as the Lesser Himalayas.
  • Range of Shivalik positioned between the Lesser Himalayas and the Great Plains
  • The range of altitude is 600 to 1500 metres.
  • from the Potwar Plateau to the Brahmaputra valley, a distance of 2,400 kilometres.
  • The Shivalik range’s northern slopes are mild, whereas the southern sides are precipitous.
  • Thick woods cover the Shiwalik range from North-East India to Nepal, but as you move west from Nepal, the amount of forest cover reduces (The quantum of rainfall decreases from east towest in Shiwaliks and Ganga Plains).
  • Nearly all of the Shiwalik range’s southern slopes are covered in forest in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Seasonal streams known as Chaos deeply slash these slopes.


The Southernmost Himalayas are known as 1. Shiwaliks 2. Himadri 3. Himachal 4. Garhwal

Shiwaliks is the southernmost Himalayas. It is the furthest and is traversed by Teesta river in Sikkim.

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