Choose the Opposite Gender of the Given Noun?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Bird
  2. Chick
  3. Rooster
  4. Chicken

The opposite gender of the given noun is Rooster. A hen is a female bird, particularly a domestic one.

  • Chick: A juvenile bird, particularly one that has just hatched.
  • A cock or rooster is a male domesticated bird.
  • A chicken is a domesticated bird raised for its meat or eggs, particularly a young one.


Nouns are words used to name persons, places, animals, objects, and ideas. They are a part of speech. A noun will almost always be included in a sentence, and they serve a variety of functions. Nouns have multiple roles that they can play, including subject, indirect object, direct object, subject complement, and object complement. A noun may also serve as an adjective or a verb.

Nouns can be roughly categorised as follows:

  1. Proper Nouns: A proper noun is a noun that is used to specifically refer to a person, place, or thing. Capital letters are always used to start off proper nouns.
  2. Common nouns: Common nouns are ones that designate a general type of thing, person, or location. This indicates that they are not employed to specifically identify certain individuals, places, or things, unlike proper nouns. Except when they come at the start of a phrase, common nouns are not capitalised.
  3. Singular Nouns: These are the names given to a particular individual, location, creature, bird, or thing.
  4. Plural nouns: A plural noun represents a group of individuals, locations, creatures, or objects. By adding an’s’, ‘es’, ‘ies’, or’ves’ to the base word, nouns can be rendered plural. The same applies to nouns with a s at the end. While the spelling of some nouns is the same in both the singular and plural forms, that of others is completely different.
  5. Countable nouns those words which can be measured or numbered.
  6. Uncountable nouns are those nouns that are illegible to counting. Both concrete and abstract nouns fall under this category of nouns.
  7. Collective nouns: A collective noun is a naming term that designates a collection of things, creatures, or people.
  8. Concrete Nouns: A concrete noun describes things that are made of material and are perceivable by the senses.
  9. Abstract Nouns: An abstract noun is any object that cannot be perceived using the five senses of the human body.


Choose the Opposite Gender of the Given Noun. 1. Bird 2. Chick 3. Rooster 4. Chicken

Rooster is the opposite gender of the given noun. A female bird is hen, particularly the domestic one.

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